Chapter 528: Sealing Kaguya

Moments later, the fight started, and while Naruto and Sasuke were actively engaging Kaguya, Yuna sat back and relaxed.

There was no doubt about Kaguyas power, but all of that strength came from her raw power. Her attacks had no finesse: no strategy, no planning, nothing. In conclusion, Yuna had no desire to fight her.


While spectating, she couldnt help but utter these thoughts in her mind as she was watching Naruto fight.

[Although I more or less understood what you were talking about when you talked about fate, I wasnt expecting it to be this bad.]

Yuna felt disgusted by how Naruto fought: It was ridiculously sloppy, very unlike his original fighting style.

‘How else could the cliché of a seventeen-year-old hero defeating a thousand-year-old demon king happen? It simply doesnt make any sense.

In fact, that wasnt even the worse part.

The worst part was that Naruto and Sasuke fought around the same level of strength. Imagen spending all your life honing your skills and body just for someone else to receive a magic eye and become your equal.

“*Sigh* I loath you, fate.”

Meanwhile, Naruto wasnt having a good time at all. His body felt sluggish. His chakra didnt flow as smoothly as it usually does, while his mind seemed to have slowed down as well.

‘What the hell is this? It feels like Im moving through water instead of air.

On the other hand, Sasuke was feeling great.

‘So this is the inheritance of the Sage of Six Path. Incredible. What incredible power. With this, I can do it! My time has finally come! As soon as this fight is won, I will defeat her!”

Just like that, the fight continued. While Kaguya spammed overbearing attacks and freely teleported around, Naruto and Sasuke struggled to keep up with her. However, while Kaguya had to defeat the duo, Naruto and Sasuke could win in just one move. They just had to hit her simultaneously with the palm holding the seal they received from Hagoromo.

At one point, Kaguya tried to separate Naruto and Sasuke, but Naruto had preemptively put a modified Flying Thunder God Seal on Sasuke, allowing Naruto to follow him. Naruto might feel sluggish, but that didnt mean he was stupid. Obviously, Sasuke started grumbling that Naruto had put a seal on him, but Naruto ignored him.

Naturally, Yuna teleported the remaining people towards Sasuke as well. She didnt want to miss the show, after all.

As soon as Yuna reached the new dimension, she chuckled in amusement due to the whole dimension being made out of ice.

“Well, thanks for the meal, I guess.”

Meanwhile, Kaguya stumbled a little when Yuna appeared. This was her dimension, so she had total control over it, but suddenly, that control was gone. It was as if this wasnt her dimension from the start.

[I told you she was dangerous, mother. Quickly, we need to get to a different dimension.]

Kaguya nodded her head at Zetsus words and swiftly changed dimensions, taking everyone with her. Well, everyone but Yuna, who stayed behind and was currently busy creating a complex sealing arrangement.

‘Well, even though I said thanks for the meal, Im pretty much stuffed to the brim, so I guess Ill store this for later. Mhh, might as well share some of the Natural Energy with Haku~

[Stuffed to the brim, huh? Is it normal to cultivate while fighting someone who can go toe to toe with you?]

‘Well, I do it all the time.

[Got it, so it isnt.]

‘Hehe, I think Im about to have another breakthrough~

[Damn monster.]

‘Hahaha, what can I say? Im just that awesome. Oh well, while Im here, I might as well make this my personal pocket dimension.

A few minutes later, Yuna was done with modifying this dimension and teleported near Narutos current position. As soon as she arrived, she saw a rather surprising scene.

Kaguya had a slight blush on her face while she was surrounded by around a dozen beautiful naked men.

‘Wow, have we switched genre again?

Moments later, one of the beautiful men punched her in the face, sending her flying to the ground.

‘Yup, we have definitely switched genres.

[Arent you worried that she seemed to be interested in men?]

‘Pah! She is just like spaghetti: Straight as long as things dont get wet and hot.

[Didnt she even have children with a man?]

‘Insignificant details.

[Now that I think about it, why are we talking like she will inevitably join your harem?]

‘Because its the natural thing to do.

Suddenly, all the beautiful men transformed into multiple Narutos and attacked Kaguya from the air.

‘Sometimes, I really wonder about Narutos sexuality. Is he really JUST into women?

[If not, that would explain his weird obsession with Sasuke in Hisokas timeline.]

‘True. Guess I need to investigate a little.

A glint passed through Yunas eyes, causing a shiver to go down Narutos spine without even understanding why.

Seconds later, Naruto and Sasuke managed to take advantage of Narutos unusual surprise attack and trapped Kaguya in between them, sealing her fate.

“”[True Planetary Devastation]””

Kaguya couldnt believe that she was bested yet again.

‘Why? Im the origin of all chakra. How can I be defeated with something that is part of me?

She just wanted to give up struggling, when a calm voice echoed over the battlefield.

“Fate determines the ending of a story. However, what if I were to decide to continue writing after it ended?”

Yuna appeared in front of Kaguya, the symbol of a snowflake glowing on her palm. Before anyone could react, Yunas palm landed on Kaguyas fore.

“Go f*ck yourself, fate.”

Naruto and Sasukes jutsu activated and pulled Kaguya into the sky while attracting massive amounts of earth, forming a gigantic moon.

Sasuke was just about to ask what Yuna had just done when space started cracking. After a bit of twisting and turning, a young woman with pale white skin, three eyes, and an expression of utter confusion appeared in front of the trio.

Kaguya was back.

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