Chapter 505: Battle of Titans

Quite a few of the shinobi from the Allied Shinobi Forces stood on a faraway cliff, overlooking the battle between four titans. Although they were very far away, considering the figures fighting each other were all about 100 meters tall, things were still somewhat visible to them.

“A battle between gods.”

While everyone was in awe due to what they were witnessing, one of the people present murmured these words under their breaths, causing those who heard them to nod in agreement.

Every single move the four figures made changed the terrain, as Bijuudamas, were tossed around like they were firecrackers.

A gigantic tornado constantly rampaged over the battlefield while soccerball-sized hail was bombarding the ground. Hundreds of meters tall trees were popping out of the ground like they were common weeds, just to be slashed down by what appeared to be a single sword strike that seemed to cut space itself.

However, all of that wasnt even the most terrifying thing about the battle they were witnessing. It were…



… Yuna and Madaras madness-filled voices that were constantly echoing over the Allied Shinobi Forces.

Meanwhile, Naruto crossed his arms in front of his chest to block around ten wooden arms that were punching towards him. Despite the attack sending him sliding backward, two additional chakra arms grew out of Kuramas chakra coating, producing two Bijuudama within an instant.

They shot toward Hashiramas wooden golem, but before they could reach him, Madara appeared and sliced both of them in two halves with two of the four massive swords his Susanoo was holding. The other swords he was holding slashed downward toward Naruto at the same time. However, a single sword slash blocked their path and actually cut through Madaras chakra blades as if they were made out of paper.

Madara clicked his tongue as this was not the first time one of Yunas sword strikes sliced through his blades. Luckily, they werent physical weapons, so he could quickly restore them by pumping a bit of chakra into them. Despite that, Madara really wondered how Yuna could so effortlessly slice through his weapons. In fact, the first time he saw that, he made sure to properly dodge all of Yunas sword strikes. After all, if they could cut through Susanoos blade, they could probably cut through Susanoo as well. By now, he could more or less guess why Yunas attack permanently disabled the Edo Tensei. Although he couldnt understand under what kind of principle it worked, he assumed that Yuna had reached a level in swordsmanship so terrifying that it defied logic.

Some might label him as unresponsible or reckless for simply dismissing it as incomprehensible, but what else was he supposed to do? In fact, every time his Sharingan witnessed one of her swords strikes, he felt like a blade pierced through his eyes.

Simultaneously, Obito was frozen in place as he witnessed what was happening in front of him. He knew Madara was strong. Obviously. Everybody knew that.

However, the fight happening in front of him was beyond incomprehensible. Although he didnt think that he had reached Madaras level yet, he thought that he could at least hold a candle against him. Unfortunately, he was wrong. Utterly wrong.

‘Why is it like this? He isnt even using his Rinnegan right now. Why am I so much weaker than him despite possessing a Rinnegan and a Mangekyou Sharingan?

If Madaras current strength was a considerable hit to Obitos mental state, the display Yuna and Naruto were putting on was pretty much a critical hit.

Despite having to flee from Yuna and Naruto once each, Obito has always been looking down on them. In his mind, they were only some slightly significant figures he would capture sooner or later, but now he didnt even dare to say that as a joke.

He got his hands on the Rinnegan, significantly increasing his power. Then, he used the captured Bijuu as his puppets, increasing his war potential even further. With that kind of line-up, he was certain that he could capture Naruto.

The end result? Utter failure. Despite that, Obitos morale wasnt in the gutter yet. After all, he had yet to fight personally. The power of the Rinnegan combined with his Mangekyou ability surely would be enough to defeat Naruto or Yuna, right?

Yet again, he was proven wrong when he arrived on the corresponding battlefield. Two legends from the past, Hashirama Senju, the God of Shinobi, and Madara Uchiha, the Ghost of the Uchiha, were fighting on equal terms with Yuna and Naruto.

In front of him was a battlefield he had little confidence in surviving despite having the Kamui, and yet the two people he wanted to capture were actively participating in said battle. Wasnt that a little too laughable?


Another explosion almost shattered the eardrums of everyone watching the battle as a massive black chakra ball that had spinning shuriken-like wind blades surrounding it collided with four gigantic swords.

Yet again, the terrain was changed as wind chakra shredded everything into pieces while four deep gashes appeared on the ground.

Madara and Hashirama gazed at each other for a short moment, and seeing the glint of madness in Madaras eyes, Hashirama could only sigh in resignation.

“*Sigh* Very well, lets do it.”

A face splitting grin appeared on Madaras face as he approached Hashirama.

“Are they going to kiss, Naruto?”

[*Urgh* Gonna cut the connection.]

“Ha! I knew there was more to their relationship than it was told in history books.”

[Hoho~ So its like that, huh? What a twist.]

Madara almost tripped when he heard Yuna and Narutos words but decided to completely ignore them. As soon as Madaras Susanoo and Hashiramas wooden buddha statues were close enough, they fused, forming a gigantic Buddha covered in an Susanoo armor.

Yuna and Narutos eyes gleamed when they saw that.

“Lets go, Naruto!”


Yuna pointed her right fist at Naruto, causing a broad smile to appear on his face. Naruto lifted his hand as well, and fist-bumped Yuna.

As soon as their fists touched, Kuramas chakra started mixing with each other. Although Yunas influence had significantly changed the chakra of “her” Kurama, it was still very compatible with Narutos Kurama since they had the same origin.

Moments later, the two giant foxes vanished, turning into one even bigger fox.

Yet again, the crazy laughter of two people echoed over the battlefield, and the fight was just about to beginn when Madara and Hashirama suddenly started emitting white light. Madara widened his eyes in surprise when he realized what was going on.

“What!? Someone canceled the Edo Tensei!?”

Hearing Madaras words, Yunas eyes widened in surprise as well as anger started flooding her body.

“What!? Who dares to cock-block this venerable one!?”

Meanwhile, in a faraway location, a sneeze left Ankos mouth.

‘Oh? Is someone thinking about me?

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