Chapter 537: Sasukes Third Try?

Hinata approached Kaguya with a frown on her face, causing Kaguya to slightly raise her guard, despite doubting that Hinata could do anything to her.

Hinata stood in front of Kaguya, and after looking at her up and down, she sighed deeply before a wry smile appeared on her face.

“Oh well, I guess there is nothing that can be done. Since well be staying together for a long time, we might as well get along. The name is Hinata.”

Kaguya couldnt help but be surprised at how easily Hinata let go of her grudge. Kaguya assumed that she was part of Yunas harem, so she didnt expect her to drop her hostility against someone who wanted to join so easily.

“Hello, Im Kaguya Otsutsuki. Nice to meet you too, and I hope we will get along from now on.”

In the few hours that Yuna talked with Kaguya, her mindset had changed drastically. Not only was she no longer constantly bombarded by the chakra fruits corruption, making her more easy-going, but she also had a drastic change regarding how she looked at other people.

It turns out that hearing story after story of someone getting their lineage extinguished due to acting arrogantly is quite the excellent medicine to quell someones arrogance. Therefore, she had no trouble speaking with Hinata as an equal.

“Hehe, the names Anko, nice to meetcha~ Say, could you tell me what gives you more pleasure? Is it S or M?”

While Hinata facepalmed at that question and Yuna chuckled in amusement, Kaguya tilted her head in confusion. SHe didnt know what that meant.

“I dont know whates or em means, but as for pleasure…”

Kaguya thought about it for a moment before a slight blush appeared on her face.

“… It felt really amazing when grandma kissed me, hehe.”

Hinata and Anko glanced at each other, pity clearly visible in their eyes. If just kissing was what Kaguya considered to give her a lot of pleasure, she would probably melt rather quickly as soon as things got more steamy.

“Okay, Ill accept that answer for now. Anyway, what is your favorite sexual position?”

“OI! What the hell, Anko!”

While Hinata was a little outraged by Ankos ridiculous questions, Kaguya tilted her head yet again while a bit of blush appeared on her face when sex was mentioned.

“Sexual positions? Are the more than one?”

It felt like a lightning strike just hit Yuna, Hinata, and Anko when they heard Kaguyas answer. Simultaneously, they looked forward to her ahegao face when Yuna inevitably pushed her over the edge.

Anyway, while Yunas group was chatting, Karin slowly approached the little gathering with somewhat shaky steps. Most people were still unconscious due to being trapped in a genjutsu for a long time, but Karin already made it back up and instantly wandered towards Yunas location.

Naturally, Yuna noticed Karin approaching them and pointed her out for Kaguya.

“Another harem member is coming. Shes called Karin, and if you ever feel like you want to try out some humiliating punishments, then she is your go-to person. Karin, this is Kaguya, an alien from space. Shes just become part of my harem.”

Kaguya looked at Yuna in confusion, not understanding why she would be willing to have someone from her harem humiliated. However, Karins reaction shed at least some light on the situation.

“Haa~ As expected of Yuna-sama: A tongue lashing before I fully reach you. So exiting~”

As for Yunas second sentence, she mentally answered it with: Its Yuna, so its fine.

Meanwhile, Kaguya could understand that Karin likes getting insulted, but not why that was the case. She couldnt understand that someone would be happy bout being insulted.

While Kaguya pondered on that mystery, Karin straightened her back as a serious expression appeared on her face.

“However, I want to make one thing clear. Yuna-sama is the only one who is allowed to humiliate me… Well, Im fine with Anko-sama doing it as well… Hinatas fine as well, I guess… Well, I havent spent much time with Mei, but… well… hehe~.”

Creepy laughter came out of Karins mouth as she imagined all kinds of kinky scenes. After another fit of creepy giggles, Karins eyes landed on Kaguya and observed her with intrigue.

“I wonder what it feels like to get spanked by an alien?”

Although she only murmured these words under her breath, the others could still hear her, causing them to smile wryly. So much to not everyone is allowed to humiliate her.

Meanwhile, Sasuke finally stopped screaming “kai” like a madman and regained his focus. He looked at Yunas back as a dangerous gleam passed through his eyes.

“Surely, I will be able to do it now. I was granted the power of a god. No matter how ridiculous her fight against Madara was, I can best her now. I can do it.

If I ask her for a one-on-one fight, Im sure no one will interfere. As for that persistent Kaguya illusion, Ill just ignore it.”

Sasuke lifted his foot and took his first step toward Yuna, and as soon as he did, Yunas head snapped in his direction, causing a shiver to go down his spine.

Yunas gaze met his, and Sasuke immediately felt like he was just plunged into the abyss as two madness-filled eyes seemed to hover above him.


A shudder went through Sasukes spine when he heard Yuna calmly stating his name.

“…are you sure you want to do this?”

Sasuke felt like ice was covering his whole body as Yunas emotionless words washed passed him.

“A fight to the death…”

Sasukes whole body shivered in fear as the only thing he could see right now was a giant pair of piercing purple eyes that were looking down on him.

“Do you wish me to grant you…”

He felt an ice-cold hand grasping his neck, slowly wringing his life out. He wanted to free himself from the hand, but he couldnt move his body. Not even his Rinnegan was useable.


Suddenly, everything returned to normal, except for Sasuke screeching in absolute terror before coughing out some blood and fainting.

Yuna gave him another glance while wiping away a trickle of blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth.

‘Shitty small fry.

[Why didnt that kill him?]

‘Because it was a question and not an order.

[Okay, and WHY didnt you kill him?]

‘Because I saw the good in him.


‘Because it would be morally wro…

[Dont even try to go in that direction. We both know that the needle of your moral compass is made out of ice instead of metal.]

‘Fine, he is just too fun to mess with.

[That sounds more like it.]

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