Chapter 540: Politics? Nah, Bribery

The middle-aged man glared at Yuna in disdain. He had hated her for quite a while now due to her “not knowing her place”. He had sent multiple missions to Konoha that demanded Yuna to guard him on different occasions, but she always ignored all of them.

In fact, that one wasnt even Yunas fault, as Tsunade tossed requests like that into the garbage bin as soon as she received them.

Yuna guarding a pompous noble? Sure, Tsunade might as well directly send assassins after him.

The middle-aged man frowned due to his guard not capturing Yuna.

“Didnt you hear my order capture… Huh?”

He turned around to scold his guards, but they were nowhere to be seen, causing Yuna to chuckle in amusement. The moment the order to capture her was given, the duo glanced at each other and immediately legged it.

‘Cant really praise their loyalty, but at least they are smart. Guess Ill hire them.

[Isnt loyalty the thing you care about the most?]

‘True, but this matter is a little different. Im pretty sure that if I had attacked fatso here, they would have willingly lied down their lives to protect him, but that retard actually ordered them to attack me, with is nothing but a death sentence.

In fact, if you were to look at the situation from a different perspective, running away was the smartest choice for those two to protect their lord. After all, if they attacked me, I might have not only retaliated against them, but against their lord as well.

[Thats quite the twisted logic.]

‘Hahaha, its mine, after all.

“Well, leaving the matter of your guard aside, under what authority do you plan to execute me? I am the matriarch of one of Konohas clans and an Elite Jonin, after all.”

The middle-aged man put the matter of his guards aside and looked at Yuna in ridicule.

“Isnt that obvious? Its under my authority, the Daimyo of the Land of Fire.”

Yunas eyes widened in surprise as she nodded her head in understanding.

“So its like that. The previous daimyo died only four hours ago, and there is already a new one. Thats quite the impressive speed.”

The middle-aged man puffed out his chest when he heard Yunas words that practically reeked of sarcasm that went straight over his head.

“Its only natural for me to become the next daimyo. After all, Im the previous ones oldest son.”

Yuna almost burst out laughing when she heard that. A king gets killed, and the next ruler is peacefully chosen within under four hours. That is not very likely.

Additionally, the previous daimyo had three wives, eight concubines, and over twenty children. It is clear that the idiot in front of Yuna simply assumed he would take over due to being the oldest child.

‘Geez, I wonder if there is a person that falsely advises him about stuff like that~


Moments later, the door opened yet again, allowing a young man that appeared to be around twenty years old to enter the room. He was followed by a small group of lavishly clothed youths that looked more like hooligans than nobles.

However, when the middle-aged man saw the person who had just entered the room, a deep frown appeared on his face.

“What are you doing here, brother?”

“Ah, I finally found you, eldest brother. You stormed out of the room as soon as fathers death was announced, so you missed the rest of the announcement. It turns out that my father left behind a will and declared me as his successor. So, Im here to get my official garment back that you pocketed illegally.”

The middle-aged man staggered backward when he heard these words.

“N-Nonsense! You are lying! Why would father choose a little brat like you over me?”

The young man chuckled in amusement as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Mah, you know, I managed to settle multiple really lucrative deals with the Uzumaki clan and coordinated them perfectly. After seeing all that mon *cough* my skills in ordering people and overseeing them, he acknowledged me as a worthy successor.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Guards arrest him.”

As soon as that order left the young mans mouth, to shinobi appeared next to the middle-aged man and dragged him out of the room while he was screaming bloody murder, causing the young man to chuckle in amusement.

Next, his eyes landed on Yuna, but before he said anything, he raised his hand, causing one of his followers who was about to talk to shut his mouth again.

“Ahh, my goddess~ Its been a long time. As you requested, I became the new daimyo of the Land of Fire, so please teach me more knowledge about what it means to be a proper young master. Since you gave me a glimpse all these years ago, I simply couldnt stop learning what it truly means to be a young master, but Im currently stuck. Please advise me!”

Yuna chuckled in amusement and was just about to speak, when another person entered the room.

As soon as he saw Yuna, he started rubbing his hands together like a merchant and walked towards her.

“Hehe, greeting, Yuna-dono. As we have previously discussed, I became the Daimyo of the Land of Wind, so about those debts I have…”

Before he could finish speaking, yet another man entered the room, and as soon as he saw Yuna, greed appeared in his eyes.

“Yuna-dono. I fulfilled our deal regarding the matter of the Daimyo of the Land of Water, so about that exclusive alcohol contra…”

Another one entered the room…

“Yuna-dono, Ive dealt with that Daimyo matter, so when can you deliver…”

And even more people stormed the room.

“Yuna-dono, I…”



As one big shot after the other entered the room, the five Kage had cold sweat flowing down their backs as they shared a single thought.

“””””How many people in high positions has she under her thumb!?””””””

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