Chapter 536: Out of the Mindscape

Meanwhile, Hinatas gaze snapped towards Yuna and Kaguya, while a frown appeared on her face.

“What wrong, Hinata?”

When Hinata heard Ankos question, she sighed in defeat as her shoulders slumped.

“It appears we have a new sister.”

Ankos eyes shone when she heard that as her gaze landed on Kaguya, and she licked her lips with hunger.

“Nice. Yuna really works fast, doesnt she? I hope she is submissive so that I can have my way with her~ I cant wait to experience what it is like to f*ck an alien, hehe.”

While Anko was loudly fantasizing about what she would want to do with Kaguya, Hinata could only sigh repeatedly.

‘Although I was half expecting this to happen, she actually did it, huh? Outrageous as ever. Oh well, there is literally nothing I can do against.

Meanwhile, Lee and Guy stood next to Hinata and Anko with question marks floating above their heads.

“Guy-sensei, what is this about?”

“Im not sure, Lee, but I think we have won.”

Lees eyes started shining when he heard that as he lifted his arms in excitement.




Simultaneously, Naruto and Sasuke were clashing again and again as Sasuke tried to kill Kaguya while Naruto was stopping him.

“Stop this, you idiot! This is the perfect chance to get rid of her! Didnt you feel how powerful she is!? There is no way we can do anything without the Sages sealing jutsu!”

Naruto only shook his head as he blocked another one of Susanoos arrows with a small Bijuudama.

“As I have already said, nee-san knows what she is doing, and there is no need to interfere.”

Sasuke gritted his teeth as he prepared another attack, but before he could do so, he saw what he wanted to see the least: Yuna and Kaguya both stirred and opened their eyes. They might have talked for multiple hours within their mindscapes, but that only amounted to around five minutes in the real world.

“F*ck! [Amaterasu]”

Sasuke focused his gaze on Kaguya and used Amaterasu in a last-ditch effort. Although Kaguya was engulfed in black flames, she simply absorbed them without even taking a hint of damage, causing Sasuke to sweat.

However, Kaguya completely ignored Sasuke and held eye contact with Yuna instead. Sasuke half-expected Yuna to get killed instantly, but something completely out of his understanding happened, making his chin hit the ground.

Kaguyas neutral expression morphed into a small smile as she pressed one of Yunas arms in between her breasts while nuzzling her head against Yunas nape.

“Thank you, grandma~”

Understandably, Sasuke tripped and smashed head first into the ground when he heard Kaguya call Yuna “grandma”.

However, he quickly realized what was going on, so he flared his chakra.




Nothing happed…

‘Nonono, this has to be a genjutsu! IT HAS TO BE!!!

Meanwhile, Kaguya looked around and took in the scenery. Now that she was no longer controlled by madness and most of her hatred was somewhat dealt with, her perception of the world was completely different. No longer did everything look twisted and bizarre, and she could actually see a plethora of vibrant colors. One of those colors was the piercing green of a pair of tight spandex suits. The people wearing them were constantly yelling youth while doing push-ups, so Kaguya swiftly decided to ignore whatever was going on there.

‘Humans are such weird creatures… Those are humans, right?

Her gaze continued wandering, and she quickly noticed one of her childrens reincarnations. He was laughing like a maniac while screaming “Kai” at the top of his lungs. Yet again, Kaguya decided that she wanted nothing to do with that.

Next, her eyes landed on the other reincarnation of her children, who was looking at her in curiosity with not a sliver of hostility in his eyes.

“You truly didnt want to fight me, did you?”

Naruto only shrugged his shoulders as he answered Kaguyas question.

“As long as you had agreed to deactivate the worldwide genjutsu, I would have been totally fine with not fighting.”

Kaguya nodded her head as her eyes gazed at the moon. Moments later, her third eye radiated massive amounts of chakra, turning the moon into a Rinnesharingan yet again. This time, she would use the moon to dispel all the genjutsu that were previously cast.

Naruto smiled and nodded his head.

“Thanks for that. So… should I call you Kaguya or sister-in-law.”

Kaguyas face got a slightly red hue as she started glaring at Naruto, making him chuckle.

“What? Thats a legitimate question.”

Kaguya glared for a few seconds longer before her blush intensified. She pushed Yunas arm even deeper between her breasts and answered Naruto.


Naruto chuckled in amusement as she gave Yuna a thumbs-up.

“As expected of you, nee-san.”

Although he teased her, Kaguya immediately liked Naruto. Despite what Hagoromo might have told him about her, he kept an open mind and approached the situation without prejudice. She could respect that.

Finally, Kaguyas eyes landed on the two women who were currently walking toward her. She could immediately tell that those two probably had a rather… intimate relationship. Something she sought after as well.

‘Lets see, one of them has a Byakugan, so she is likely one of my descendants as well. Although I feel some hostility from her, I have a pretty good idea where that is coming from. Despite that, Ill keep a neutral opinion of her for now.

And the last one… why is she looking at me like a predator? Despite giving of that feeling, I feel no hostility at all. How weird.

Mhh? Whats that?

While observing Anko, Kaguya noticed the snake hanging off of her body.

‘That snake is purely made out of Natural Energy. The only existence I know of that is like that is the Juubi, and thats just a mindless beast. However, that snake was currently observing her with curiosity and clearly was sentient. In fact, its eyes hold quite a bit of intelligence.

As she thought that, the snake, Akane, seemed to have made up her mind about Kaguya and decided to wave at her with her tale, surprising Kaguya.

‘Okay, I already like that snake.

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