Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto’s twin sister

Chapter 557: Scientific Ninja Tools

Chapter 556: Some more Otsutsuki

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It was yet again time for everyones favorite event where children from different countries are forced to fight each other to the death for the amusement of the masses: The Chunin Exams.

The first two rounds were already over, and it was time for the finale, which entailed simple tournaments-style one-on-one fights.

Currently, a girl with brownish red hair and deep purple eyes was fighting a gloomy-looking boy with iron sand floating around him.

That girl was Yunas first child with Mei: Mai Terumi.

Frankly, that little girl was quite a monster as she had not only inherited Meis lava and boil style but even Yunas ice style, granting her great affinity to every basic element except for lightning and giving her an incredibly versatile move set.

Despite that, the boy wasnt backing down in the slightest as he was surrounded by ice, lava, and acid mist; he expertly defended himself with his iron sand, easily elevating the fight to jonin level.

Nevertheless, the fight ended a few minutes later, simply due to Mai overwhelming her opponent with her superior chakra reserve.

The next pairing was quickly revealed as a fight between siblings as Yuno was picked to fight his sister, Natto.

While the crowd was watching the two kids in anticipation, a frown appeared on Yunas face as she looked skyward.

“Seems like your extended family is here, Kaguya.”

Kaguya glanced at Yuna before nodding in understanding and putting her focus back on the match, clearly being no longer interested in the matter.

Yuno and Natto were just about to begin when something heavy landed between them, causing the arenas floor to crack.

A bulky, mostly covered person with gigantic white skin and a single horn has fallen from the sky and landed in the middle of the arena. The figure roared loudly as it lifted its arms and crushed them on the ground, clearly intending to destroy most of the stadium. However…

“How naught~ This stadium belongs to my Uzumaki clan, so no destroying it, okay~”

… his fists smashed onto the now ice-covered ground, but the expected destruction didnt come, as the colossal figure only managed to put a slight dent into the frozen floor.

Before they could realize what had just happened, a fist smashed into his face, resulting in their head crashing into the ground.


Naturally, the one who attacked him was Yuna, who was responsible for freezing the ground as well.

“Yo, its me. You two should stand back; this one is beyond your pay grade.”

“Hee~ And it isnt beyond yours?”

A tall man appeared floating behind Yuna. He had white skin, two curved horns, and long, white, smooth hair. Additionally, he was currently in a kicking position aimed at Yunas head.

Just when the kick was about to land, the sole of a shoe smashed into his face, sending him flying towards his friend.


“Yo, kids, just sit back and relax while nee-san and I solve these two.”

Naturally, the appearance of two unknown, clearly hostile, people caused some chaos in the arena, but before anyone could panic, a dignified aura covered the whole stadium.


A single world, yet everyone stopped speaking instantly.

“This arena and all the spectators are under the protection of my Uzumaki clan and me. No harm will come to you. Just see this little attack as a sideshow you can enjoy between two fights. The Chunin exams will continue after this event is over!”

While the crowd calmed down, Yuno and Nattos jaws hit the ground as they started whispering with each other.

“Damn, to think mother can act like that.”

“Yeah, mum is really cool right now.”

“She should be like that more often instead of her usual sloppy appearance.”

“Yeah, totally.”

The duo was about to continue whispering when Yuna lifted up her hand and swished down her palm, making it look like she was hitting something lying on her lap, causing Yuno and Natto to straighten their backs while protecting their butts with their hands.

Has Yuna ever spanked them before? No. Would she do it? They would rather not test that out.

Meanwhile, the crowd started cheering in excitement when they heard they would get to see a sideshow. Who wouldnt want to watch two war heroes fight some unknown invaders?

Moments later, the two invaders, Kinshiki and Momoshiki, managed to dig themselves out of the wall and the first thing they heard was the cheering of the crowd.


As Momoshiki said that, he pointed his palm at the spectators, resulting in a massive wall of fire shooting toward them. At first, there were a lot of panicked screams, but moments later, the fire collided against an invisible barrier and was harmlessly extinguished, resulting in even more cheering.

“Hahaha, he called us an insect but is trapped like one himself, you know.”




While Momoshiki almost had all his blood vessels burst due to anger, Yuna and Naruto could only chuckle in amusement as they approached the duo.

“Well, which one do you want, Naruto?”

“Meh, neither of them seems to be particularly interesting, but I guess Ill take the big one.”

Yuna nodded in understanding and put her focus on the leaner one of the two, Momoshiki.

“Well, my brother wants to beat up your boyfriend, so you are stuck with me.”

Hearing Yunas mocking words, Momoshiki finally snapped as the veins on his forehead started wiggling around due to the hatred he felt.


As he said that, he took out five small pills and tossed them into his mouth, causing Yuna to shake her head.

“You want to teach me something and then immediately take drugs. Sorry I have to say that, but you are not a good teacher.”


Another angry roar left Momoshikis mouth as he raised his arm, and a gigantic black ball of chakra appeared above it.


He sliced down his hand, resulting in the concentrated ball of destruction falling toward Yuna, who yet again shook her head in disappointment.

“How can power that a pill granted you be true power? Let me show you what it means to be truly powerful.”

As she finished speaking, she pointed her finger and Momoshiki. As if nature itself understood what she wanted, ice tendrils formed around her and shot towards the giant energy ball, and just before colliding, they split apart into thousands of small ice robes and engulfed Momoshikis energy ball.


Yuna hummed in acknowledgment as a wide grin appeared on her face.

“There is nothing I can not freeze.”

A shill went through Momoshikis spine when he realized that he might have underestimated his opponents strength.

‘I need to absorb Kinshiki. After absorbing him, I can easily deal with her.

He was just about to search for Kinshiki when Naruto landed next to Yuna, confusing Momoshiki.

“Why are you here? What happened to Kinshiki?”

Naruto was just about to tease Yuna with winning his battle first when he heard Yunas opponent suddenly asked him a question.

“Your boyfriend? Here he is.”

As Naruto said that, he tossed something toward Momoshiki. It landed in front of Momoshiki with a wet “thud,” and as soon as he saw what it was, an ugly expression appeared on his face.

It was Kinshikis severed head.

‘Shit, I miscalculated. Where did these two monsters come from? I need to get out of here as fast as possible.

Momoshiki frantically looked around, hoping to find a solution, but no matter how he thought about it, there was no apparent escape path as he wasnt sure how sturdy the previously revealed barrier was.

Cold sweat started flowing down Momoshikis back as he felt two predatory pairs of eyes land on him.

While frantically looking around, he noticed two children looking at Yuna and Naruto with stars in their eyes.

‘If I heard correctly, these are that womans children. Maybe I can take one of them hosta…


Before he could even finish that thought, a hand tightened around his neck like a vice, making it impossible to free himself.

“You just thought of taking my children hostage, didnt you, insect?”

A cold voice filled with malice that promised a swift death echoed over the arena. Yuna, who was currently lifting Momoshiki by the neck, had no emotions on her face as she handled Momoshiki like a chicken.

Terror gripped Momoshikis heart when his eyes met hers as he tried to struggle out of Yunas grasp, but no matter what he did, Yunas hand wouldnt budge.

She lifted him up even higher as dense killing intent flooded the arena, making the spectators sweat.

“No one takes my children hostage.”


Yuna tightened her grip even further and simply broke Momoshikis neck.

Although it looked like Yuna said these words to Momoshiki alone, no one in the spectator stands doubted that Yunas words had another meaning.

They were a warning. A warning for everyone who was plotting against Yuna that targeting her children would lead to a quick death.

Meanwhile, Yuna felt a soul attach itself to her making her frown. A few seconds later, time seemed to stop as Momoshikis soul appeared in front of Yuna.

“You are a monster, but no matter. In fact, this is perfect. Hehe, I can see your fate quite clearly now.”

As he said that, he started wandering around Yuna.

“Did you know, once someone defeats a god, they cease to be ordinary?”

Momoshiki continued pacing and stopped in front of Yuna, looking her in the eyes, hoping to see her panic. However, all he saw was boredom and indifference. He clicked his tongue and continued talking.

“Im looking forward to what fate has prepared for you in the future, oh daughter of man.”

His projection was about to vanish when Yunas hand suddenly shot forward, grabbing him by the neck yet again.

“Now, now, dont go yet. Do you think I would allow you to one-sidedly give me a monologue and then just piss off? I dont think so.”

“Y-You can move!?”

“Why wouldnt I be able to move? Anyway, that fate you claim to see does not exist. Nothing can bind me down… well, okay, I occasionally enjoy stuff like that, but that is a different matter.”

“Y-You are not supposed to be able to move!”

“Anyway,ceasing to be ordinary, huh? What a funny joke. How can I possibly be considered ordinary? Whether I killed a god or not, I will always be extraordinary.”

Momoshiki was still struggling to comprehend how Yuna could move around like this, but Yuna hardly cared.

“Anyway, as for your little marking, I would rather not have that, thank you very much.”

Although Momoshiki was surprised that Yuna found out about the marking, he could only sneer at her mockingly when she said she would rather not have it.

However, his sneer quickly morphed into disbelief when he felt himself getting expelled from Yuna.


Yuna chuckled in amusement as Momoshiki was slowly fading away.

“Just because you cultivate garbage for a 1000 years doesnt make it something great. Farewell, small fry.”

And with that, Momoshikis soul simply faded away, leaving nothing behind.

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