Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 515: Oops my Yuna is Showing~

Chapter 514: Starting It

[Its finally done.]

A comfortable feeling washed over Yunas body as she felt her body and mind to be in balance for the first time since her reincarnation.

‘Indeed, its finally time.

“I need you guys to buy me some time for me.”

Narutos eyes widened in surprise when he heard Yunas request, and after giving her a short glance, he nodded in acknowledgment. Frankly, if it was just him, he somewhat doubted that he could hold back Madara, but since Hinata, Anko, Lee, Guy, and Kakashi were present as well, he was sure that he could do it.

“For how long, nee-san.”

“Ten… no, five minutes. Ill be back in five minutes.”

Naruto nodded his head and focused on Madara with a severe expression on his face.

“Very well, you better hurry up so we dont defeat him while you arent here.”

Yuna chuckled in amusement and vanished, teleporting away.

“Five minutes, huh? This wont be easy, but well manage somehow.”

Unlike Yuna, Naruto couldnt pinpoint the positions of Madaras limbo clones. Although he could still feel where they were, it was rather unprecise. Additionally, getting in contact with Madaras truth-seeking orbs was a bad idea for him, as they would disturb his chakra.

Hinata and Anko could easily tell the position of the limbo clones due to their Spirit Sense, but neither of them had the ridiculous power necessary to deal any significant damage to Madara.

Lee and Guy didnt even know about the existence of the limbo clones, but they could at least damage Madara after opening at least seven of their eight inner gates.

Finally, there was Kakashi, who… honestly couldnt do much right now. He basically had to sit back and wait for a good opportunity to use his Kamui.

Naruto cracked his knuckles and stepped forwards, Kuramas chakra cloak already covering his whole body.

“Ill be the vanguard. Lets do it!”

Meanwhile, Yuna arrived at her destination: A snow-covered mountain peak. Unlike a typical mountain peak, this one appeared to be cut off at the top, forming a small plateau. Although the scenery around her seemed to be very calm, with snow gently floating down from the sky, she could easily tell how deadly this location was.

Natural Energy was so thick in the air that the air itself almost seemed to be liquid. If an average human were to take a single breath in this environment, they would instantly turn into an ice block. On top of that, the air was so cold that even chunin could easily freeze to death.

For others, this kind of place might be incredibly uncomfortable, but to Yuna, this place was perfect. She sighed in contentment as the deadly cold air filled her lungs, almost making her moan in pleasure.

“Its finally time~”

[Honestly, Im looking forward to this.]

Yuna hummed in acknowledgment as she reached the middle of the plateau and set down crosse-legged while clapping her hands together.

‘Well, lets get this going, shall we, Kurama?


Kurama took the same position within Yunas mindscape and closed his eyes.

‘Ill be honest with you, Kurama. What we are about to do is pretty much suicide. If anyone else tried to do what we are about to do, they would at the very least be disabled for life.

Despite Yunas grave words, Kurama only scoffed in disdain.

[Whats this? Are you trying to give me cold feet this late into the game? Ive been strapped into this ride for a long time now, so lets do it already.]

Yuna chuckled in amusement and shrugged her shoulders. This was the answer she was hoping for.

‘In that case, we might as well go all the way. How about it, Kurama?

[Absolutely not.]

‘Aww, dont be like that. Come one, trust me.

[I DO trust you, but there are certain things I dont trust you with in the slightest.]

‘Mah, you are exaggerating. Come, lets do it. Trust me; it will feel amazing.

[*Urgh* Frankly, thats one of my fears, so no.]

‘Come on, just the tip~

[That doesnt even make sense in regards to the context of the conversation.]

Yuna chuckled in amusement at Kuramas rapid-fire retorts and prepared herself to start finally.

‘Kurama, do it for me.


Although Yunas request was relatively simple, Kurama couldnt help but reject it from the bottom of his heart. But now that Yuna genuinely requested him to do it instead of teasing him about it his resolve faltered.

After a short moment of fighting himself, Kurama sighed in defeat.

[Fine, Ill do it. But I swear that if even a single word of this reaches anybody else, there will be consequences.]

‘Haha, excellent! Dont worry, Kurama, I wont tell anybody else about this. I swear it on my perversion.

[I would have preferred it if you had sworn on your ice, but I guess this works out as well.]

Yet again, Yuna chuckled in amusement as a domineering aura exploded out of her body. Although it had been a while since she had done this, and she had to make a few minor adjustments as well, it was finally time.

‘Lets do it, partner!

[Oh! Im ready, partner!]

A domineering aura engulfed the whole mountain as the accumulated Natural Energy started to stir. Space itself seemed to distort around Yunas figure as the almost syrup-like Natural Energy condensed around her. And then, the world seemed to stop as Yuna opened her mouth and started speaking in tandem with Kurama in her mindscape.

“[Supreme Divine Cultivation Art: Human Fox Companion Style: Swallowing the Heaven and Earth]”

As soon as the duo finished speaking, the concentrated Natural Energy started to rampage and entered Yunas body at a ridiculous pace. An average person would have exploded instantly, but Yuna wasnt an average person.

She was the Goddess of Ice.

And so, it was finally time to cultivate again.

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