Chapter 490: Enemy for Life? Maybe?

Currently, Naruto, Ino, and Haku were casually strolling through a forest, seemingly without a care in the world. It was rather obvious what they were doing: They were baiting.

“Isnt this a little bit too obvious, Naruto?”

“Yeah, it probably is, but it doesnt matter, Ino. Even if he knows its bait, he will still bite. This chance to capture me is too good to let go.”

“However, you defeated and humiliated him the last time you fought. NO matter how I look at it, I dont think he will dare to appear before you again.”

Naruto pondered Hakus assumption for a short moment before a light chuckle escaped his mouth. He had the perfect reason why Obito would fare to face him again.

“He is an Uchiha, and he just got an upgrade to his eye.”

“Ah, that makes sense.”

That immediately explained the situation to the duo. They had seen how Sasuke repeatedly smashed his face into the mountain that is called Yuna every time he got an upgrade to his eyes, so they could understand Narutos reasoning.

As if someone wanted to confirm Narutos words, Inos head snapped in a certain direction due to noticing multiple huge chakra signatures.

“Seems like you were right, Naruto. I sense five rather powerful people moving towards us.

Naruto hummed in acknowledgment and patiently waited for their enemies arrival. A few seconds later, five people appeared in front of them.

Four of them had black eyes, indicating that they were reanimated, while the fifth one wore a spiral mask with two eye holes in it, revealing a Mangekyou Sharingan and a Rinnegan.

Naruto knew all five of them. The masked man was obviously Obito, while the other four were the Jinchuuriki of the Two, Four, Five, and Six-Tailed Beast.

Yugito Nii, a woman with black eyes and blond hair. She was the Jinchuuriki of the Two-Tailed, Matabi.

The next one was Roshi, a middle-aged man with a beard and mustache. He was the Jinchuuriki of the Four-Tailed, Son Goku.

Then there was a heavily-armored man with light brown eyes named Han, the Jinchuuriki of the Five-Tailed, Kokuo.

And finally, there was Utakata, a young, slim man with pale golden eyes and brown hair. The Jinchuuriki of the Six-Tailed, Saiken.

Naruto saw the line-up Obito had prepared to capture him and chuckled in amusement. Fighting a Jinchuuriki with another might sound like a good idea, but the more tails a Bijuu had, the stronger they were. The strongest one on Obitos side had six tails, making him significantly weaker than Kurama, even if it was only one half of him.

Naruto flicked his wrist, causing Obito to flinch as he prepared himself to be trapped in another one of Narutos so-called prank arrays.

However, instead of a seal activating or a weapon appearing, a heavily ornated fan appeared in Narutos hand, which he opened with a crisp smack. He started fanning himself as he slightly lifted his head and started talking down on Obito.

“You left this young master waiting for quite a while. However, this young master is in a good mood, so if you kowtow to me and slap yourself, this young master will allow you to keep your life.”

While Obito had no clue why Naruto suddenly started talking weirdly, Ino and Haku couldnt help but facepalm.

“Naruto, you have been acting like that more frequently. What is going on?”

“Yeah, hearing you talk like that is really weird.”

Naruto stopped fanning himself as he closed his fan with another crisp smack. It took him a while to get the sound how he wanted it to be, but all that hard work paid off.

“This young master has accepted his dark self, so it can not be helped. When this young master was confronted by his dark self, thi…”

“Yeah, yeah, no need to retell the story; we saw the record…*mpfh*”

Before Ino could finish talking, Haku hastily blocked Inos mouth, but it was already too late as Narutos whole body froze. He even dropped the fan he was previously holding as his face grew paler and paler. Moments later, an enraged shout left his mouth.


When Ino realized her mistake, she could only smile wryly. She totally forgot that Haku and her decided to keep this a secret from Naruto, but now she had actually spilled the beans. After thinking about it a while longer, she simply shrugged her shoulders and continued talking. Its not like Naruto would get mad at them, after all.

“Actually, she even showed us the exact moment your mind broke. From the standpoint of someone like me, who specializes in the mind, it was a truly fascinating experience.

Naruto heard Inos words and somehow got even angrier. If Kurama werent Narutos friend, he would have undoubtedly broken free by now.


Meanwhile, Obito was looking at the situation in front of him in utter bewilderment. He had not the slightest clue how he was supposed to act in the current situation.

He tracked down Naruto to capture him and found him strolling through a forest pretty much unprotected. Although he realized that this would likely be a trap, he couldnt let go of this chance, so he gathered the reanimated Jinchuriki to confront him.

However, before he could even get a single word in, Naruto became crazy, and after a conversation he couldnt follow in the slightest, Naruto suddenly declared that he would kill Yuna.

Additionally, wasnt that scream of anger somewhat familiar? Obito was sure he had just imagined that.

However, that wasnt even the thing that bothered Obito the most.

‘Oi, Im still here, arent I? Why are they ignoring me like that? Cant you see the people standing behind me? Those are all Jinchuuriki, okay? Shouldnt you pay more attention to me?

Considering all the madness happening in front of him, there was honestly only one thing Obito could say.

“Toby is a good boy.”

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