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Apparently, rulate starts charging money after a certain number of chapters was reached, which is a completely different kind of story in my book.

I was also informed that rulate has a copyright police to delete translations that aren ’t allowed by the author (Thanks IndigoFox), so I made a report to see what would happen.

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Sasuke was truly stunned by what was currently happening in front of him. First, his new sensei revealed that he had a Sharingan, a dojutsu that should be exclusive to the Uchiha clan. This made it rather obvious why Kakashi was chosen as his sensei.

Next, Naruto somehow managed to sneak up on their new sensei and almost stole the bells. Sasuke wasn ’t sure what exactly was going on, but it probably had something to do with that book Yuna was holding up the whole time. Kakashi seemed to become dazed after Yuna showed him one of the pages.

’Does she possess some sort of secret intel about Kakashi? ’

What happened next, however, left Sasuke truly dumbfounded. Yuna flared her chakra. Even Sasuke, who was a few 100 meters away could feel some pressure.

’Just how much chakra does she have? ’

He really wanted to watch the fight, to see what Kakashi could do but decided that it would be better to prepare his own ambush instead.

’With that crazy amount of chakra, she should be able to hold Kakashi back for a while. I will use that time to prepare an ambush to get the bell instantly. ’

Just when he was about to leave, he saw Naruto approaching him.

”What do you want, idiot. ”

Naruto could only shake his head at the unreasonable insults.

”Let ’s work together there is no way we… ”

”Not interested. I don ’t need help from anybody and especially not from you. Get lost, I have a bell to get. ”

Naruto could only shrug at that. He could explain the true goal of this test to Sasuke, but why should he bother? Yuna had already explained to him the end result of this test, so he might as well have some fun with it.

He walked deeper into the forest and as soon as he reached a place, he deemed adequate for his preparations, a devious smirk, that was rather similar to Yuna ’s, appeared on his face, while his ten fingers lit up with blue chakra.

”Hehe, let ’s see what I can get done before Kakashi-sensei arrives. ”

Kakashi on the other hand wasn ’t having a good time at all. Since he already had his Sharingan revealed, he thought he might as well play around with Yuna for a while, but the moment he tried to read her movements, he felt like his head was hit by a hammer. Even though Yuna was just standing still, Kakashi was overwhelmed by over a dozen overlapping images of Yuna attacking him through different patterns, with each pattern being interlaced with an unheard of number of feints.

Seeing Kakashi groan in pain while covering his left eye, Yuna could only smirk. She has done some research on the Sharingan and came up with a rather amusing method to counter it. The Sharingan apparently reads someone ’s muscle movement and predicts the enemy ’s movement through that. She saw some records that said the user of the Sharingan sees his opponent ’s movement as an image that was moving slightly ahead of the attacker. So, what happens if you are constantly flexing your muscles to make it look like you will be moving in a certain way just to relax the muscles, again, and flex a different combination? The Sharingan will be overloaded with different movements, making it hard to concentrate on your actual enemies instead of his future images. Yuna wasn ’t sure if this would work on a real, experienced Uchiha, as well, but it was worth a try if she got the chance.

Seeing that Kakashi had overcome his headache, Yuna finally decided to make her move. She decided not to bother with any fancy tricks and start with a frontal assault. She simply charged forward and punched towards Kakashi ’s stomach. Her fist was easily caught by Kakashi, but considering his eye twitched for a moment, he probably wasn ’t expecting such a hard punch.

’What is with this strength? She is slightly below the low-jonin level. I haven ’t heard anything about this. Well, even with all that strength, she is still just a child without any combat experience. However, I would really like to know why my Sharingan reacted like that. ’

Kakashi pushes Yuna ’s fist aside in an attempt to make her falter a little, Yuna, however, used that momentum to spin around in an attempt to backhand Kakashi with her other hand. He widened his eyes in surprise and jumped backwards, but Yuna wasn ’t done yet. Her backhand might have missed, but she still had momentum from spinning around once. She bend her legs and jumped at Kakashi, flipped around in mid-air, and delivered a powerful ax kick that Kakashi blocked by crossing his arms above him.

As soon as the kick landed Kakashi groaned a little while the ground underneath him cracked.

’Urg, although my assessment of her physical strength was correct, she certainly knows how to use it properly. Is she really fresh out of the academy? Where did this crazy fighting style even come from? ’

Yuna backflipped away from Kakashi and landed gracefully a few meters away from him. Her purple eyes shone with excitement and the battle thirsty grin on her face got even more pronounced.

’Hehe, this will be a lot of fun. He is physically stronger and faster than me, which isn ’t surprising, since I still have the body of a child, but can ’t compare to my combat experience. Seems like he wants to restrict himself to taijutsu only, which is probably quite the disadvantage for him, but oh well, I will take it. ’

Kakashi, however, could only bemoan his fate when he saw the excitement in Yuna ’s eyes.

’Whoever her sensei will be, I hope he or she comes back as fast as possible. ’

Like that, the two kept going back and forth for another 10 minutes, when Kakashi decided to end this, so he could test his actual students. Yuna immediately noticed that something changed and concluded that Kakashi decided to flip the table and stop playing around.

’Since he prepared a trap for me, it is only common courtesy to walk straight in. ’

[I don ’t think that is how it works.]

’Hush, now. I need to concentrate to counter the trap. ’

As Yuna expected, Kakashi showed an opening that she could use and swiftly punched him in the stomach. As soon as her punch landed, she knew something was off and when the Kakashi she just punched turned into water, she knew for certain what happened.

’A water clone, huh? Haven ’t seen those before. ’

Yuna immediately noticed Kakashi crouching behind her.

’What kind of weird-ass attack pose is that? ’

”[Hidden Leaf Ancient Taijutsu Supreme Technique: A 1000 Years of Pain] ”

Seeing what kind of attack Kakashi was using, Yuna ’s eyes turned as cold as ice while her face turned into a vicious smirk.

Kakashi ’s ”attack ” was just about to hit, when the Yuna in front of him puffed into a cloud of smoke and vanished.

”[Heavenly Forbidden Divine Art:…] ”

Yuna ’s cold words that seem to be completely detached from emotions echoed over the training ground sending shivers down the spines of everyone who heard them. Kakashi frantically scanned the battlefield in an attempt to find Yuna, but couldn ’t see her at all.

”[…Monkey King…] ”

Kakashi looked down and saw Yuna was laying between his legs with her right hand making a grabbing motion.

”[…Steals…] ”

Kakashi shuddered in terror when he realized what was going on. He started to frantically pump chakra into his legs in an attempt to get away from his current position.

”[…the Peaches of Immortality] ”

Yuna ’s hand shot upwards, while Kakashi jumped away with all his strength. Yuna ’s hand almost found her target, but she seemed to have slightly miscalculated her aim and Kakashi managed to get away just in time to avoid having his peaches stolen. As soon as he landed, he looked at Yuna like she was crazy.

”What are you doing?! Do you know how dangerous that was? ”

Yuna only snorted at that.

”We didn ’t even have our first date yet, but you are already aiming for my backdoor. I don ’t think that is any better. ”

If more parts of his face were visible, it would be possible to see a little blush on Kakashi ’s face.

”*Cough* Let ’s forget about that for now. ”

Yuna rolled her eyes at how shamelessly Kakashi swept the whole matter under the rug.

”Fine, you probably want to play around with your actual team now to test their teamwork. Or lack of it. ”

Kakashi widened his eyes for a moment when he heard that Yuna figured out his test and gave her a suspicious look.

”No need to look at me like that. I slept pretty much throughout the whole academy years and didn ’t even know that teamwork was one of the main subjects taught. Naruto figured it out on his own and told me about it. ”

Kakashi grew even more suspicious when he heard that.

”Then why didn ’t you bother about it and attacked me alone? ”

”There are actually three reasons. First, I simply wanted to fight a strong opponent like you on my own. ”

Kakashi only nodded. He has expected this to be one of the reasons. This, however, would mean that she would rather fulfill her selfish desire, instead of supporting her team. A team that currently had her little brother in it.

”Second, no matter how much time I take away from Team Seven, you won ’t fail them. It is in the interest of the village to have their Jinchuuriki and the last Uchiha trained, after all. ”

Kakashi really didn ’t want to admit it, but that was indeed the case. He could fail all the previous teams because there were no bigshots in them. That was different from his current team.

’I see, so she indulged in her own desire, because there were no consequences, anyway. I guess I can live with that. ’

”And the last reason? ”

Yuna smirked a little and lifted her hand, revealing a single golden bell.

”If a person can get the job done alone, then there is no reason for a team. ”

Kakashi widened his eyes when he saw that bell. He gave his belt a quick glance and saw that one of them was indeed missing.

”When… ”

He was just about to ask when Yuna managed to get the bell, when the realization hit him.

”Hehe, that ’s right. Instead of stealing some peaches, I would rather go for a bell. ”

Kakashi could only sigh in defeat.

”Whatever, time to find my students. ”

”Haha, have fun. I should have bought Naruto a lot of prep time, so there should be quite the show waiting for you. ”

Kakashi almost staggered when he heard that.

’Should I just retire? I hope Naruto isn ’t as bad as his sister, because if he is, my hair might fall out from stress. I still need to coax that review copy out of Yuna, as well. I wonder what she wants in return? ’

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