Chapter 550: Infinitely Expanding

Currently, Yuna and Hinata were lazing around on a couch in their living room while looking at the scene in front of them in amusement.

Opposite of them sat Naruto with a sheepish smile on his face, while Ino and Haku sat next to him, giving him a death glare.

Additionally, there stood a third woman next to the couch. She had pale lavender eyes and light blonde hair that went all the way down to her waist. She had an awkward expression on her face, while her cheeks were slightly flushed.

Yuna couldnt help but chuckle in amusement seeing the situation in front of her.

“Good job, Naruto; Im proud of you.”

Naruto groaned and facepalmed when he heard Yunas words. Somehow, this “Im proud of you” sounded even more sincere than the one Yuna said on top of the Hokage mountain a few months ago.

“Nee-san, thats not helping the situation.”

“Oh? What made you think I was trying to improve the situation?”

Naruto could only facepalm when she heard Yunas question. Naruto thought about what to do next for a short moment and decided to simply push onward.

“Anyway, this is Shion, a priestess from the Land of Demons. Ino, Haku, and I were on a mission to protect her from someone aiming for her life. At the start, I found her very annoying, but after I got to know her a bit better and discovered why she was acting like that, I… uhh, kinda grew to like her.”

Ino and Hakus glare intensified, causing Naruto to scratch his head.

“I see. Since you arent sure how to handle the situation, you came to me for advice. Alright, first, lets solve the frame conditions. Shion, do you also like Naruto and are willing to become part of a harem to be with him?”

Shion couldnt help but flinch when Yunas gaze landed on her. Frankly, she was somewhat intimidated by Yuna. She glanced at Naruto and noticed him smiling at her, giving her some confidence.

“Yes, I l-like Naruto, and I would like to j-join his h-harem.”

Despite gathering her resolve, she couldnt help but blush when using the word “harem”. Next, Yunas eyes landed on Naruto, causing him to straighten his back.

“What about you? If Ino and Haku are vehemently against this, what will you do?”

Ino and Haku tensed when they heard Yunas question, but Naruto answered without a single second of hesitation.

“I will have to reject Shion for as long as these two are against it.”

Ino and Haku relaxed a little when they heard Narutos words, but they quickly grew tense again when Yunas gaze landed on them.

“In that case, what about you two? Are you absolutely against this, or is there a chance?”

The duo glanced at each other and sighed deeply. Both of them had already realized that there was a high chance of a third girl joining at some point. Yuna had simply influenced Naruto too much for him to see anything weird in having a harem.

“*Sigh* Im not totally against it, but Im not willing to just let her join willy-nilly.”

“I agree with Ino. For now, she can join our little group, but I will only agree to let her join the harem after we get to know her better. If it appears that she would destroy our harmonious relationship, Im strictly against her joining.”

Yuna nodded her head in understanding and directed her gaze towards Shion.

“Well, there you have it. Any complaints?”

Shion simply shook her head as a small smile appeared on her face.

“No, Im fine with that.”

Yuna nodded yet again and looked at Naruto.

“There you go, easy-peasy.”

Naruto could only smile wryly at Yunas words. He never expected things to go this smooth because he didnt know that Ino and Haku had a surprisingly open stance. If he had known that, he could have prevented himself from getting quite a few glares from the duo.

He leaned back on the couch, automatically snaking his arms around Ino and Hakus shoulders while sighing deeply. He sighed in relief due to getting out of the situation without much trouble while giving Ino and Haku a small kiss.

“Thank you for putting up with my desires, you two. I love you.”

“Hmph, you better be thankful. I love you two, you idiot.”

“You better pamper us a lot, or we wont be satisfied. I love you as well, Naruto.”

Shion couldnt help but look a little jealous when she saw the trio happily cuddling together, but she knew that she shouldnt insert herself into that kind of situation yet.

“I can feel something strange about you. Do you have some kind of special ability?”

Suddenly, Yuna started talking to her, surprising her a little. She was even more surprised that Yuna could sniff out her unique ability.

“Yes, I have a special pair of eyes that allow me to see how someone will die. Weirdly enough, it didnt work on Naruto, Ino, and Haku.”

Yuna nodded in understanding before a small smile crept up on her face.

“Why dont you try using it on me? Im rather curios~”

Shion hesitated for a moment and then simply shrugged her shoulders. After all, whats the worst that could happen.


She was just about to activate her eyes when a hand grasped hers, pulling her away. She stumbled a tried to hold onto something flinging her arms around the first thing he could get a hold of. Moments later, she landed on something not too hard while her lips touched something soft.

“Ohh, good going, Naruto. Very domineering.”

[That man is dead.]

While Shion was falling, she latched onto Naruto, landed on his lap, and accidentally touched Narutos lips with her own, resulting in her first kiss.

So, Naruto currently had his arms hocked around two women while another one was sitting on his lap, kissing him.

When Shion realized what had just happened, her face flushed crimson, and she immediately stood up while hiding her face.

Meanwhile, Narutos face paled as two killing intents locked in on him.


“What was that, Naruto~”

Sweat flowed down his back like a river as Ino and Haku glared at him.

“S-Shion wanted to use her ability on nee-san, and I wanted to stop her. I-I swear I didnt plan to kiss her so soon! No matter how you look at it, I cant allow her to use that ability on nee-san!”

Instead of answering, Ino and Haku only squinted their eyes, putting even more pressure on Naruto.

“O-Okay, look, Im really sorry. Although it was an accident, Im still partially responsible for not being careful, so how about we do that thing you wanted to try out, and we forget this happened?”

Instantly, the pressure in the room vanished as happy smiles appeared on the faces of Narutos two girlfriends.

“”We accept~””

Naturally, Naruto was surprised by the quick switch in mood and immediately realized what was happening.

“Ah, you tricked me!”

“”Hehe, yup~””

Narutos shoulders sagged in defeat before chuckling in amusement. The thing he offered them was a night where the duo took over the dominant role, which Naruto probably would have given them at some point in time either way, so he didnt mind taking this loss.

As for what the duo had planned for the night, he couldnt help but get a little excited about it.

[Has a weird side of you awakened?]

‘Nah, but I cant help being curious about their plans.

[Oh, are you sure you wont regret it?]

‘Nah, Ino and Haku would never do something I dont want to do. I trust them.

[Fine, fine. I got it.]

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