Chapter 492: Bijuu vs Bijuu

Moments later, The battle started with the Five-Tails charging at Narutos Kuramas figure. However, Kurama easily caught his horn with his two hands and stopped the attack. At the same time, Matatabi appeared on his left and Saiken on his right.

Matatabi inhaled deeply a shot a wave of searing flames out of her mouth towards Narutos figure, while Saiken did the same, shooting acid instead of flames. Ino moved inside Kuramas body and clapped her hands together; moments later, two gigantic ice walls appeared next to Kuramas figure, blocking the two attacks.


As Son Gokus massive form appeared above Kurama, an enraged roar echoed over the battlefield. Kuramas hands were still occupied with blocking Kukous horn, but before Son Goku could hit them, Ino made a move, causing two additional hands to grow out of Kuramas back, which easily blocked the attack.

Naruto may be the main controller of Kuramas chakra, but as long as his chakra signature was linked with Ino and Hakus, then the duo could easily control parts of Kuramas chakra as well.

“Well, since I allowed you to make the first move, its my turn now. [Mini Bijuudama]”

A small Bijuudama formed in front of Kuramas mouth and shot Kukou in the face at point-blank, sending him flying away. Simultaneously, Kuramas nice tails moved in packs of three and smashed into the other three Bijuu, causing them to stagger backward.

‘Isnt this pretty bad?

That thought appeared in Obitos head when he noticed how easily Naruto pushed the other four Bijuu away.

‘I heard that the Kyuubi is the strongest of the nine, but this is ridiculous.

However, Obitos thoughts werent entirely correct. Although Kurama was indeed the strongest, Naruto only had one half of him, so easily winning a four against one like this was usually impossible. However, Kurama wasnt fighting alone. Hakus ice was very versatile, and Inos ability to read surface thoughts gave them an unfair advantage.

Anyway, Obito decided to kick it up a nudge even if what he had planned to do will put a strain on him. The four Bijuu surrounding Kurama got up from their position and started gathering chakra. Moments later, a huge black sphere of condensed chakra started floating in front of each of them.

“Seems like we are in a pickle. Anyway, one per person?”




Naruto rolled his eyes at Kuramas tsundere remark and focused on Kokou in front of him. Just like Kokou did, chakra condensed in front of Kuramas mouth, causing a black sphere to appear moments later.

Kurama, who didnt want to think too deeply about this, moved one of his hands and pointed it at Saiken. Just like with Naruto, chakra gathered, forming a Bijuudama.

On the other hand, Haku chose to do something different as massive amounts of chakra were gathered by her. Luckily, she didnt need to bother about using too much of her chakra, as she was within Kuramas chakra cloak, allowing her to replenish her chakra at any time.

Meanwhile, Ino made her familys signature hand sign and pointed it at Son Goku. At first, she wanted to enter his mind directly, but she quickly dismissed that idea. She was still reluctant to forcefully enter the mind of such an old being. So, she decided to go for something more indirect. She gave Haku a short glance, and after getting a nod of understanding, Ino prepared herself for the incoming attack.

Moments later, four Bijuudama were sent flying, quickly followed by another two. Massive explosions devastated the battlefield as four of the six Bijuudama collided.

The final two didnt explode yet, but one of them had collided with a massive ice ramp. Instead of exploding, its direction was changed slightly upwards, so it harmlessly passed above the small group. However, another two explosions echoed over the battlefield when the last two condensed chakra balls exploded. They had met in mid-air due to Ino confusing Son Gokus senses and making him shoot his attack slightly upwards to make it collide with Saikens.

Having stray Bijuudamas flying around all over the place was somewhat dangerous, so Ino and Haku decided to safely explode them in mid-air.

“Have you found them yet, Ino?”

“Yeah, I got the position of all five stakes. I will send them over to you with telepathy.”

Naruto nodded his head as new information appeared in his head. Unlike the Junchuuriki themselves, the Bijuu werent reanimated. Or rather, A Bijuu couldnt get reanimated since their souls didnt go to the Pure Land after their death. They would just continue wandering the world until the Bijuu was fully restored.

So, why did they obey Obitos orders? Each of them had a black chakra rod inserted into their bodies, and, just like Nagato could control six bodies with these chakra rods, Obito was controlling the four Bijuu.

Naruto made a cross sign with his two hands, causing four clones of him to appear, and moments later, all four of them vanished.

It turns out its pretty easy to stealthily put a teleportation marker on something as big as a Bijuu, which is precisely what Naruto did.

Four angry roars were heard from the four Bijuu as pain filled their bodies due to the black chakra stacks slowly being pulled out of their bodies.

Obito genuinely panicked when he saw that as he hastily went through the summoning hand signs. If he were too slow and those rods got pulled out before he could finish his summoning, he would be in deep trouble since that would make him lose control of the four Bijuu.

Luckily, he made it in time, and a massive statue with nine eyes appeared within a monstrous smoke cloud. Not even half a second later, all four chakra rods were pulled out simultaneously, making Obito hastily go through a more hand signs, resulting in 4 chakra chains coming out of the enormous statue he summoned, the Gedo Mazo, the husk of the Ten-Tails.

Obito sighed in relief when the four Bijuu were safely absorbed back into the statue. He was sure that Naruto would try to stop him somehow, but to his surprise, Naruto didnt move at all.

‘This feels off. Is there something Im overseeing? No, he simply didnt understand what was happening and didnt want to intervene in a process he didnt know. Tobi is a g… *cough*. Yes, that must be it.

“Obito, its bad. Orochimaru did something rather drastic.”

Before Obito could continue fighting, Black Zetsu came out of the ground and informed him of what Orochimaru had done.

“Shit, I was just about to capture the Kyuubi.”

Zetsus eyebrow rose when he heard that claim. Although he didnt see how the four Bijuu were defeated, it was rather obvious what was going on since they werent here.

Additionally, Black Zetsu glanced at Obitos opponent and saw a gigantic fox wearing ice armor. On its head stood three people with crossed arms, who were clearly looking down on Obito.

‘Seems like this one has snapped as well.

“Yes, you are clearly close to victory, but this matter is more important. Lets go.”

Obito nodded his head in agreement before throwing another glare at Naruto.

“Next time, you wont be this lucky.”

Naruto could only chuckle in amusement when he heard Obitos words. Spiral patterns appeared in the space surrounding Obito, and moments later, he was gone, leaving a Naruto with a conflicted expression behind.

“Is this really the best way to do this, nee-san?”

Ino and Haku shared a conflicted look when they heard Narutos words before both of the h*ld one of his h*nds.

“You shouldnt worry about this, Naruto.”

“Yeah, she might be very chaotic when it doesnt matter, but Yuna is not someone who would sacrifice thousands of people just to have some fun.”

Naruto pondered the words of his two girlfriends for a short moment before nodding his head.

Frankly, his sisters words and gestures needed to be observed under scrutiny at all times. Everything could be a prank, and everything could lead to a trap. But, if it were a real life or death situation, Naruto would trust Yuna unconditionally.

He sighed deeply before spreading his sense over the battlefield to see if he could help somewhere.

“You are correct, Ino, Haku. For now, lets continue fighting and save as many people as we can.”

Ino and Haku nodded their heads, and moments later, the trio vanished. Just like Yuna, Naruto had placed his teleportation markers all over the battlefield so that he could move around rather quickly.

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