Chapter 553: Natto Uzumaki

*Author Note*

Not sure why, but chapters about Yunas children somehow flow out easily and Im highly motivated to write them.

*End of Author Note*

A cute little girl with almost fire-like red hair and a single blue strain was currently walking through the central building of the Uzumaki clan in excitement. She wore a soothing blue short kimono with a small coiled-up snake resting on her head, making it look like she wore a tiny bowler hat.

Despite being the daughter of Yuna and Anko, she was a kind soul and gave of the image that she wouldnt hurt a fly. Every person she passed would smile at her while giving her a little bow, occasionally uttering a greeting.

“Good morning, princess!”

“Oh, if it isnt Natto-sama, good morning!”

Moments later, she reached a massive double door that was flanked by two stern-looking guards. However, as soon as they saw Natto approaching them, their stern expressions melted into a smile.

“Ohh, its Natto-sama, you know!”

“Good morning, princess!”

“Hehe, good morning. I would like to talk to mum. Can I enter, or is she doing something important?”

One of the guards immediately opened the door without even bothering to knock.

“Hahaha, of course, you can enter. She is just scolding some greedy merchant or something like that, so you dont have to worry, you know.”

A beaming smile appeared on the little girls face as she entered the room, and as soon as the door was closed, the guard who didnt open it looked at his partner in confusion.

“Wasnt Yuna-sama currently talking with the Daimyo of the Land of Wind?”

“Huh? Seriously? That guy looked like a wretched merchant to me, you know.”

“Why would Yuna-sama bother meeting a merchant?”

“Uhh… oops, hehe.”

The two guards held eye contact for a brief moment before both of them shrugged their shoulders. Whats done is done. Besides that, they concluded that Yuna probably would have scolded them if they didnt allow her daughter to enter.

Meanwhile, Yuna was talking to someone, who not only looked like a crooked merchant, he talked like one as well.

“Hehe, you see, Yuna-sama, about the pricing for those detection seals, the Land of Wind currently has some trouble, so how about we negotiate…”

As the man was rambling on and Yuna briefly wondered who was currently talking to her, the rooms door opened, causing Yuna to frown.

However, her frown quickly morphed into a smile when she saw her daughter entering the room.

“Good morning, mum!”

“Good morning, my cute little Natto~”

A beaming smile appeared on Nattos face as she walked over to her mother and hugged her, immediately sitting down on her lap, dumbfounding the third person in the room.

“T-This, Y-Yuna-sama… err could we…”

“Yeah, yeah, very important matters or whatever, Im sure of that.”

“As Yuna said that, she waved her hand, resulting in the man getting teleported away.

When Natto saw how rudely Yuna sent her guest away, she couldnt help but lower her head.

“Was that really okay? I dont want that man to be in trouble because I wanted to meet you.”

Yuna chuckled in amusement as she started tickling her daughter, causing her to squirm around on Yunas lap.

“Hahaha, what are you d… haha… doing. Hahahaha, s-stop!”

“This is punishment for thinking up such nonsense, hehe.”

Moments later, Yuna stopped tickling and allowed her hands to stroke Nattos head, allowing her to relax.

“That was just some shady businessman trying to scam money out of me. You dont need to worry about him. I dont even know why I bothered meeting him.”

Natto sighed in relief when she heard Yunas explanation. She didnt want to inconvenience anyone, but if the other party didnt have good intentions anyway, she wouldnt care about them.

“Okay, thats good then. Anyway, I wanted to give you something, mum.”

“Ohh? My cute little daughter has a present for me? Now Im getting all excited.”

Natto took out a small piece of paper that had a small array of seals drawn onto it. Yuna could probably decipher them within an instant, but she forced herself not to. She didnt want to spoil her surprise, after all.

After injecting some chakra into the seal, the markings started wiggling around, and moments later, they had transformed into a butterfly that started flying around.

Next, Natto took out a piece of paper, allowing the butterfly to land on it. It quickly started melting, and moments later, four elaborately ornated words appeared on the piece of paper.

They read: “I love you, mum.”

Yuna almost had a heart attack due to the sweetness as she quickly hugged her daughter while rubbing her cheeks against her own.

“Thank you, Natto, thats such a nice present!”

“Hehe, that tickles.”

After Yuna was satisfied snuggling with her daughter, she carefully took the piece of paper and sealed it away for now. She already had a good place in mind where she would hang it up.

“Again, thank you for the cute present. Ill definitely find a nice spot to hang it up.”

“Hehe, no problem. I have already prepared something for mummy as well. I hope she will like hers as well.”

“Im sure Anko will love your present as well.”

Natto eagerly nodded her head as a beaming smile appeared on her face.

“Oh right, there was something else I wanted to ask!”

“Oh, the payment for the present I just received?”

Natto pouted when she heard Yunas words.

“That has nothing to do with that. I just wanted to give you a present.”

Seeing her cute daughter pouting at her, Yuna couldnt help herself and pinch her cheeks, making her pout even harder, almost causing Yuna to laugh out loud.

“Now, now, I was just teasing you. Tell me what you want.”

Nattos pout vanished and was replaced with an eager expression.

“Uncle Zabuza offered to teach me swordsmanship, but he said he would only teach me if I had your permission. Can I please learn how to use a sword from uncle Zabuza?”

Yuna couldnt help but be a little surprised that her daughter wanted to learn how to use a sword. After all, she was only six, and from what Yuna could tell, she had a very peaceful personality.

However, if that was what she wanted, Yuna wouldnt deny her her desire. Obviously, she could teach her daughter swordsmanship as well, but Yuna wanted her children to find their own path. If she taught all of them how she fought, wouldnt that just result in a bunch of mediocre copies of herself?

No, her children should find their own path. She would correct them if they did something wrong, if they asked her to teach them something, she would guide them, and through all of it, she will love them unconditionally.

So, she gave the only answer she could in this kind of situation:

“Ask your mother.”

Nattos face dead-panned when she heard Yunas answer.

“Mum, how long will you insist on making that joke.”

“Hehe, until it stops being funny.”

“It was never funny.”

“Oh, sorry, let me correct my answer: Until it stops being funny to me.”

“And when will that be?”

“Hehe, who knows~”

‘Considering Ive been pulling the same joke with my children in my previous life, probably never.

[Poor children. Doomed to live a life filled with poor jokes and sexual innuendos.]

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