Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 489: Cutting the Connection

Chapter 488: Pervert meets Pervert

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Meanwhile, a massive battle was about to occur at any moment now. On one side were the Allied Shinobi Forces, counting around 5000 people and on the other side were around 10000 White Zetsu and about ten reanimated people.

The multiple sensors in the Allied Shinobi Forces had already detected the approaching army. Considering the enemies were heading straight for their position, the other side had very likely done the same. This will be a direct confrontation.

While the commander was giving out orders, there was a single woman that stood out quite a lot. She wore a frilly maid dress instead of proper combat gear, unlike everyone else. Additionally, her whole being was surrounded by a very dangerous aura, and she seemed to almost froth from her mouth when she detected the approaching army. Naturally, this woman was Karin.

When she noticed the Zetsu army for the first time, she almost instantly attacked them but quickly realized that that wouldnt be a good idea. She was here to get merit, and completely ignoring the command structure and going somewhere herself would definitely become a problem. Karin might be a pervert, but she wasnt stupid.

Frankly, the commander wanted to scold Karin for her attitude and outfit, but when he saw the madness in her eyes, he decided to postpone doing so.

A few minutes later, everyone was ready for combat, and they were only waiting for their commanders order to start the fight. By now, Karin had to constantly clench and unclench her fist to prevent herself from charging ahead.

‘Just a few more seconds. Be patient, Karin. Remember the reward you will receive after this. Guehehehe, oh yeah.

A perverted chuckle echoed over the soon-to-be battlefield, which was ignored by everyone, and moments later, the charging Zetsu army could be seen in the distance.

The commander surveyed the approaching army for a few seconds longer, and after he judged them to be in the perfect position, he gave the attack order.



Before anyone else could react, a shockwave erupted out of Karin as her whole body got covered in seals, closely followed by an almost syrup-like chakra cloak. She bent her knees, and moments later, she vanished from her position with a loud boom, resulting from her destroying the ground she previously stood on.

Everyone could only look at the back of Karin in bewilderment as she crashed into the wave of White Zetsus like an armored train smashing through a flock of sheep, comically sending the White Zetsus flying left and right.

“What the f*ck?”

That was all the commander could say when he realized what had just happened. Additionally, he realized that he was not the commander of this large army due to his strength but instead due to his experience. No matter how he looked at it, Karin was significantly stronger than him.

However, he wasnt an experienced commander for nothing and quickly pushed away his bewilderment.



And just like that, the first massive battle started.

Meanwhile, Karin was rampaging around on the battlefield; seven chains grew out of her back and were menacingly crushing everything around Karin, killing dozens of White Zetsus every few seconds. While rampaging around, Karin noticed a tall woman with the symbol for Sunagakure on her forehead protector, her black eyes undoubtedly making it clear that she was reanimated. She had green hair that she tied in a bun on top of her head with a hair needle running through it and two strands of hair with orange tips framing each side of her face.

‘Found the first one~

Obviously, killing a bunch of small fries wouldnt earn her too much merit, so Karins goal was clear from the start: Seal as many reanimated people as possible.

Meanwhile, the woman looked around her surroundings with a frown. For some reason, she felt like someone was looking at her like a predator would look at their prey. Before she could find the source of that feeling, the ground in front of her burst open, and a single chain shot at her.

Although the woman didnt know what kind of technique this was, she quickly jumped to the side to dodge the chain. Unfortunately, this was exactly what the attacker was hoping for as six more chains burst out of the ground and pierced through her body.

“What the f…”

Before she could even exclaim in surprise, Karin appeared in front of her and slapped a seal on her stomach, causing a complex array of seals to cover the womans body. Before the woman could do anything else, there was a small puff of smoke. After the smoke cleared away, the woman was gone and was instead replaced with a small capsule, which Karin swiftly stowed away.

‘One down, a lot more to go.

Karin was just about to continue her rampage when she heard someone else make a commotion not too far away from her, surprising her a little.

‘I didnt expect someone else to dare to charge this deep into the enemy forces.

Karin looked into the air and saw two people flying towards her. An old man in a goofy outfit and a young man wearing an Akatsuki cloak with blonde hair. Karin quickly noticed that the young man was reanimated, while the old one wasnt. Seconds later, the old man landed close to Karin while smashing the young one into the ground, face first. Just like with the woman Karin just sealed, the young man was instantly covered by seals and turned into a capsule.

“*Snort* This small fry actually tried to ambush me from the air. What a joke.”

The old man got up and noticed Karin standing not too far away from him. He wanted to ask why such a young lady was so deep in the battlefield, but before he could say anything, his eyes met hers, causing him to freeze up.

Karin had the same reaction when she met the old mans gaze and couldnt help but hold eye contact. Awkward silence covered the battlefield, only interrupted by the sound of a White Zetsu casually getting punted away by one of the two.

On one side was an old man wearing flip-flops, cargo shorts, and a crooked shirt; on the other was a young woman wearing a skimpy maid outfit. Truly a… unique meeting.

A duo stared at each other for a while longer before both nodded in recognition and turned around to rampage somewhere else.

Different people, different ages, different experiences, different gender, and yet, they were walking a similar path.

Back in the command center, Yuna got up from the couch and slightly raised her head while moving her hands behind her back. She seemed to be deep in thought as a profound expression appeared on her face.

“Perversion truly units people, doesnt it?”

While everyone in the room was looking at her in confusion, Kurama had a rough idea of what had happened.

[So they met, huh? How do you even know about that?]

‘I could feel two perverts resonating with each other.

[Right… that makes sense.]

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