Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 501: Yuna and Naruto vs Madara and Hashirama

Chapter 500: LETS DANCE!!!

Two imposing figures wearing Warring State armor overlooked the battlefield in front of them. Despite being only two people against thousands, the duo easily pressured the massive army in front of them with their mere presence.

“HAHAHA, to think I would fight side by side with you one day, Madara.”

Madara ignored the laughing man next to him and let his gaze wander over the battlefield before him. Moments later, he shook his head.

“I would prefer fighting you over this gathering of weaklings, Hashirama.”

“Hahaha, as feisty as always. However, if what my wife told me in the Pure Land is true, there should be a rather interesting individual out there. In fact, this is the second time I got reanimated, and she was the one who sealed me during that incident. Well, I was far from my peak at that time, but it was rather interesting nonetheless. Especially since she was like 13.”

Madaras eyes gleamed with interest when he heard Hashiramas words.

“Ohh? So young and yet so strong? And a woman to boot?”

Madara briefly wondered just how much potential a child between him and her would have, but he quickly dismissed that notion. Soon, true peace will be granted to this world; there is no point in thinking about useless stuff.

“Mhh, I really wonder what kind of force we are facing here. All of them haveShinobi written on their forehead protectors.”

Madara heard Hashiramas words and scanned the crowd. He could easily tell that the force in front of him had a large diversity. People from all over the continent stood in front of them.

“These are the Allied Shinobi Nations. Its an alliance between of the Five Great Shinobi Nations, which was specially formed to fight this war.”

The duo glanced at the person who just said that, Mu, and nodded their heads. While Madara was rather indifferent, Hashirama had a conflicted expression.

“*Sigh* On the one hand, Im happy that the Great Villages are finally at peace; on the other hand, I would rather not partake in this war. Especially not opposite the Allied Nations.”

Meanwhile, Oonoki trembled in fear when he saw Madara and felt his presence. For him, Madara was an invincible monster. And he even had a bit of trauma due to him.

“I-Impossible, M-Madara Uch…”


A human figure crashed into the ground between the two opposing forces, causing a wave of cold air to wash over both sides.

A young woman with a crazed, almost feral smile walked out of the crater and focused her gaze on Madara. Naturally, this woman was Yuna, but instead of two purple pupils, one of them turned crimson.

[“You finally appeared, MADARA!!!”]

When she spoke, it sounded like two people were talking simultaneously, causing Madara to raise his eyebrows. Considering the crazy amount of battle intent the young woman was projecting, Madara had a pretty good idea of who she was, so he gave Hashirama a slight glance, making him chuckle.

“Yes, thats definitely the woman I was talking about. As for her voice, apparently, the Kyuubi has a grudge against you and me, so its giving her its chakra freely.”

Madara nodded his head. This unknown woman piqued his curiosity. Moments later, Mu started twitching, and after doing so for a short moment, he resumed speaking with a different voice.

“That is Yuna Uzumaki, our most significant obstacle in winning this war. I would like you to…”

That was as far as he got before an ice slash appeared in front of him and sliced through his body vertically.


Madaras eyes widened in surprise at the speed of the attack.

‘That was very fast. I might not have been able to see it if it werent for my Sharingan. Additionally, why is the body not regenerating? Isnt this guy reanimated as well? Interesting!

A battle-thirsty smile appeared on Madaras face as he jumped down the cliff he was standing on. Hashirama could only smile wryly when he saw Madaras expression.

‘Seems like his battle thirst got ignited, huh? Oh well, might as well see where this goes.

Hashirama followed Madara to the ground and landed next to him. When he saw that the other shinobi were still frozen in place and that Yuna apparently wanted to fight alone, a concerned expression appeared on his face.

“Im not looking down on you or anything like that, but are you sure you want to fight both of us alone? Thats definitely too much.”

To Hashiramas surprise, a slightly guilty expression appeared on Yunas face as she averted her eyes.

“*Cough* Of course, I didnt plan to fight you by myself.”

[You totally forgot, huh?]

‘Nope, definitely not. Im a good big sister and wouldnt hog Narutos playmate all for myself.

[Sure, I believe you.]

Moments later, Yuna took out an orange kunai and tossed it into the ground next to her. Not even a second later, Naruto appeared next to her. He was currently holding a thin man holding a needle-like sword by his head. The man tried to repeatedly stab his weapon into Naruto, but Narutos chakra armor stopped every stab. His hands glowed blue for a short moment, covering the man in seals and turning him into a small capsule.

“Whats wrong, nee-san? My present for father-in-law is almost completed, so Im a little busy right now.”

As he said that, he took the needle-like sword and turned it into a capsule as well. Then, he took out a small box with seven slots, four of which were filled, and put the fifth capsule inside. The marking of the slot where he stored the capsule read: Nuibari.

Yuna chuckled in amusement, but instead of answering, she nudged her head towards Madara and Hashirama.

Narutos gaze wandered to where Yuna was pointing, and when he saw who stood there, his face split into a battle-thirsty grin while one of his eyes turned crimson.

“[Madara, Hashirama… Finally!]”

Madara couldnt help but be surprised at another powerhouse appearing. Although Narutos presence wasnt as obscene as Yunas, he was by no means a pushover. Yet again, his gaze landed on Hashirama, who apparently had met the girl before. Madara guessed that he would know the young man as well. Hashirama pondered for a short moment before he came to a conclusion.

“Although I didnt see the whole fight, I believe he fought and won against the Ichibi while I was fighting Yuna.”

Madaras eyes shone with interest when he heard that. Fighting and winning against a Bijuu at the tender age of 13 was no joke. It had been a long time since he got a chance to dance, so he decided to get this fight going as fast as possible.

Without a moment of hesitation, Madara launched himself towards Yuna and Naruto, quickly followed by Hashirama, who could only smile wryly at his old friends battle-thirsty smile.


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