Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 534: The Final Story of the Past 2/2

Chapter 533: The Final Story of the Past 1/2

Inside a lavishly decorated hall sat a single woman on a highly ornamented chair that stood on an elevated position. She had ice-blue hair and pure white eyes. Naturally, this woman was Yuna. Despite still looking very young, an aura of death surrounded her, and in front of her, around 1000 people were kowtowing, making her frown.

In front of her were either people of her bloodline or her direct disciples, so she felt like these kinds of formalities were unnecessary.

Frankly, she missed the times when her children would look at her with shining eyes and call her Grandma Ice.

“Raise your heads.”

As soon as she issued that order, everyone obeyed. Yuna allowed her gaze to wander over everyone present and immediately noticed that almost everyone wore tense expressions. She smiled relaxedly and resumed talking.

“As most of you are undoubtedly aware of why I gathered you here, I might as well just directly go to the point: my remaining life span is around one week.”

A turmoil broke out as soon as those words left Yunas mouth. Naturally, they were aware that even gods could not evade the concept of death, but most of them couldnt believe that it would be Yunas time any time soon.

Yuna lightly tapped her armrest with her finger, instantly silencing the room.

“Sheo, my beloved disciple, did you do as I ordered?”

A well-dressed middle-aged man stood up and put his fist into his palm, saluting Yuna. The smell of high-quality cheese covered the room as soon as the man stood up, making Yuna smile a little.

“This disciple did as master ordered. I have leaked the info about your incoming death to most hostile factions.”

Yet again, a turmoil started while quite a lot of people glared at Sheo with killing intent, making him smile leisurely while the cheese smell intensified.

“Master, why did you make senior brother do something like that?”

Yunas smile widened as she leaned back in her chair.

“Well, let me ask you a question instead. How do you expect someone like me to die? Do you think someone like me would be satisfied with lying down in bed as my life span slowly ended?”

Instantly, everyone in the room shook their head in denial. Everyone knew that Yuna liked flashy things, and dying like that was everything but flashy.

“Thats right, someone like me should go with a boom.”

Yuna was split into a massive grin as insanity started radiating from her eyes.

“Yes, a boom to trump all booms. Something never-seen-before. That is how I will go~”


As these words rang through Yunas sect, powerful pressure covered the room, making the people inside it frown. Who would dare to attack their sect in such a brazen manner? That was clearly suicide.

Unlike the other people in the room, Yuna laughed in delight when she realized who had bit the bait she laid out.

‘To think the worlds strongest demon cultivator would bite. How lucky~

“Farewell, everyone, and open your eyes to witness my final move.”

So, under the sad cries of everyone in the room, Yuna teleported on top of the building and then started slowly rising into the air.

While raising, she gave another building a brief glance. This was where she spent the last few years saying her “farewells” to her harem. Obviously, none of them were currently capable of movements, but luckily monitoring runes existed so that they could watch her as well.

Moments later, she appeared in front of a middle-aged man with purple skin, red hair, and a pair of black horns on his head.

“If it isnt the demon brat. Its been a while.”

“Yeah, its been a while, old hag. To think I would get a chance to harvest your soul. I cant help but get a little excited~”

“Ohh? You sound quite confident. Can you really do it?”

“Im aware that Im usually not your match, but now that you are dying, you are ripe for the harvest.”

Yuna chuckled in amusement as her senses washed over her surroundings.

“You and quite a few others, it seems. But it looks like you are the only one willing to commit for now. Just out of curiosity, why did you decide to make your move first.”

The demon in front of her sneered as hatred started oozing out of his body.

“Isnt that obvious? Its to get a chance at paying back the humiliation you made me go through.”

Yuna tilted her head in confusion as she pondered what the person in front of her was talking about. After thinking about it for a short moment, she hit her palm with her fist.

“Ohh! You are talking about the spanking I gave you in the middle of your sect, right?”

“Y-You bastard, dont say that out loud!”

“Mah, its not like its a secret. Considering how loud you were weeping, your whole sect heard it. Its not like your position was high enough to suppress that kind of information at that point in time.”

“S-Stop talking about this!”

“Well, I really dont see the problem here. I mean, it was like an hour of spanking and about a year of corner time. Arent you demonic sects dishing out much harsher punishments on a regular basis.”

The demon gritted his teeth so hard they almost shattered as his glare intensified even further.


Yuna could only shrug her shoulders at that.

“I dont see how that is my fault. If you didnt want your butt spanked, you shouldnt have acted like a brat.”

The demons head almost burst from anger when Yuna happily claimed that her spanking him wasnt her fault. He has seen a lot of shameless people in his life, but this woman was on another level.


*Author Note*

One more day and my story would have been number 1 fanfic for a whole week. Please keep those powerstones coming.

*End of Author Note*

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