Chapter 547: Side Story: The New Hokage

A few more months passed since Sasuke set his goal and today was the day when he would finally reach it.

He stood on top of the Hokage tower in the usually Hokage outfit with the symbol for “six” awkwardly stitched over the character for “five”. Apparently, the seamstress was rather old and insisted on sewing the robe herself due to her always doing it since the First Hokage. In conclusion, the mantel wasnt done yet.

On Sasukes right side stood Tsunade. Her pupils were slightly unfocused, and she occasionally swayed left and right while having a small hic-up.

Although no one knew why she was doing it, she occasionally covered her mouth with her sleeve, which was usually followed by the almost silent sound of someone drinking from a straw and the sound of swallowing something.

Additionally, she would occasionally glance at Sasuke in mockery, which he hadnt noticed yet.

On Sasukes other side stood an old man in flip-flops, shorts, and a half opened shirt. He was currently reading a book while occasionally chuckling in a perverted manner.

Sasuke waved to the crowd, immediately garnering lots of cheers and applause.

However, the people cheering him on were primarily civilians and low-ranked shinobi.

Those in higher positions could only look at Sasuke in disbelief.

“Is he a masochist?”

“Probably; why else would he willingly become Hokage while Yuna-sama is present?

“Maybe he has a fetish for paperwork!”

“Ohh, that makes sense!”

Luckily, Sasuke couldnt hear them, or he might have developed some doubts about these matters. Good old Uchiha clan: always ready to get manipulated.

Anyway, the ceremony commenced. Sasuke held a boring speech mainly centered on the glory of the Uchiha clan or whatever. Tsunade managed to put the Hokage hat on Sasukes head without falling over. While placing the hat on Sasuke, Tsunade breathed him in the face, almost causing him to get drunk from the breaths alcohol smell alone. Hiruzen read his book. All in all, it was the usual.

“*Hick* Congratulations on becoming Hokage, Sixth-dono. Sensei, shouldnt you say a few words as well?”

Sasukes chest swelled with pride due to Tsunades congratulations, but that feeling vanished rather quickly when she called the unknown old man next to him, sensei.

‘Thats the Third Hokage!? Hes still alive!?

Anyway, when Hiruzen heard Tsunade call him, he looked up from his book and looked around in confusion.

‘Where the hell am I? Wasnt I reading at home? Why am I here?

He watched his surroundings and quickly noticed Sasukes new Hokage mantel.

‘Ohh? Tsunade managed to con someone into the Hokage position? As expected of her. Or maybe shes blackmailing him? Oh well, who cares.

A grandfatherly smile appeared on Hiruzens face as he pattered Sasukes shoulder.

“You can do it. Hold your head high and embrace it. It can not be fought. Oh, and good luck.”

Question marks appeared above Sasukes head while Tsunade nodded in agreement and Hiruzen returned to reading his book.

‘Somehow, Im getting a bad feeling. Did I miss something?

*One month later*

‘Yeah, I definitely missed something.

These were Sasukes thoughts as he finished another stack of paperwork while his secretary delivered another two.


A small chuckle echoed from one of the two couches in the room. This one was surrounded by stacks of books with rather questionable content.

“Mah, its not so bad~ Try doing this shit while your whole council is corrupt and stacks their work on you as well. Guhehe, this one is of my favorite scenes~”

Sasuke ignored the perverted old man as he paled a little due to thinking about having even more work to do. If he had to go through that, he probably would have burnt everything down by now.

The sound of someone taking big gulps from a bottle echoed through the room, followed by a satisfied “Pah~”

“Oh yeah, I remembered those times~ Say what you want about Yuna, but she is pretty good at keeping corrupted politicians and merchants at bay. *Hic*”

Sasukes eyebrows twitched in irritation at the other couch that had mysteriously appeared inside the Hokage office one day. Its surroundings were littered with empty glass bottles, and Sasuke was pretty sure that if a civilian came too close to that couch, they would die of alcohol poisoning.

“Why are you two always hanging around this room!”

Sasuke couldnt help but get irritated by the constant chattering of the two old Kage.

Hearing Sasukes words, Tsunade shakily got up from her couch and walked towards the door while lightly hitting her hip.

“*Sigh* Fine. I just wanted to support my successor a little, but if you are like that, Ill guess Ill go do my own stuff. I have to get quite a gambling done. *Sigh* So, much to do and so little time~”

Needless to say, Sasuke almost exploded in anger due to Tsunades carefree attitude as another perverted chuckle echoed through the room.

“Oh yeah, I love this scene.”

*Another two month later*

“Hehe, Hahaha, HAHAHAHA!!!”

Crazy laughter rang through the Hokages office as Sasuke stood up from his seat and smacked his palm on his desk, leaving deep dents.

Following his laughter, the sound of someone turning a book page while giggling and someone burping loudly echoed through the office, but Sasuke ignored that.


Another mad outburst, but this one at least managed to get the attention of one of the other people as Tsunade looked at Sasuke with curiosity.


This outburst even managed to get Hiruzens attention as he looked at Sasuke with interest. After all, even after delegating a lot of work, there was still a massive amount of paperwork to be done. During Hiruzens term, it was physically impossible to do all of it due to the rampant corruption going on. Currently, it was at least doable, but that didnt mean it was fun, so Hiruzen got rather curious about what Sasuke was planning.

However, Hiruzen and Tsunades facial expressions quickly changed when Sasukes black eyes turned crimson.


Hiruzen and Tsunade glanced at each other for a second before simply shrugging their shoulders. There were just retired old people, so why would they intervene?

So, without a moment of hesitation, Hiruzen vanished, taking all his books with him, while Tsunade did the same with her alcohol bottles. Well, with the ones that werent empty.


Meanwhile, deep inside the Uzumaki compound, a group of mostly women and one man was watching a huge screen floating in midair.


As soon as that word came out of the screen, everyone started laughing out loud.

“Hahaha, see, Naruto? I told you he would break if we replaced some of his finished paperwork with unfinished one!”

“Hahaha, okay, okay, you were right, nee-san!”

Needless to say, Sasuke didnt stay Hokage for much longer.

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