Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 487: Report about Team 69

as words and Hiruzens skill on the battlefield.

While Tsunade averted her glare, A quickly took her place and glared at Yuna.

“Why are you even still here? Arent you supposed to be a battle junkie?”

Yuna chuckled in amusement before nodding her head.

“I am, but it needs a certain kind of battle to get me going. Squashing a bunch of chunin-level threats is no fun at all. Although there are a few Edo Tensei in the mix, I havent found anyone interesting enough for me to make a move so far. My time will come when the big guns come out.”

A nodded in agreement at Yunas words. Frankly, Yuna not participating yet was the way to go. She was one of their greatest assets in this war, and exhausting her before the enemy showed their trump cards was not a good idea.

Silence returned to the room, which was only interrupted by the occasional report. So far, not much has happened, except for the massacre Sarutobi administered.

However, As head snapped towards Yuna a few minutes later as he realized something else.

“How the hell did you manage to sneak the Third Hokage on the roaster list of Team 69? You clearly knew that he was in there; otherwise, you wouldnt have recommended that team.”

Yuna couldnt help but give A a weirded-out look when she heard that question.

‘How did I get him on there? Is he an idiot? Isnt that pretty obvious?

[There are people out there that are not used to you yet. Obviously, he wouldnt instantly assume that you did it like that.]

‘Oh? Is that this common-sense thing Im occasionally hearing about?

[It is.]

‘In that case, Im not really interested.

[Im aware.]

After her short chat with Kurama, Yuna put her attention back on A and started speaking.

“How did I get him on there? Isnt that obvious? Through bribery and a healthy dose of coercion.”

While Tsunade could only facepalm at Yuna casually confessing her crimes… again, A almost had one of his blood vessels burst.

“You manipulated our armys troop constellation through bribery and coercion!?”

Why are you asking a redundant question like that? Didnt I just say that?”

While Yuna asked that question in genuine confusion, A felt like she was mocking him. This was enough to push him over his breaking point, but just before he could attack, another report came in.

“A-sama, one of our main armies is about to clash with a horde of over 10000 White Zetsu.”

A clicked his tongue and gave Yuna a seething glare before putting his attention back on the war.

“This isnt over yet.”

Yuna chuckled in amusement as her gaze returned to the enormous floating sphere as well. Seeing what group was about to clash with the Zetsu army, Yuna couldnt help but smile.

‘Well, then, lets see if you can get the neccasassary merit to impress me, Karin.

[Whatever that pervert is about to do will definitely be a war crime.]

‘Mah, a war crime a day… errr… m-makes everyones day?

[Did you just rhymeday withday? Pathetic.]

‘What can I say? Im not good with rhymes. Maybe I should ask Bee for lessons?

[For the love of god, please dont.]

‘Hahaha, I know you love me; no need to say it.

As a retort to that, Kurama only rolled his eyes.

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