Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 502: Yunas Strongest Jutsu

Chapter 501: Yuna and Naruto vs Madara and Hashirama


Yuna heard Madaras yell as his presence grew even more domineering, making her smile.

Meanwhile, the shinobi of the Allied Shinobi Forces felt like a mountain was pressing down on them. Having two legendary shinobi on the level of Madara and Hachirama charging at you was no joke.

Some of them were about to regain their bearing and prepare themselves for combat, but Yunas voice echoed over the battlefield before anyone could do so.

“I have some advice for all shinobi gather here…”

All eyes were focused on Yuna, expecting her to say something motivational, but she went in the complete opposite direction.

“… If you do not have the necessary power to kill a Kage-level shinobi, then…”

Yuna bent her legs and put more strength in them, preparing herself for the confrontation.



Yuna jumped towards Madara with so much force that the ground underneath her feet was obliterated, creating a small crater. The duo met; both had their right fists reeled back, and not even a second later, the two fists collided, causing another shockwave.

“Yes, you will definitely be able to dance with me!”

“[Hahaha, a dance of death and carnage; IM IN!!!]”

The duos fists met dozens of times within a second, and moments later, Hashirama appeared next to Madara. The duos eyes briefly met, and they were instantly in sync. They might have never fought side by side, but they had fought each other for decades, so cooperating was childs play.

One might ask why the mighty and proud Madara Uchiha would be willing to team up with Hashirama. That question is answered rather quickly due to Hashirma blocking a sneak attack from Naruto against Madara.

This wasnt two one vs one fights; it was a two vs two.

At first, Oonoki wanted to scold Yuna for saying something so demoralizing to his troupes, but now he understood why she did so.

‘Those four are on another level.

Yes, as those four fought, every clash sending powerful shockwaves, Oonoki realized that this was on another level. Others might not be able to tell what was going on, but he could.

‘They are just testing the water. In their eyes, the current display of power is no big deal.

“Gaara, we should do what she said. This is no battle an ordinary shinobi should participate in.”

Gaara, who was about to say the same, nodded his head in understanding and quickly organized the retreat of his troupes. However, Gaara and Oonoki didnt move a single centimeter. As Yuna said, those who can kill a Kage could stay, which is exactly what this duo decided to do.

Meanwhile, the match continued as Yuna, Naruto, Madara, and Hashirama expertly weaved their attack into each other, frequently blocking attacks for their combat bat partner. While Naruto had the lowest combat experience, Yuna had the greatest, easily offsetting the problem.

After around five minutes of pure Taijutsu fighting, Madara and Hashirama jumped backward. Madara made the horse hand sign and took a deep breath.

“[Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation]”

A sea of flames shot out of his mouth and towards Yuna and Naruto, spreading over hundreds of meters. Oonoki couldnt help but pale when he saw that attack. It was rather obvious now why Yuna didnt want the Allied Shinobi Forces to remain here. Just the stray fire of the fight in front of him could deal devastating damage.

When Naruto saw the flame sea approaching Yuna and him, he gathered massive amounts of wind chakra on his right hand and lifted it up. As soon as the chakra density was to his satisfaction, Naruto slashed his hand down like a sword, resulting in a monstrous wind blade shooting towards the sea of fire.

“[Wind Style: Massive Wind Blind]”

“Too short!”

The two attacks collided. Surprisingly, the two attacks barely interacted with each other as Narutos wind blade was simply flying through Madaras attack and parted the sea of flames in the process, allowing Yuna and Naruto to easily evade the attack without even moving.

Madara frowned when he saw the wind blade splitting his flame sea, but before he could do something to counter it, Hashirama had already started moving and slammed his hands on the ground moments later.

“[Wood Style: Great Forest Emergence]”

Dozen of Tree sprouted out of the ground around him and smashed into Narutos jutsu. Although the wind blade managed to cut through a few trees, it diminished and vanished relatively fast.

Now, Yuna and Naruto were back on the defensive, and this time, Yuna decided to make a move as the temperature around her started decreasing.

“Hahaha, its been a while since I could enjoy your wood, Hashirama! This time its even bigger than the last time! [Ice Style: Majestic Heavenly Infinite Pillar Creation]”

The ground surrounding Yuna was covered in ice instantly, and moments later, gigantic ice pillars shot out of it and collided with Hashiramas trees.

As his trees were frozen and crushed by Yunas ice, more and more trees kept appearing, crushing Yunas ice. The conflict lasted for about 30 seconds before both stopped supplying chakra to their respective jutsus, making them stop at the same time.

By now, one side of the battlefield was fully covered by frozen trees and ice, while the other was overgrown with trees and had broken ice pillars covering the ground.

Madara couldnt help but be impressed when he saw that. After all, so far, he was the only one who could go against Hashiramas wood style. In regards to the clearly intended sexual innuendo, he ignored it.

“Hahaha, good! Lets stop the warm-up and get to business!”

As he said that, he activated his Sharingan while flaring his chakra, causing the ground to crack.

Hashirama smiled wryly at his battle-thirsty friend but prepared himself to get serious as well. Although he wasnt as bad as Madara, he certainly wouldnt say no to a proper fight.

Meanwhile, Oonoki could feel some despair.

‘That was merely a warm-up for Madara? Are we doomed?

Oonoki glanced at Yuna and Naruto to fight out how they reacted to such an outrageous statement, but to his surprise, both of them nodded in agreement.

“Yup, lets go. Since it has been a while for both of you, I thought I might at least give you a proper chance to warm up. This much should have been enough.”

As Yuna said that, an ice armor covered her body, while a massive two-handed sword appeared in her hand. A crazy smile appeared on her face as her battle thirst flooded the battlefield.

“Yup, Im also ready to kick it up a notch.”

As soon as those words left his mouth, a thin layer of rampaging wind chakra covered his body, shredding everything away that came too close to him.

The fight had just begun.

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