Chapter 509: Second Stage

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As most of you have probably noticed, we are getting rather close to the end, so how about giving me your sweet sweet power stones.

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As soon as the onlookers realized what had just happened, the crowd immediately became rowdy.

“Holy shit, they actually did it! I never thought we could win so easily.”

“O-Oi, stop raising flags.”

“That monster fight was awesome, you know. Nevertheless, its good that it ended so fast, you know.”

“Could you people stop this?”

“Man, Im so relieved this ended without any problems.”

“Please, stop.”

“As soon as I get home, I will ask for my girlfriends hand in marriage.”


“*Sigh* My wife is pregnant, and I might make it in time to see the birth of my first child because everything went so well.


Meanwhile, Madara and Hashiramas bodies were lying next to each other in a small crater. Despite both being reanimated with the Edo Tensei, neither of them could move their body, nor were they regenerating.

While Madara looked a little constipated, Hashirama was babbling on and on about what had just happened.

“HAHAHA, AMAZING!!! It seems like the new generation has already surpassed the old one! Good! This is how it should be! With these two standing at the top of the shinobi world, the Elemental Nation will finally prosper!”

Madara didnt answer Hashirama due to all the questions swirling around in his head.

‘Where is Black Zetsu? Where is Nagato? Does he still have my Rinnegan? If not, who has it now? What happened to Obito? Where did these two monsters come from? What the hell is even going on!?

Simultaneously, Yuna and Naruto dispersed their giant forms and landed on the ground next to each other.

“Well, did you enjoy yourself, Naruto?”

“Haha, of course, nee-san. As expected, old legends like Madara and Hashirama are on a different level.”

Yuna nodded her head as she spread her sense around her, causing her to smile wryly.

“Well, it seems like its time for the next part, huh?”

Naruto did the same and frowned deeply.

“Somehow, this leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, nee-san.”

As soon as Naruto finished speaking, the ground around them exploded, allowing thousands of White Zetsu to jump at Yuna and Naruto in a wild frenzy.

Yunas swords split into two and turned into two swords without any ornaments. Even if she formed a new one every time she used her primary weapon, she still didnt want to use it to slay a bunch of small fries.

“Its only natural for you to feel a little disgusted. After all, we just fought two legends and are now forced to fight a bunch of insignificant clones. Its like eating the worlds best ramen just to be presented with a dry hamburger after you are done with it.”

Naruto nodded his head in agreement and off-handedly noticed that a rather dangerous-looking attack was flying towards their location. Or rather, it was flying towards the army of White Zetsu. Before any of them could react, a thin water beam sliced through dozens of Zetsu like they were made out of paper.

Hinata landed next to Yuna with a somewhat bored expression on her face. So far, she hadnt fought anyone worthwhile, so she couldnt help but be a little annoyed.

“Seems like you were hogging the fun all by yourself, Yuna, Naruto.”

Yuna chuckled in amusement and simply shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, you are here for the next part, so isnt it fine?”

Hinata pouted a little before her face returned to a neutral expression.

“Speaking of me being here, Karin overexerted herself and is currently recovering from chakra exhaustion. Oh, and since Meis specialty is wide-scale jutsu, she has dedicated herself to getting rid of the remaining White Zetsu, so she probably wouldnt come here either.”

Yuna nodded her head in understanding. In addition to these two, Yuna knew that Ino and Haku wouldnt make an appearance either. Haku was still exhausted from her fight with the Third Raikage, while Ino decided to join the squad responsible for troop communication. It was her clans specialty, after all.

On a side note, one of Hiruzens books was unsealed as soon as the Edo Tensei was lifted, so Hiruzen was probably already back in Konoha. Yuna did that as a bit of a measurement to see just how greedy he had become for Yunas books.

Anyway, there was only one person in their little group left that hadnt appeared yet, and as if she wanted to make her presence clear, a sea of white flames appeared and engulfed hundreds of Zetsu, burning them into nothing.

Moments later, Anko landed next to Yuna with a broad smile on her face.

“Yo, time for the finale.”

Seeing Ankos wide smile, Yuna raised her eyebrows. It was relatively clear that something good had happened to Anko, and, after thinking about everything for a short moment and reading Ankos expression a little more in-depth, a smirk appeared on Yunas face.

“Anko, do you perchance know anything about the Edo Tensei getting canceled?”

To Yunas surprise, Anko nodded her head in acknowledgment.

“Yeah, although Im not sure why, a reanimated Itachi was fighting side by side with Sasuke, and just before I could reach them, Itachi forced Orochimaru to cancel the jutsu.”

Yunas eyebrow rose in doubt.

‘If that is the case, then why is she so happy? It seems like Anko is becoming more adept at mixing lies and truths together, but she is still far from perfect.


Anko relaxed when Yuna said “fine” but stiffened at her following words.

“… since nothing happened, Ive decided to believe your half-lie.”

Anko could only slump her shoulders at Yuna, seeing through her, causing the others to chuckle in amusement. What should probably be mentioned at this point was that the group of four was constantly massacring White Zetsu while they were bantering with each other. Enemies of that level were simply no threat to them.

By now, there were White Zetsu pretty much everywhere, and even the people who were previously spectating resumed fighting.

However, Yuna, Naruto, Hinata, and Anko were so deep on the battlefield that it was rather unlikely that anyone would reach their location anytime soon. That is, of course, if it werent for a small group of elites that were approaching their location at rapid speed.

Moments later, two green, skin-tight spandex suits appeared, quickly followed by a masked scarecrow. Naturally, these were Lee, Guy, and Kakashi.




After Guy and Lees explosive remarks, Kakashis quickly followed, sounding rather bored, causing Yunas group to chuckle. Moments later, a serious expression appeared on Yunas face as her gaze landed on Kakashi.

“Have you decided what you want to do, Kakashi?”

Kakashis back straightened when he heard Yunas words, and a severe expression appeared on his face.

“Yes, I have decided. To protect the Obito of the past, I will kill the Obito of the present.”

Yuna nodded in acknowledgment as a ferocious smile appeared on her face.

“In that case, lets start the second stage.”

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