Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 550: Infinitely Expanding

Chapter 549: Yuna. Occupation: Researcher

*Author Note*

Felt like writing another chapter, so here you go~

This chapter is somewhat NSFW, but its only a somewhat erotic massage. Personally, I suggest you read it even if you dont like NSFW stuff since there is some Yuna/Kurama banter in there.

*End of Author Note*

“Dont you want to have sex?”

Kaguya asked Yuna that question while tilting her head in confusion, causing Yuna to chuckle.

The duo was currently relaxing on a comfortable couch inside Yunas living room while the rest of her harem was away on different missions. Kaguya probably assumed that Yuna would eat her up now that they were alone.

“Hehe, I wonder~ What about you, Kaguya?”

Kaguya pondered Yunas question for a brief moment before shaking her head in denial.

“I dont want to have sex.”

“Then, why did you even ask?”

“My previous husband occasionally asked for it, so I thought that was just something humans do.”

Yuna couldnt help but chuckle in amusement about how sheltered Kaguya was.

“That isnt entirely wrong but not entirely right either. Out of curiosity, why dont you want to have sex?”

“Except for bearing children, I see no point in it.”

Yuna could only sadly shake her head at that as she resumed talking.

“What about the pleasure?”

“Pleasure? The first time was straight up painful, and the next few times werent much better.”

Yuna shook her head yet again at that.

‘I wonder if that guy simply was a bad lover or can human cock just not satisfy an Ootsutsuki woman. Should have dissected that angler guy to find out whether Ootsutsuki men have some kind of exotic dick.

[I would rather not know that.]

‘Maybe they have hooks, or it just one slimy tenta…”


‘Geez, you are exaggerating, Kurama.

After Yuna finished her short banter with Kurama, she hooked her arm around Kaguyas waist while the other one lightly lifted her chin.

“In that case, would you like me to show you the pleasure of sex?”

Kaguya held eye contact with Yuna for a while longer before simply nodding her head. If Yuna said sex could be enjoyable, she wanted to try it.

So, a few minutes later, the duo found themselves in another room where a naked Kaguya was comfortably sprawled on a massage table.

“I dont mind a massage, but what has that to do with sex?”

Yuna chuckled in amusement as she rubbed her hands together to warm up the massage oil she had previously applied to them.

“Well, everything. For now, just relax and let me pamper you, Kaguya, dear.”

“Okay, mommy~”

Yuna smiled a little as Kaguya started talking in a more childish manner as soon as she relaxed. Initially, she used grandma, but recently she went for mommy instead, which apparently she thought to be more intimate.

‘I wonder if this will translate into mother-daughter play later on, or maybe it will develop into something completely different?

[Just like the universe, the perversion is endlessly expanding.]

‘Just like the harem~


With another small banter finished, Yunas hands moved and slowly started roaming Kaguyas back, gently squeezing and rubbing her skin, nerves, and muscles.

Fundamentally massages are supposed to be pleasurable, but there are quite a few different ways to massage someone. Some variations can be genuinely painful at some points and have quite a few medical advantages, while others are solely done for pleasure, with a minimal medical purpose.

Naturally, Yuna was currently giving Kaguya the second variant as her hands gently brushed against Kaguyas skin, occasionally teasingly brushing against the side of her breasts.

“Mhh~ Feels so good~”

Yuna nodded in approval to Kaguyas reaction as her hands started roaming lower, moving away from Kaguyas shoulders while paying more attention to her lower back, gently brushing against her hips, making her wiggle around.

“Hehe, that tickles, mommy~”

Yuna hummed in acknowledgment as she stopped massaging for a short moment to place a fingernail just above Kaguyas butt and then lightly let it scratch all the way up her spine, causing her goosebumps.

“Ahh~ T-That felt weird.”

“Hehe, just a little punishment~

While Kaguya had question marks pop up above her head, Yunas hands wandered further down, completely ignoring Kaguyas butt while focusing on her upper thighs.

“Punishment for what?”

“For yesterday evening~ You know what you did.”

At first, Kaguya wanted to deny having done anything, but moments later, she realized what Yuna was hinting at, causing her to blush a little.

Yuna noticed the blush and chuckled in amusement as her hands wandered further down, massaging Kaguyas calf and feet.

“Tell me what you did, and I might spare you further punishment, little Kaguya.”

Kaguyas blush intensified as Yuna started talking to her like she was a child.

“I-I walked past your room and heard some loud clapping and moaning, so I took a little peek. Im sorry, mommy.”

Yuna nodded in approval as she finished massaging Kaguyas legs and placed both of her hands on her butt.

“You know, this is the reason I skipped massaging your butt because depending on your answer, I would have used different massage techniques. The soft one…”

Yuna gave both of Kaguyas butt cheeks, making them jiggle without doing any damage.

“… Or the hard one.”

Yuna gave her right butt check a stronger slap, resulting in a small yelp from Kaguya.

“Well, since you were a good girl and confessed your crime, there is no need for that, is there?”

Kaguya couldnt help but wiggle her butt a little as Yuna started softly caressing it while occasionally giving it a few light slaps that didnt even turn her skin pink.

“Hehe, thank you, mommy~”

Yuna gently grasped her two cheeks and spread them apart, revealing Kaguyas rosebud. Yuna was hoping for an embarrassed reaction from Kaguya, but there was no such thing, disappointing Yuna a little.

“Well, what did you feel when you peeked on me spanking Karin? What did you feel down there?”

As Yuna said that, she gently reached around Kaguyas hip and allowed her fingers to brush over Kaguyas front entrance lightly. Surprisingly, Kaguya showed pretty much no reaction to getting touched.

‘It seems like she isnt very sensitive down there. If I did that with another one of my girls, they would have at least twitched. Is she special in that regard, or is that an Ootsutsuki thing?

[Is this an anatomy lesson?]

‘Well, Im massaging her to find out her bodys structure and what feels pleasurable and what doesnt for her.

[Im sure your motives are pure.]

“Nonono, Just so no weirdos think nonsense like that, I want to make it very clear that the number one priority here is fondling a beautiful woman. Science comes afterward.”

[As I said, completely pure.]

‘Pure? Pure perversion, hehe~

Meanwhile, Kaguya thought about Yunas question and came up with an answer.

“I felt a little tingle down there, but nothing much.”

“Got it. If you were involved, what role would have preferred, mine, Karins, or maybe you are perfectly fine with just watching?”

Yet again, Kaguya pondered Yunas question while Yuna was still attacking her buttcheeks. While kneading them, Kaguyas butthole was revealed yet again, causing Yuna to smirk with mischief.

“Im not sure. I definitely dont want to be in that maids role. That looked painful. As for being the one to do the punishing, I could do that. As for watching, I…*ah~*”

Before Kaguya could finish speaking, she cried in pleasure, causing Yuna to smirk. She had just poked her finger against Kaguyas anus.

‘Anal sex it is.

[Good job, Sherlock.]

‘Elementary, Watson

“W-Why did you touch me there?”

“Well, does the term anal sex ring a bell?”

“Anal sex?”

Although Kaguya had never heard the term, one did need to be a genius to understand what it meant.

“That is possible?”

“Of course it is. You are already feeling this good by me lightly poking it; what do you think actually penetration will feel like?”

Kaguyas eyes lit up when she heard Yunas words. She couldnt help but agree with her words. She really wanted to try it out.

“Hehe, seems like you are eager to go, correct?”

Kaguya nodded her head, resulting in Yuna gently helping her stand up and guiding her to the bed.

“I want your head on the bed and your butt in the air. Nice, now spread your legs… further… perfect.”

Kaguya couldnt help but blush due to her current embarrassing and very revealing position. Despite that, she was still eagerly awaiting what Yuna would do. Who would want to experience something pleasurable?

“Hehe, I think we both know what I want to hear from you, little Kaguya~”

Kaguyas blush got stronger, but she couldnt help but giggle simultaneously.

“Hehe, please teach me how anal sex works, mommy~”

“Of course, Ill teach you. Ill teach you a lot.”


Kaguya moaned loudly as her whole body shook just from Yuna, inserting the first segment of her index finger into Kaguyas anus.

‘*Whistle* She is sensitive. Is every Ootsutsuki woman like this? I cant wait to find out.

[Seriously, when have you turned into a researcher?]

‘When cute alien booty appeared in front of my eyes.

[Fair enough.]

Needless to say, Kaguya thoroughly learned the pleasures of the flesh that day as Yuna went through her “research”.

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