for the same thing happening another two times.

Oh, and it was decided that Konoha would stop carving the faces of the new Hokage into the mountain, as things were getting rather awkward.

Time passed by quickly, and another fifty years had passed. The world had long since forgotten the terror of war and the terror of Yuna Uzumaki, her achievements being seen as nothing more than fairy tails.

Yet again, war was brewing as greedy leaders looked at what others had with desire. Their greed for more finally reignited as they had forgotten what happened to their predecessors.

Deep into the depth of the Uzumaki compound, Yuna was leisurely resting on a cha… back of a woman, her face just as young as it was 50 years ago. In front of were gathered all of her women and quite a few of her children. Some of them had already left to experience their own adventures in the world out there, so they werent here.

“Yet again, war is about to start, and quite frankly, I dont care in the slightest.”

Most of the attachment she had to this world were either in this room, had died of old age, or had left this planet years ago, so she had very little interest in another war.

“Well, it is time for me to leave. Conflict is about to break out yet again, and I have no desire to participate in that. It is time to carve out our living space in higher places.”

Frankly, the world Yuna was currently on was pretty decent for cultivation, but she was certain that there were better-suited places than this one. Just like in her previous life, she planned to find such a place and build her permanent base, independent of all other forces.

As soon as she finished speaking, most of the people in the room had excited gleams in their eyes, while a few had saddened expressions. Naturally, Yuna expected such a reaction as she continued speaking.

“I wont force anyone here to leave with me, and Ill also guarantee that there will always be a way to communicate with the place Im going to build, so if you want to stay here for now, you can do so without a moment of hesitation.”

Over the years, Yuna had pondered how far she would spread her cultivation techniques, but ultimately, she decided to keep it to her family alone. This planet already had enough trouble with people learning ninjutsu alone. If she were to pily cultivation on top of that, things would escalate even further. Besides that, she did not doubt that one day a genius would appear that slowly introduced cultivation to this world, so there was no need to rush.

Hearing her words, the few people that didnt seem to like Yunas decision visibly relaxed. As long as they didnt have to abandon this place permanently, they didnt mind doing some traveling.

After seeing the change in mood of everyone present, Yuna nodded in approval.

“Very well, I can see your resolve. Gather your things and prepare to travel into the unknown. It is time for a new journey!”

Excitement flashed through the crowd in front of her as they dispersed to gather the thing they wanted to keep with them, only leaving two people and a person acting as furniture behind.

“Haa~ Although I cant deny that Im excited to see what is out there, I cant help but be a little afraid as well.”

A relaxed smile appeared on Yunas face as she casually stroked the head of the person she was sitting on.

“Its normal to be wary of the unknown, Hinata. Despite that, hold your head high and walk forward with confidence. There is nothing we cant overcome.”

Hinata couldnt help but chuckle in amusement when she heard Yunas words.

“Dont you mean there is nothing you cant overcome, Yuna?”

A slight smirk appeared on Yunas face when she heard Hinatas words.

“Im not denying that, but I have confidence in your strength as well. The insecure, stuttering little girl I picked up all these years ago has been gone for a long time now. You are strong, Hinata.”

Hinata couldnt help but smile as she sat down next to Yuna, happily resting her head on Yunas shoulder.

“*Sigh* I never expected things to end up like this all these years ago. Somehow, I went from an insecure little girl to someone with the qualifications to step on the big stage of the universe.”

Yunas smile widened as her arm casually snaked around Hinatas waist, hugging her even closer.

“Well done; I love you, my cute little Hinata.”

Hinata couldnt help but giggle due to Yunas words as she blissfully enjoyed the closeness to her.

“I love you as well, my perverted, crazy Yuna.”

“Haa~ Haa~ Im completely neglected and treated as furniture~ I-Im getting really close~”

“Furniture doesnt have orgasms.”

“Haa~ Yes, Yuna-sama~”

“Neither does it talk.”

“*Moan* Yes, Hinata-sama~”

On that day, many people in higher positions in the Uzumaki clan suddenly vanished. Despite that, there was no chaos, as if the disappearance of all these people had been planned for a long time, allowing the Uzumaki clan to continue prospering despite the losses.

From that day on, a lot of people tried to get rid of the Uzumaki clan, who had clawed its way to the peak of power in this world, but despite the many attempts, all of them failed, as if there was a hidden hand protecting the Uzumaki clan from the shadows, allowing them to stay as carefree as they have always been.

And just like that, Yuna and many of her women, children, and grandchildren left the planet searching for new adventures.


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