Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 546: Side Story: Getting some Toys

Chapter 545: Yunas True Power

*Author Note*

Here, have another two side stories so you wont starve while waiting for the start of my next fic. Both of them are rather short, so I put them in one chapter.

The first one is NSFW, so if you want to skip it go to ~Back to the present~

Oh and… Im sorry for the first one, lol.

*End of Author Note*

~It is the time directly after Yunas fight with Naruto that ends in her seducing Hinata to mellow her out. (Chapter 348 Pushing-the-Blame-no-Jutsu)~

Moments after Yuna, Hinata, Anko, and Karin left the training field, they arrived at the bedroom door after quite some time due to already starting making out on the way there.

As soon as the door closed, things became steamer as the four women started undressing each other. This would have undoubtedly ended in another intense night filled with moans of pleasure if it werent for Anko saying something she shouldnt have said.

“Hehe, now that Yuna is exhausted from her fight against Naruto, we might actually be able to defeat her in bed~”

The air solidified.

Anko immediately realized that she might have just said something she shouldnt have said as cold sweat started flowing down her back.

“Heee~ You actually think you can defeat me in the bedroom?”

“Y-Yuna, l-lets not go to far.”

A twisted grin appeared on Yunas face as she slowly lifted up her hands, causing thousands of minuscule seals to glow on the skin of her hands, causing even Karin a headache.

“Very well, Ill show you what Im truly capable of.”

As she said that, the seals started glowing even more intensely, and moments later…


… the sound of glass shattering echoed through the room as cracks began appearing in the complex sealing arrangement on Yunas hands, and shortly after, all the seals were gone.

“Just now…”

At first, Hinata, Anko, and Karin thought that Yune messed up somehow, but considering the heavy atmosphere, they somewhat doubted that.

Yuna raised her hands like a surgeon who had just disinfected them and wiggled her ten fingers once.

Hinata, Anko, and Karin suddenly moaned in pleasure as their legs started wobbling due to feeling overwhelming pleasure.

“… I removed the seal on my hands that helped me contain their true power.”

“””W-What was that!?”””

Yuna didnt answer them and started moving towards them with slow steps, making them back down.

“Y-Yuna, calm down!”

“Y-Yeah, t-that was just a slip of the tongue by me!”

“Ahh~ I think my mind will finally break today~”

However, Yuna didnt listen to them in the slightest as she suddenly stopped moving.

“[Divine Sex Arts:…”

A tingle went through the trios spines as their bodies suddenly became aroused beyond comprehension, and their panties were soaked instantly.

“… First Form:…”

The trio considered simply running away, but before they could do so, Yuna vanished from her position and instantly appeared behind them. Somehow, all of her clothes were gone now, and the only thing she was still wearing were two pairs of panties on her head. Hinata and Ankos panties. She would have gotten Karins as well, but she wasnt wearing any.

“… One Touch Sends You To Heaven]”

Silence reigned in the room.

Moments later, Hinata, Anko, and Karin collapsed as their whole bodies started shaking like crazy. They were squirting their juices on the ground with their tounges sticking out, and their eyes rolled upwards while one massive orgasm rocked their bodies.

After around a minute, Hinata and Anko passed out, while Karin lasted another 30 seconds, defeated in one move.

Meanwhile, Yuna “unequipped” the panties and wrapped them around her upper arm.

“Happy to serve!”

[What the hell was that!?]

‘Well, lets just say that after a certain level of cultivation, simply having sex is no longer enough to deplete someones stamina, so people came up with some… special techniques.

[It was you, wasnt it?]

‘*Cough* I have no idea what you are talking about.

[Sure, I believe you.]

‘Wait, you do?


‘Right, I totally knew that.

~Back to the present~

It was the middle of the night, and a cloth-covered person was stalking through the darkness of the night. As the shadow was silently moving over Konohas rooftops, it quietly entered the Uchiha compound and located its target: A young man sleeping on a bed with a pink-haired woman clinging to his back.

‘Target found. Mission start.

[Why didnt you just teleport towards him?]

‘Hush, youre destroying the good atmosphere.

Moments later, Sasuke found himself standing on a stage surrounded by a massive crowd of people. At first, he was a little confused about what was going on, but seeing everyone looking at him in admiration, he understood the situation.

‘What am I daydreaming about? This is my big day. Finally, Ive finally become the Hokage.

Sasuke lifted his and waved to the crowd, immediately getting a booming response.


“SO COOL!!!”



Sasukes pride swelled as the crowd started chanting the name of his clan.

‘Are you seeing this, nii-san? Glory has returned to the Uchiha clan.

He looked skyward and somehow saw the vague form of his brothers face smiling at him proudly.


Suddenly, Sasuke abruptly opened his and found himself inside his bedroom, getting hugged by Sakura.

‘Why am I the little spoon…

These thoughts idly passed through his mind as he registered what had just happened.

‘A dream, huh?

While Sasuke was thinking about his dream, Sakura stirred in bed and slowly got up as well.

“Whats wrong, Sasuke? You cant sleep?”

Sasuke shook his head, and after giving it some more thought, he started speaking.

“I think Im going to aim for the Hokage position.”

Although Sakura was surprised by the sudden declaration, she decided to simply support Sasuke in his desire. She wasnt happy that Tsunade wanted to push the position on Sasuke one-sidedly, but since Sasuke had the same desire now, she no longer minded.

Meanwhile, a shadow left the Uchiha compound, its purple eyes shining through the night, displaying nothing but mischief.

‘Easiest S-Rank mission ever.

Meanwhile, deep inside the Uzumaki compound, Naruto explosively shot up from his bed.


Ino and Haku woke up from Narutos yell and looked at him in irritation.

“Naruto, why are you screaming in the middle of the night.”

“Yeah, and since when did you have any interest in becoming the Hokage?”

Question marks popped up above Narutos head as he had no idea where that sudden outburst came from.

He plopped back down between Ino and Haku and gave both of them a little kiss.

“Sorry about waking you up; I must have had a weird dream or something like that.

Although they were still a little annoyed, they decided just to drop the topic and go back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Naruto blankly looked at the ceiling and pondered what had just happened.

‘Do I really want to become the Hokage?

The image of Hiruzen barely being visible behind mountains of paperwork briefly flashed through Narutos head, causing a shiver to go down his spine.

‘Not in a million years.

[I agree. I would instead not witness you going through mountains of paperwork every day.]

So, with his beliefs confirmed, Naruto also went back to sleep.

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