Chapter 499: Two Coffins

A middle-aged man wearing a lavish robe looked around in confusion.

He had noticed that the atmosphere in the room was getting more and more eerie, but due to the thick smoke, he couldnt see very far. So, he tried to locate his fellow Daimyos, but all he could find were a few bloodstains.

He immediately yelled to alarm the guard, but no one answered, no matter how much he yelled.

Moments later, he shrieked in terror as a pair of purple eyes and two rows of shiny teeth forming an inhuman grin pierced through the smoke filling the whole room.

“W-What kind of monster is that!? GUARD!!! WHERE ARE THE DAMN GUARDS!?”

The eyes and teeth vanished, and a soft voice spoke next to his ear.

“You are somewhat decent. This venerable one grants you permission to live.”

The middle-aged man flinched when someone suddenly talked to him. He wanted to turn around and see who had just spoken, but he didnt dare to. He couldnt help but sigh in relief when he heard that his life would be spared.

“W-Why are you doing this?”

Despite being terrified out of his mind, the man managed to squeeze out a question, impressing the attack a little.

“Hehe, its for the greater good~”

“G-Greater good? What do you mean?”

Instead of answering, the assailant chuckled again before their presence vanished, leaving the man dumbfounded.

A few minutes later, the smoke started to settle, revealing what had happened. Unmoving bodies were strewn all over the ground. Some seemed to be simply knocked out, while most of them had a single unadorned dagger piercing straight into their hearts.

The middle-aged man screamed in terror before he fainted as well.

Meanwhile, Yuna casually left the building with a satisfied expression on her face.

‘*Sigh* Killing corrupted parasites feels so nice~

[Why did you leave a few of them alive? Although you said that they were “somewhat decent” that is only if you compare them to the other people in the room.]

Yuna nodded her head at Kuramas question and swiftly explained the situation to him.

‘Its to make people realize why all those people died. I could have left an edgy message written in blood on the wall, but that isnt my style. The few who survived will realize why they survived and will act better from now on, while the successors of the ones I killed will hopefully understand what is going on as well.

Additionally, by keeping the whole thing mysterious and not sending a clear message, people will discuss this incident much longer since multiple different theories will pop up.”

[Mhh, that makes sense, but you will be everyones prime suspect no matter how I look at it.]

‘Yes, that is why I still have a few more people to push into the proper position, so everything goes smoothly. I want my puppets to have an easy take-over, after all. *Sigh* So much to do and so little time~

Meanwhile, at a totally different location, Black Zetsu really wanted to slap himself for his own stupidity. All these years, he was so obsessed with capturing Yuna or Naruto that he totally forgot the big picture.

‘What am I even doing? The goal isnt capturing the Kyuubi; its reviving the Juubi. I only need a fragment of the chakra from each tailed beast to do so, so there is no need to capture the whole thing. In fact, Neither Ichibi, Sanbi, Nanabi, nor Hachibi were entirely absorbed by the Gedo Maso Statue.

Although not having the whole tailed beast inside it would weaken the Juubi a little, those parts could be added in the aftermath as well. Zetsu didnt believe for even a second that Yuna could fight against the power of the Juubi, no matter how abnormal she was.

So, how could he possibly get some of the Kyuubis chakra? In fact, that was relatively easy, as Zetsu was currently watching two reanimated people wielding it on the battlefield.

‘What was their name again? I think they called themselves the Gold and Silver Brothers. Anyway, I dont care about their names but about the chakra inside of them. If I remember correctly, they ate some of the Kyuubis chakra flesh after getting swallowed by it, allowing them to use a few tails worth of its chakra. I can make use of that.

Rather than fighting and capturing one of those two monsters, this is a much easier target. I just have to wait for a good opportunity and snatch them.

Simultaneously, things were calming down on the battlefield where the Great Shinobi Alliance fought the four Kage.

Just now, the last of them, Mu, was sealed away, ending the battle. However, nobody noticed that Mu managed to split his body just before he was sealed away, allowing him to retreat temporarily.

After taking some distance, his hands moved and slammed on the ground, a summoning technique.

Two coffers appeared, and as soon as they opened, even someone as prestigious as Mu could only tremble in fear.

“Oh my god. Whoever our summoner is, they are a mad man. How could he bring these two calamities back to the world?”

The moment these two coffers appeared, the people in the Allied Shinobi Alliance Headquarters who were responsible for surveying the battlefield twitched.

“R-Report! Two incredible massive chakra signatures just appeared on the battlefield.”

Before anyone could react to that report, Yuna casually let her eyes wander over the surveying formation, and when she felt the familiar chakra signature, a face-splitting grin appeared on her face.


Before anyone could understand what Yuna was talking about, she jumped out of the window while a pair of thin ice wings appeared on her back, allowing her to glide through the air at high speed.

While everyone was dumbfounded, As enraged gaze landed on Tsunade.

“What the hell was that!? Why is she so rampant!? Shouldnt you, as her Kage, keep her in check!?”

Tsunade couldnt help but chuckle in amusement when she heard As words.

“Keep her in check? And how exactly am I supposed to do that?”

“What do you mean by How am I supposed to do that?? Threaten her with a punishment. At worst, threaten her with expulsion from the village or death! YOu cant have her act that rampant!”

Yet again, Tsunade couldnt help but chuckle in amusement.

“Expulsion? Death? Sorry, Raikage-dono, but Im not suicidal. More S-Class shinobi are tied to Yuna than Konoha has without her.”

A opened his mouth to complain further, but he quickly realized that he wasnt sure how to even defend his point after hearing what Tsunade said.

“Relax, Raikage-dono. Yuna knows what she is going. No matter how rampant she is, she has never taken a loss before, and the end outcome always turned out to be something positive.”

A clearly wasnt happy with that, but since Yuna was already gone, there was no longer anything he could do about it. So, he decided to simply nod his head, anticipating what kind of madness would happen.

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