The soles of her feet stuck to one of the tree branches above her, while Hinata ’s jutsu passed through underneath Kurenai harmlessly. Kurenai thought she could finally take a breath and analyze the situation, but with a flick of Hinata ’s sleeve, a volley of senbons was shot at Kurenai, forcing her to dodge, yet again.

’What is wrong with her? She is absolutely relentless. ’

Kurenai went through some hand signs in an attempt to stop Hinata with a genjutsu, but just a split-second after she was hit, she had already released herself from the genjutsu.

’Isn ’t she supposed to be a genin fresh out of the academy? How can she spot and dispel my genjutsu this easily? If I had the time to create something stronger, I could probably stop her, but her relentless attacks prevent me from amassing the necessary amount of chakra to do so. ’

Kurenai had to, yet again, dodge Hinata ’s sword. This time, instead of going for one lethal strike, Hinata chained her attacks together into a dangerous combination of broadly spread sword strikes and pinpoint precision finger attacks.

After Kurenai managed to get away from her, Hinata, for the first time in this fight, didn ’t continue her attack. With a happy smile on her face, she started speaking.

”Haha, Yuna was right. Fighting different strong opponents really is fun. The way you react to my attacks is totally different from how Yuna would react. It is really hard to chain my attacks together properly when I can ’t predict your movements. ”

Kurenai, understandably, almost spat out blood when she heard that.

’Hard to chain your attacks properly? You have spent the last five minutes relentlessly chasing me around the training ground without even giving me the time to proberly gather my thoughts and yet you claim you weren ’t chaining your attacks properly? No! calm down Kurenai. There are more important questions to ask, now that you finally have the chance to speak. ’

”Hinata, it seems like most of your attacks were either lethal or at least could cripple your enemies. Why did you use attacks this dangerous in a simple sparring match? ”

Hinata, however, only tilted her head in confusion.

”Kurenai-sensei, you told me to go all out without worrying about hurting you, so I would naturally fight you in the most efficient way I know. The most efficient way to defeat someone is, obviously, to just kill him as soon as possible. That is what Yuna taught me. ”

Kurenai made a mental note that she definitely should have a serious talk with Yuna before she could teach weirder things to Hinata. Kurenai was just about to stop the fight when Hinata clapped her hands together in front of her. A battle thirsty smile appeared on her face and her chakra flared out.

”Anyway, Kurenai-sensei, how about we continue? I still haven ’t shown you the jutsu I personally created after all. ”

Kurenai was, naturally, surprised that Hinata apparently created a jutsu on her own. After all, the creation of a new jutsu is usually something only an incredible genius could do. Yet again, Kurenai made the mistake of not thinking too much about Hinata ’s words and nodded in agreement.

Hinata kneeled down and slammed both of her hands on the ground while closing her eyes. She hasn ’t mastered this jutsu enough to use it in actual combat, but since Kurenai agreed that she wanted to see it, Hinata naturally went for it. A few seconds later the ground started to shake as massive amounts of water started to ooze out of it.

”[Water Style: Water Spear Domain] ”

A few moments later, everything around Hinata in a radius of about 50 meters had around 10 centimeters deep pools of water almost everywhere. Kurenai was just about to ask what the use of such ninjutsu was when a massive amount of water moved and formed into dozens of spears that were pointing towards Kurenai from all directions. Right now, Kurenai really regretted suggesting this sparring match, but she was a newly appointed jonin sensei, so she decided to at least keep her dignity and not stop the match right here. Yet another decision, she would regret later on.

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