Hinata couldn ’t help but be excited about today. She had already received her shinobi headband yesterday and today; she would meet her jonin sensei. Yuna had already told her that there would be an additional test, but she didn ’t think she would fail it, at all. After passing that test, she would finally become an adult, which meant that she wouldn ’t have to hide herself from the Hyuga clan anymore. She could finally show her real self in public.

Hinata, actually, discusses with Yuna, whether she should show her real self to her team or not and they have come to the conclusion that she should. After all, what if she held back and, as a consequence, didn ’t pass the test.

After the teams were announced, Hinata got a little disappointed that she wasn ’t teamed up with Naruto or Yuna, but decided to just walk forward with her head held high. Yuna had already told her of this possibility and said that she couldn ’t babysit her forever. Although Hinata agreed to that, it felt weird to be separated from Yuna like this.

After a bit of waiting, her new sensei arrived at the classroom and told Hinata and her new team to meet on the roof of the building. While walking towards the roof with her two new teammates, Shino and Kiba, she was still acting meek with her head lowered but while nobody was paying attention to her, she activated her Byakugan to take a look at her new sensei. Hinata couldn ’t help but frown a little.

’Her chakra is more or less at the level of a normal jonin, but her body seems incredibly frail. Maybe somewhere around mid chuunin? ’

Hinata started to think about their new sensei and quickly remembered that she had read about her in the bingo-book that Yuna forced her to read.

’I see, Konoha ’s number one genjutsu user, huh? I guess she doesn ’t put much effort into physical training then. ’

Hinata also noticed that Kiba would occasionally glare at her which wasn ’t really surprising.

’Considering how meek and frail I have portrayed myself so far, it ’s no surprise he is unhappy. I also wouldn ’t be happy to be paired up with a weakling. ’

The trio reached the rooftop and as soon as they did, Hinata decided to stop pretending. Fooling her teammates any longer would be rather insulting in her opinion. Her back straightened, her steps became self-assured and a confident smile appeared on her face. Yuna had spent a lot of time training Hinata how to trick people, and manipulating her own face and movements was what Yuna places the most focus on.

She said that the best way to defeat someone stronger than yourself is by tricking that person into thinking he has won, just to counterattack with a deadly strike. Yuna ’s training rarely focuses on actual combat, except for most of their sparring matches. Feints, lying, acting, manipulating, and stealth, everything someone can think of to survive a fight. Most of those things were usually presented as some form of game or other fun activity, but over the years, Hinata started to understand what was happening. Yuna didn ’t train them to win a fight, she trained them to survive no matter the situation.

’Even if you lose a fight, you can still win the war. ’

Yuna seemed to have said that rather casually, but it truly resonated with Hinata. She had lost the ”fight ” and was kicked out of the Hyuga clan. She thought everything was over for her, but then, Yuna picked her up and offered her a real home. The last seven years were, without a doubt, the best in her life. She thought she had lost everything after getting kicked out of the Hyuga clan, but it was only a single fight she lost. At this point in time, she had, pretty much, lost all interest in the Hyuga clan, but if they wanted to pick another fight with her, she would not only win the fight but the war as well. After a few more years of training, Hinata was confident that even the patriarch, her father, and the elders of the clan would no longer be her match.

The first person to notice Hinata ’s change was, naturally, Kurenai. She has read about Hinata and couldn ’t help but feel pity for the young girl. Her clan kicked her out and then she was forced by the so-called demon twins to serve them. Kurenai, of course, wasn ’t so stupid to believe in those ridiculous rumors about the twins, but she could at least tell that something was off. Despite living with them for 7 years, she was still an incredibly meek girl around them. It was rather obvious that they were bullying her into submission. Now, however, all that shyness seems to be gone. She casually walked past Kiba and Shino and sat down right in front of Kurenai, while Kiba and Shino sat down next to Hinata with a confused expression on their faces. Well, Kiba looked confused, while Shino ’s face was pretty much hidden from view like always.

”Hello, my name is Kurenai Yuuhi and I will be your sensei from now on. Let ’s start with a little introduction so we can get to know each other better. We will be working together as a team for quite a while now, after all. How about you tell us about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams for the future for now? If you want to leave one of those out, that is, naturally, fine as well. Who would like to start? ”

To everyone ’s surprise, Hinata was the first one to start talking.

”I guess I will start then. The name is Hinata. I like my new family and those few I consider friends. I dislike people that abandon those they are close with and those that believe in stupid rumors. My hobbies are working on my water nature manipulation and training with my sword. My dreams for the future…hehe…that ’s a secret. ”

Hinata blushed a little after her last sentence, but no one noticed that. The other three people on the rooftop were looking at Hinata like she just grew a second head. It took quite a while for the first person, Kiba, to awaken from his stupor. He jumped up and pointed his finger at Hinata.


For a split-second, a sliver of mischief was visible in Hinata ’s eyes, before it quickly changed into fear. Hinata lowered her head and tried to look as small as possible, while she seems to be on the verge of crying.

”I-I-I a-a-am H-H-Hinata. W-w-what do you m-m-mean K-K-Kiba-k-kun? ”

Kiba felt like he was hit by lightning when Hinata was suddenly on the verge of tears because of him. He was genuinely surprised by her sudden change of character and wanted to know what was going on. He might not be happy that the meek Hinata is in his team, but that doesn ’t mean he wanted to make her cry. He felt a bit of killing intent hit him and noticed that his new sensei was actually the one to glare at him with a bit of killing intent. He really wanted to cry when he noticed her glare.

’You were as surprised as I was by Hinata ’s sudden change in character. I bet if I hadn ’t said anything you would have been the one to make that remark. ’

Kiba glared back at her in an attempt to make his position clear and considering that Kurenai ’s glare grew less intense it seems to work.

Before any more misunderstandings could happen, loud laughter echoed over the rooftops.

”Bwahahaha, how did you like that one, Kiba? Almost got you into trouble, didn ’t I? ”

Kiba and Kurenai, yet again, stared at Hinata in disbelief, while Shino seemed to have decided to exit this conversation. He was intensely staring at a single bug sitting on top of his finger, without moving a single centimeter. This time, Kurenai was the first to speak.

”Although I can ’t agree with the way Kiba said it, you are clearly different from the Hinata I have heard about. Could you explain to us what exactly is going on? ”

”Sure. That is why I am acting like this, after all. The Hyuga clan might have kicked me out, but if they noticed that I actually wasn ’t incompetent, they might try to readopt me forcefully. That is why I kept playing the role of the incompetent, shy, little girl for the past 7 years. Now, that I finally became a genin and can be acknowledged as an adult, I no longer need to worry about that. Since you will be in my team from now on, I decided to reveal my true self to you. ”

Yet again, silence descended on the rooftop. None of the people present could imagine what it would be like to act like you are someone else for over 7 years. Yet again, Kiba was the first to awaken from his stupor.

”Then what about the demon twins? You were living together with them, right? I heard you were their servant. What did they do… ”

Before he could finish his sentence, Hinata ’s hand shot out. It stopped right in front of Kiba ’s neck and Hinata ’s index was touching Kiba ’s skin right above his windpipe. It was rather obvious that, if Hinata wanted to, that strike would have been lethal. Kurenai was completely flabbergasted by that surprise attack, especially since she doesn ’t have the confidence to block it if she was in Kiba ’s situation.

’Where did that speed and precision come from? During her classes at the academy, she barely managed to pass the tests. ’

Before Kurenai could pacify the situation, Hinata opened her mouth and spoke with a cold voice that was filled with loathing.

”I have endured hearing people mock Yuna and Naruto for over seven years now, and I can ’t stand it anymore. Those two, especially Yuna, are my saviors. Without them, I would have died on the streets of Konoha. Everything I have today is because of them. I will no longer tolerate mockery towards them. Is that understood? ”

Hinata ’s presence seems to grow even more oppressive after that last question. Her chakra flared out and put pressure on Kiba and Shino while Kurenai was surprised by the massive amount of chakra Hinata possesses for someone this young.

’I see. Seems like I have misjudged the whole situation. Considering how high her current chakra level is, the Hyuga clan would probably want to get her back into the clan as soon as possible. That is why she hid away behind a mask of incompetence. Rather than bullying her into servitude, it was probably the twin ’s encouragement that allowed Hinata to wear her mask for this long without slipping even once. Now I really want to meet those two and see what they are really like. ’

”Well, Hinata, how about you calm down for now. I am sure Kiba was just repeating rumors he heard, without paying much attention to his words. ”

After hearing Kurenai ’s words, Hinata closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The pressure she was emitting gradually calmed down, while her face turned more and more serene.

”I am sorry for that, Kiba-kun. People have been mocking those two for a long time now and it seems like I overreacted a little when I realized that I am no longer shackled to the Hyuga clan and can finally show my real self. ”

Although Kiba was slightly surprised by that sudden apology, he nodded his head in acceptance. Truth be told, in his clan, the strong never apologize to the weak, and having Hinata, who seems to be significantly stronger than him, give him a sincere sounding apology was rather refreshing. At first, he thought that he would be the leader of this genin team, but after witnessing the real Hinata he didn ’t mind yielding that position to her.

This, naturally, was noticed by Kurenai as well. As a jonin, she was aware of how important it was to have a good dynamic between the members of a team. Just one person stepping out of line could lead to a disaster. At first, she thought that Kiba ’s insistence to being the ”alpha ” of the team could lead to some trouble, but Hinata not only subdued him but was also capable of apologizing and acknowledging her own mistakes showed that she had what it took to be a good leader.

”Alright everyone, let us continue the introductions and then let us get to the important stuff: The true test to becoming a genin. ”

Although Kiba started complaining after that sentence, while Shino clearly wasn ’t happy either that there was another test, Hinata stayed calm and collected. Kurenai couldn ’t help but be happy about that reaction.

’To think Hinata would be an unpolished gem like that. After my training, she will easily enter the ranks of jonin and make a name for herself. ’

Kurenai, unfortunately, didn ’t notice that the so-called ”unpolished gem ” that is Hinata, has been discovered by Yuna years ago. Polishing is no longer necessary. Hinata had already created the combat style that suits her best and managed to perfect it to a rather high degree. The only thing she lacked to compete with elite jonin, was their chakra level and combat experience, two things that could only be obtained over time.

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