Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 531: Slightly Edited History

e woman who supported him in everything he did. This woman was the Great Ancestors Soul Mate and the only woman he ever loved.”

‘Him? He?

Although Yuna was pretty certain that this story was about her, it was rather evident that someone decided to do some… imaginative… editing over the years.

The matter of gender aside, this so-called Great Ancestor, that supposedly only loved one person, was wholly addicted to sex. As long as someone was alive and was in the harem, she would pounce, often earning her a beating, which turned her on anyway.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but your Great Ancestor was female. And as for that supposedly devoted love, she was part of my harem of women, and Im pretty sure she got a taste of most of them.”

Kaguya froze up when she heard Yunas words. She was about to critique Yunas words when she realized something else.

“Wait a moment! Are you claiming that you are really the Great Ancestors Soul Mate?”

Yuna shrugged her shoulders and started changing again. Inside her mindscape, it was incredibly easy for her to change her appearance, and moments later, a tall woman with white skin and two horns appeared in front of Kaguya, causing her jaw to drop.

The only difference between the woman in front of her and the Great ancestor she worshipped was that the woman had more feminine features, making Yunas story a little believable.

Meanwhile, Black Zetsu managed to regain consciousness and was listening in to Yuna and Kaguyas conversation. When Kaguya called her Great Ancestors Soul Mate, Zetsu wasnt shocked in the slightest and instantly believed it to be true. In fact, he was relieved. After all, the one messing up all of his plans wasnt some random human; it was someone that even Kaguya herself respected deeply.

He could live with that.

Anyway, Kaguya was about to continue interrogating Yuna when Yuna lifted her hand, making her stop speaking.

“Anyway, none of that is important for now. There are more important things to talk about than your Great Ancestor or whatever getting f*cked into a sloppy mess on a daily basis.”

Kaguya was about to argue that she found that to be an essential thing to talk about but was yet again interrupted by Yuna.

“Lets get to the essential bits. How did you come to this realm? As far as I can tell, there should be no connection between the realms that allowed someone to travel it physically. Frankly, me being here is already beyond weird, but it seems like your clan somehow made it here with their physical bodies intact.”

Kaguya was about to answer when a dangerous aura suddenly wrapped around her, while Yuna appeared directly in front of her with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

“Additionally, I reeeeeeeealy would like to know what all that planet-destroying business is about, okay~”

Hearing Yunas words, Kaguya shuddered a little while lowering her head like a scolded child. Simultaneously, she tried to ignore the uncomfortable tingle in her butt that transmitted the feeling of distress.

*Author Note*

Still first place. Lets keep it going!

*End of Author Note*

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