Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 530: The True Puppetmaster?

Chapter 529: One Last Time

Hagoromo, who was currently floating around in his special realm, sighed in relief when Naruto and Sasuke managed to get off the sealing jutsu on Kaguya.

The moment Yuna suddenly appeared and did something, cold sweat started flowing down his back like a river.

Fortunately, Kaguya was sealed anyway, making Hagoromo think that Yuna only played a little prank to make everyone nervous.

However, space suddenly seemed to tremble, and moments later, Kaguya reappeared, causing Hagoromo to crash land.




This was probably the first time Hagoromo had sworn since eons. As expected of Yuna, even sages start swearing due to her.

“Shitshitshit, what now? That seal is only one-time use.”

He was pacing back and forth in his realm, trying to come up with a viable solution to solve this mess. Moments later, he froze up while an annoyed expression appeared on his face.

“Am I an idiot? The solution is obvious. Ill just leave it all to Yuna. Im sure she has a plan. She always does.”

And just like that, the Sage of Six Paths stopped thinking and decided to enjoy the show instead.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Kaguya was even more confused than Hagoromo.

The seal was completed, and her power was gone. She had lost yet again. However, she was suddenly back here, and her sealed power was returning to her at a rapid pace.

‘What happened?

[I-I dont know, but we should retreat for now.]

Zetsus words confused Kagura.

‘Retreat? Why retreat? The seal is gone and can no longer be used. Havent we won?

Zetsu did not answer Kaguyas question, causing her to squint.

‘You are afraid of this woman.

Zetsu shook for a moment before gritting his teeth and answering.

[Yes, she is a monster, and I dont want to be anywhere near her.]

Frankly, that fascinated Kaguya a little. She couldnt even imagine what had happened to Zetsu for him to be this afraid of Yuna.

Nevertheless, she decided to trust in Zetsus advice. Unlike him, she had been sealed away for a long time and knew very little about the world.

Unfortunately, two hands softly cupped her face just when she was about to teleport away. Initially, she wanted to slap the hands away, but before she could do so, she noticed a pair of deep purple eyes looking at her with compassion.

Kaguya couldnt help but be drawn in by the depth of these eyes. No one had ever looked at her with that kind of eyes, and before she could do anything else, an ethereal voice seemingly older than time itself rang in everybodys ears.

“You poor, poor child. You went through all that suffering to do what you think was best, and yet you get betrayed again and again for all your efforts.”

Kaguya wanted to protest, but no word could leave her mouth.

“First, you must backstab the partner you trusted because he wanted to betray you.”

Kaguyas eyes opened wide when she heard that. No one should know about that!

‘How does the voice know?! Who does it belong to?

Kaguya, who was still transfixed on the purple pair of eyes in front of her, didnt even notice that these eyes were attached to a person.

“Then, you find yourself a husband, but as soon as you are alone, a few rogues want to defile your body, so you defend yourself and kill them. So, what does your husband do? He sides with the rogues and wants to hunt you down. What a pathetic man.”

Kaguyas body shivered as she felt hatred well up inside her when she heard the story of her husband. Indeed, what a pathetic man.

“You flee, not wanting to kill everyone around you. Additionally, you are pregnant, which weakens you greatly. Your personal attendant wants to tell your husband that you are pregnant. The result: she gets shot down by a hail of arrows.”

Kaguya shuddered yet again as the previous hatred got mixed with sorrow. She missed her little attendant, Aino.

“Finally, you are driven into a corner, so you decide to make the only choice you can to save your unborn children: Eating the Chakra Fruit, endlessly increasing your power while simultaneously infecting you with uncontrolled insanity and hatred.”

Kaguya gritted her teeth when she heard that part of her story. Would she eat the fruit again if she were in the same situation? No, she would regret giving birth to Hagoromo and Hamura again. She would only do the same if it were guaranteed that these two wouldnt be born.

“Slowly, you are losing yourself in the fruits insanity, turning you more and more aggressive, and how do your beloved children react to that? They deem you a threat and seal you away. Betrayed yet again by the people you loved.”

Kaguya had pretty much sealed all these memories in the depth of her mind, but now that everything was laid bare in front of her, she could no longer control herself as tears slowly started tricking out of her eyes.

“Stewing with these kinds of emotions for over a thousand years inside a seal; You are a very pitiful child, Kaguya.”

Kaguya wanted to lash out, claiming that she didnt want any pity, but she didnt. She felt that these words were correct. Why did she have to suffer so much? It simply wasnt fair.

Obviously, the tree growing the chakra fruit wasnt a good thing wither as it sucked the planet dry, but what was she supposed to do against that? She was just a single person, surrounded by either people who couldnt fight or people who could potentially report her to the family.

So, in her madness, she made the most illogical choice and created White Zetsu out of the chakra-less civilians trying to kill her.

“Fret not, child. Let me help you…”

Suddenly, Kaguya could feel someone elses forehead touching hers.

“… dont resist. Let me pull you in.”

Then, Kaguya felt something pulling at her mind. Naturally, she knew what was happening: someone wanted to talk to her in her mindscape.

[Why are you not resisting! She is tricking you, MOTHER! SHE IS ALWAYS TRICKING PEOPLE!!! DONT LISTEN TO A WORD SHE SAYS!!!]

However, Kaguya closed her eyes and allowed herself to be pulled in.

When Naruto asked her not to fight, she didnt trust him in the slightest, so she dismissed it as another attempted betrayal. But, she decided to trust the voice.

‘One last time. One last time, I will allow myself to show weakness.

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