Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 487: Report about Team 69

Chapter 486: An Angry Old Man

Shortly after Yuna finished her speech, combat started all over the place, and the situation immediately became chaotic. Four of the five Kage were seated in the command room, where a massive floating orb that appeared to be made out of water was floating in the air, depicting the current battlefield. Surrounding the globe sat dozen of people, mostly Yamanaka. They were responsible for communicating with the troops in the field.

“The situation is dangerous; a scout spotted a small army of about a thousand White Zetsu. If we dont do something about them, they will flank dozens of our long-range teams.”

A domineering voice echoed through the room before anyone could panic or give out any orders.

“Send team 69 to intercept them.”

When A heard someone give that command, he immediately glared at the person responsible. It was Yuna, who was lazing on a couch that she somehow brought in here.

“Last time I checked, I was the supreme commander.”

“Good for you, but I dont care.”

Before A could fly into another Yuna-induced rage, Tsunade swiftly checked the composition of Team 69, and after reading a certain name, her eyes widened in surprise.

‘How in the world did he manage to sneak himself into the troop roster? Oh well, whatever.

“I agree with Yunas suggestion, Raikage-dono.”

A was a little surprised that Tsunade agreed, and after checking out the composition of Team 69, he frowned deeply.

“Since when have Konohas softies been willing to give suicide orders? Team 69 consists of only 50 people. I was not expecting that you would be willing to send one of our teams towards a suicide mission.”

Tsunade only scoffed at As words and waited for him to continue talking. A thought about the situation some more, and after surveying the battlefield some more, he concluded that that would indeed be the perfect solution. So, A shrugged his shoulders and gave the order.

“Send Team 69 to intercept theapproaching Zetsu army.”


Meanwhile, the members of Team 69 werent happy in the slightest. Somehow, they were assigned a suicide mission at the start of the war. No matter how the command center worded it, 50 couldnt win against 1000. Their lives were clearly used to delay the enemys forces. However, they were shinobi at the end of the day, and they followed their orders.

Additionally, their leader was just… no good. No one knew who it was, and his appearance had not a sliver of dignity.

A few minutes later, the enemys forces appeared in front of them, causing them to pale. An advantage of 20 to 1 was not something anyone in this team believed they could overcome. To the surprise of almost everyone in the group, their leader stepped forward as soon as he saw the enemy.

Their leader was an old, goofy-looking man. He wore loose-fitting flip-flops, pink cargo shorts, and a wrinkled shirt. Usually, such a figure would cause people to laugh out loud, but right now, none of the members of Team 69 dared to laugh because…

“[Fire Style: Grand Flame Apocalypse]”

“[Water Style: Catastrophic Tsunami]”

“[Wind Style: Mountain-Shredding Twister]”

“[Earth Style: Massive Ground Collaps]”

“[Lightning Style: Thunder Armageddon]”

… the goofy-looking old man started raining down armageddon on the hostile army as soon as he saw them, dumbfounding the rest of Team 69.

Everyone looked at the old man, and when they saw his eyes, they couldnt help but reel back a little. The was so much hatred and hostility in the old mans eyes it seemed like he wouldnt rest until every last of the White Zetsus was annihilated.

However, after taking a closer look, someone actually recognized the old man.

“Wait a moment, isnt that the Third Hokage.”

“What!? The Third? Wasnt he dead?”

“Dead? I thought he had some kind of illness and couldnt get up from the bed.”

“SHouldnt he be older than this?”

Despite the vivid discussion, most people quickly realized that the person in front of them was very likely the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. The weirded-out looks the man previously received instantly turned into eyes filled with worship.

“As expected of the man known as “The Professor”, just look at how many different powerful jutsu he can use so easily.”

“As expected, even after so many years, his Will of Fire burns as brightly as it had always done.”

“Indeed, no matter how I look at it, he is squeezing out everything he has to make this mission a success. I wouldnt even be surprised if he fainted the moment the enemy is defeated.”

“I didnt expect Konohas Third Hokage to be such a noble person, but this is a good thing. We might actually survive this suicide mission if we have Third Hokage-sama by our side.”

“Yes, we can survive this! Lets give it our all!”


Meanwhile, the “noble” Hiruzen, who had his “Will of Fire burning brightly,” had slightly different thoughts.


No matter how Hiruzen looked at it, the White Zetsu army in front of him couldnt die fast enough. And as soon as they were gone, he would continue his rampage and devastate everything daring to block his path.

Frankly, he never felt this alive and powerful. He was using S-Rank jutsu after S-Rank jutsu, and despite that, he felt his chakra reserves barely dipping down.


While cursing the enemys army, Hiruzen realized how stupid he was for handling this so inefficiently. Moments later, four clones pooped up next to Hiruzen, and the rain of fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning jutsu immediately intensified.

However, the other team members widened their eyes when they saw him use the shadow clone jutsu.

“Third-sama, dont go too far over your limit!”

“Please restrain yourself, Third-sama, or you might actually die!”

Meanwhile, Hiruzen wondered why these people followed him all the way here, and now they even started talking some nonsense about holding back.

‘Wait a second, did Yuna offer these people something if they prevent me from finishing this too quickly? Shit, as expected of that monster, nothing is easy with her. But whatever, as if a small group like that could hold me back.

As that thought appeared in Hiruzens mind, a vicious smille appeared on his face. He ignored the people following around and jumped straight into the approaching Zetsu army.

‘Hehe, try following me in here. Lets see how determined you are to stop me.

Naturally, Team 69 was shocked when Hiruzen suddenly went for what they interpreted as a suicide dive.


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