Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 49: Start of the Bell Test

Seems like the Russian site Rulate has casually stolen my novel and translated it to Russian. They even gave it a thumbnail xD The funny thing is, that I would give them permission to do this no questions asked if whoever did this just asked me and gave me credit.

So in case, you would rather read this in Russian you just have to google ”Goddess of Ice rulate ” and there you go xD

On another note: I actually considered changing the name of my novel for a while now. The current title paired with the tags makes it kind of look like your typical ”mc goes god mode at chapter 2 and has a 10 member harem at chapter 20 ” kind of novel, which clearly isn ’t what I am going for. The problem is, that, so far, I haven ’t come up with anything I like more than the current title. If you have any good ideas, just post them in the comments.

I might post the start of the ”bell test ” today, but I am not making any guarantees. Whether I post it today or tomorrow, I plan to finish the ”bell test ” this weekend.

Have a nice weekend and stay healthy.

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