Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 532: The Ootsutsukis Clans Past

ew complacent over time. Most no longer felt it necessary to cultivate as they were way above anyone else even without cultivating, resulting in the art slowly getting lost in the stream of time.

Obviously, something like that doesnt simply vanish, so a few people managed to pick together some pieces. Stuff about devouring the energy of nature, surpassing the heaven and earth, and becoming immortal. Needless to say, they were completely misguided and reached a rather outrageous end result: Plant the seed of the world tree, which would suck up a planets entire energy, “devouring the energy of nature.” Then, eat the trees fruit, surpassing/overcoming a whole planet and finally, becoming immortal, or as the Ootsutsuki clan interpreted it, becoming a god.

Obviously, that was not the kind of story Kaguya told Yuna as she retold story after story about how glorious the Ootsutsuki was and all of their heroic deeds, but Yuna had no trouble seeing through that kind of propaganda.

Kaguya might be an invincible force of nature to the people of the shinobi world, but Yuna could clearly see how brainwashed she was.

Hell, Ishiki wanted to sacrifice her to the ten-tails, and she still could gush about the Ootsutsuki clan, so there was that.

Anyway, Yuna off-handedly noticed that all of those heroic figures Kaguya was talking about were male, so Yuna decided to throw a question into the mix.

“Out of curiosity, are men or women more treasured in the Ootsutsuki clan.”

Kaguya seemed to be weirded out by that question but nonetheless answered Yuna.

“Isnt that obvious? Its men.”

Yuna nodded in understanding while a wry smile appeared on her face.

‘Well, that explains why the Great Ancestor switched genders, and I became his devoted wife. Who would look up to a heroic figure that was part of a massive harem and loved nothing more than getting their holes stuffed.

[Do you have to point that out every time you mention her?]


[Sigh, why do I even ask?]

‘Anyway, interested in meeting your grandmother, Kurama?


‘Hahaha, how cold~

A while later, Kaguya finished her tale causing Yuna to nod in satisfaction.

‘She is just a naïve little cog in the machine called Ootsutsuki, so I wont blame her for the mess with the world tree. The spanking is postponed.

[I pity, I would have liked to have seen that.]

‘Well, I might give her a little one later on~

[Im looking forward to it.]

“Anyway, Kaguya, now that you have told me your story, its time for you to hear mine.”

Kaguyas eyes shone with interest when she heard Yunas words. All the current Ootsutsuki clan had about the time of the Great Ancestor were myths, so she was really looking forward to what she was about to hear. Well, there was still some doubt about Yuna really being the Great Ancestors Soulmate, but she would listen patiently for now.

*Author Note*

Isnt it funny that KasiCair and I are both writing Kaguya chapters at the same time?

Anyway, the week is almost over and Im still ranked number one. Keep pushing!

*End of Author Note*

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