Chapter 491: Someones in Trouble

“Tobi is a good boy.”

Naruto couldnt help but chuckle a little when he heard Obitos outburst.

‘Guess his brain overheated a little, huh?

[Didnt his mind break?]

‘Nah, why would it? Its not like nee-san is here.

[Really? After all the things you put this guy through, you still claim that you didnt deal any damage to his mind?]

‘Mah, those were just some harmless pranks. No big deal.

[Harmless, huh? Wasnt he begging Zetsu to get him out of there?]

‘That must have been your imagination, Kurama.

While Naruto and Kurama were chatting, Ino and Haku gave Obito looks of pity.

‘Poor guy, his mind shattered just like that.

‘Damn, why is he wearing a mask? I would have loved to see his facial expression at the moment he lost his mind.

Well, at least Haku was pitting him…

As for the Jinchuuriki Obito brought, neither of them showed any reactions. While traveling here, they were bantering like crazy while constantly throwing hidden insults at Obito, so he made Orochimaru shut them up.

Obito heavily shook his head to get out of his daze a short while later. This wasnt the time to get dazed, after all. He eyed the three people as a smirk appeared on his masked face.

“Hehe, know that I finally caught you alone; its time to capture you.”

Naruto looked at Obito weirdly before glancing at Ino and Haku, who clearly stood next to him with equally confused expressions on their faces.

“Are you high, or did nee-san pull another prank? There are clearly two people standing next to me.”

Obito sneered when he heard Narutos words, as he indifferently shrugged his shoulders.

“Do you honestly believe those two are worthy of fighting me just because they warm your bed at night?”

The trio frowned when they heard Obitos words, but after thinking about it for a short moment, they realized that Ino and Haku had pretty much no interaction with Akatsuki so far, so it might not be too weird to think of them as average shinobi from Obitos point of few. Nevertheless, Naruto couldnt just let Obitos statement hang like that.

“Okay, first of all, we occasionally do it during the da… owowow, I give up, I give up. Im sorry.”

Before Naruto could boast about his sex life, Ino and Haku realized what he wanted to do and pinched his waist from both sides, causing him to beg for mercy, while Obitos mind started drifting away again.

A few seconds later, Ino and Haku stopped attacking Naruto, allowing him to continue speaking.

“*Cough* Anyway, what I wanted to say was, that these two are not worthy of fighting you because they sleep with me. They are worthy of fighting you because they are worthy of standing by my side.”

If it werent for the current situation, Ino and Haku would have probably dragged Naruto into a nearby bush for some… activity.

Frankly, these words were exactly what they wanted to hear. Considering how ridiculously powerful Naruto was, these two always felt a little inferior. Haku was still somewhat fine since she had a Kekkai Genkai she could fall back on, but Ino only had her clan techniques and no special bloodline.

However, they had now reached the goal they always wanted to reach. They might not be as strong as Naruto, but now they could at least fight side by side with him, something Ino had wished to happen since the first chunin exam.

Naruto noticed the duos mood and nodded at himself in approval.

‘As expected of me. I easily distracted them from the first topic I wanted to breach and improved their mood.

[*Sigh* Where do you even learn stuff like that? You didnt even have that much contact with Yuna recently.]

‘Contact is no longer necessary, Kurama. Ive already fallen too far to ever recover.

[*Sigh* Thats true, isnt it? After the first time you got drunk, I should have noticed that you are already a hopeless case.]

‘Indeed, RIP me.

Obito could feel a pink-colored atmosphere engulfing Naruto, Ino, and Haku, causing his eyebrow to twitch like crazy.

‘Have these three seriously started flirting in front of me? Arent they looking down on me too much? Very well, I will show them what it means to oppose me.


When the four reanimated people heard Obitos words, powerful chakra burst out of them as their bodies started transforming.


Obito ignored Narutos angry yells about manners or something and jumped up to land on the head of Saiken, the Six-Tailed beast.

“Enough with this nonsense. Its time to capture you.”

Naruto clicked his tongue as yellow chakra covered his body while his pupils turned cross-shaped.

‘Seems like we got some work to do, partner.

[Yeah, lets get this over with. This farce has been going on for too long.]

Moments later, a hundred meters tall, nine-tailed fox appeared. Its base color was yellow, and there were black stripes all over its body. Obito couldnt help but sweat a little when he realized that Naruto had very likely become a perfect Jinchuuriki.

‘This will be harder than I thought.

Inside the giant chakra construct, Naruto, Ino, and Haku could be seen floating. They were currently positioned inside the giant foxs head.

“Haku, are you ready?”

“Yes, Im done gathering chakra.”

As she said that, she clapped her hands together, immediately causing the temperature to lower.

“[Ice Cultivation Style: Giant Ice Armor]”

Naruto heard someone yell something about a too short technique name in the distance, but he was sure that was just an illusion.

Anyway, the figure of the giant fox was immediately covered by a thick ice armor, making it look even more imposing.


“Ready, I cant read Obitos mind due to the Rinnegans protection, but I can read the minds of the four Jinchuuriki. I will project their movements into your mind during the fight.”

“Ohh, lets go. This will be our first fight as a team against a real enemy.”


Meanwhile, Obito could feel a slight stomachache coming as he looked at the gigantic fox entire covered with a dense ice armor.

‘This will be fine… right?

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