After Hiruzen left and the trio finished laughing, they sat back down and enjoyed the remaining tea.

”Was it really fine to not ask for any compensation from him, Yuna? ”

”Yeah, don ’t worry Hinata. Me helping him for free will give him a favorable impression of us. If he has to make decisions that concern us, he will be much more likely to decide something that is in our favor. Besides that, I still have a few other methods to coax a favor out of him. So, no worries. ”

After seeing Yuna ’s scheming smile, Hinata blushed a little and nodded in understanding. She couldn ’t help but admire how Yuna always seemed to be in control of the situation, but at the same time, she wished that Yuna would tone down the wickedness that would occasionally appear on her face a bit.

”Nee-san, was that cake at the end really fine? Won ’t he hold a grudge or something? ”

”No, there is no need to worry about that. Rather than hold a grudge, he will probably realize how much danger he actually was while sitting here. If I can hit him with a cake, I can do the same with something much sharper, as well. This should discourage him from getting any silly ideas about our home. ”

This time it was Naruto ’s turn to nod in understanding. He might not understand much about human psychology, but he knew that Yuna was usually right about her assumptions about how people would react.

After that, they spent the rest of the night chatting about whatever came to their minds and then went to bed to prepare for the next day.

Team Seven was supposed to meet at 7 in the morning, while team 8, Hinata ’s team, was supposed to meet at 9 in the morning, so, naturally, all three of them left the house at around 8.30 in the morning.

When Yuna and Naruto arrived at their meeting point, the first thing that greeted them was annoyed looks from Sakura and Sasuke.

”You are late! ”

Sakura was the first to say something, but Yuna and Naruto both decided to ignore her.

”Good morning you two, I hope you slept well. ” That was Naruto ’s greeting.

”Yeah, good morning. Isn ’t it really nice when you can sleep until about 8 in the morning? It ’s like an extra hour of sleep compared to the academy. ” This was Yuna ’s greeting.


”Mhh? Yeah, I guess we were. But since Kakashi isn ’t here yet, it ’s fine, right? Oh? He just arrived. Good morning Kakashi. ”

Although it took Naruto a few a little bit longer than Yuna, a few moments later he nodded in the same direction as Yuna just did and said his own greetings.

”Good morning, Kakashi-sensei. ”

Sakura could only sneer at that.

”You don ’t think you can divert my attention this easily, do you? There is no way you… ”

”Good morning, everybody. ”

Before Sakura could finish her sentence, Kakashi appeared and gave everyone a lazy greeting. There were tons of things she wanted to say, but she decided to just say the first thing that came to her mind.


”Haha, well, there was this old grandma that needed my help crossing the road and then a few other things happen and so I am a little late. ”


”Oh well, anyway, how about we… ”

”WAIT! ”

To Kakashi ’s surprise, Sasuke interrupted him.

”Is there something else, Sasuke-kun? ”

”How in the world did these two idiots know you were coming before I could sense you? ”

”Ah, so it is about that. That is because both Yuna and Naruto are sensor types. That means they are especially gifted in sensing the presence of other people. From what I know about the Uchiha clan, they never had much talent in that, so I advise you to not bother about it. ”

While Sasuke ’s fighting spirit seems to be ignited by that for some reason, Yuna could only roll her eyes at Kakashi ’s teaching style.

’I know you want Sasuke to realize that he can ’t do everything on his own, but can you at least say it in a way that this idiot can understand. Something like: ”Kill brother, many people, easier. Many people, good ”. That should barely be understandable to that blockhead. ’

”Well, let ’s get a new mission for Team Seven. Yuna you are on your own today. Your new sensei has returned from her mission and will meet you today. ”

”Ohh? So, it is a she, huh? Now that her mission is over, you should be allowed to tell me her name, right? ”

”Sure, her name is… ”

Meanwhile, in the Hokage office, Hiruzen could only smile awkwardly at the irritated woman in front of him.

”I have no interest in playing babysitter for some random brat, Hokage-sama! Please assign her to someone else! ”

That woman was Anko Mitarashi, Yuna ’s new sensei. She had violet hair that was done into a fanned out, spiky, ponytail. She wore a tight-fitting mesh suit that covered her from her neck to her thighs. Over the mesh suit, she wears a tan overcoat and a dark orange miniskirt.

”Anko, please calm down, she isn ’t just some random brat. She is one of the village ’s Jinchuuriki, as well. ”

Anko ’s eyes widened when she heard that and then got even angrier.

”What the hell! Even more, reason not to assign her to me. With my personality won ’t she go on a rampage on day one? You know that there is no way I will not provoke her, right? ”

”Haha, calm down, calm down. Yuna isn ’t exactly… easy… to provoke, so no worries about that. I am sure you won ’t have any complaints about her strength either. She will probably be promoted to chunin or maybe even special jonin after the next chunin exams so you would only have to deal with her for a few months. ”

”*Tsk* fine. But you do realize I specialize in infiltration and assassination, right? ”

”Naturally. Truth be told, that is why you were chosen. Yuna personally wanted someone with that specialization. ”

The moment he said those words, Hiruzen realized that he messed up, but he still kept a calming smile on his face like nothing had happened.

”She personally requested it? Since when can genin make requests who they would like as their sensei? ”

”You don ’t have to worry about that. There were some special… circumstances that I can ’t tell you about. ”

Although Anko was rather suspicious of what all of this was about, but she couldn ’t exactly interrogate the Hokage. Maybe her new student will know something about that, right?

”Fine, whatever. I will meet her for now and we will see how it goes from there. If I am not satisfied though I will not take her in. ”

Hiruzen gave a nod of acknowledgment.

”That is fine. As long as you test her fairly, I don ’t mind. You are dismissed. ”

”Yes! ”

’Well, I can meet that brat later. For now, I will get myself some Dango. ’

Anko quickly made her way to her favorite Dango shop, but before she could even enter, she felt that something was off.

’There are almost no people inside? It is unusual for there to be no customers at this time of the day. ’

She was just about to enter when she was stopped by one of the waiters.

”Miss Mitarashi, right? We have been expecting you. Please follow me inside. ”

”Haa? ”

Although she was indeed one of this shop ’s best customers, she certainly didn ’t expect to be welcomed back like this. She was quickly led to one of the more private tables of the shop. When Anko approached it, she noticed that there was already another person sitting at it. A young girl with crimson-red hair with blue strands that was currently happily munching on some Dango.

”Yo! Anko, right? Have a seat, have some Dango, as well. ”

Anko, of course, knew exactly who that young girl was. Yuna Uzumaki, her new student. Anko was not someone whose pace could easily be disturbed, so she gripped one of the Dango sticks, sat down, and started eating as well.

”So, brat, why did you think I would come here? ”

Yuna could only roll her eyes at that stupid question.

”I have gathered basic information on all the jonin and your Dango addiction isn ’t exactly a secret. Where else would you be? Besides, I would rather talk with you inside a cozy restaurant instead of the windy rooftop of the academy the other jonin seem to prefer. ”

”Haha, fair enough. ”

”Oh right, before I forget it… ”

Yuna pulled out a small talisman that had an absurd number of complex-looking seals drawn on it and slapped it onto the table. The next moment a small airwave seemed to radiate out from the seal before everything returned to normal. Anko was just about to ask what that was all about when Yuna answered her preemptively.

”Portable privacy seal. As long as we stay within one meter of the table, no one will hear us talking. ”

”WHAT! Where did you get something like this? ”

”Private connections. No need to worry, they will appear on Konoha ’s markets soon. ”

”Oh? Privat connections, huh? ”

A smirk appeared on Anko ’s face.

”Is that also what helped you two pass the academy exams? ”

Yuna raised one of her eyebrows a little and gave Anko a questioning look.

’Is she trying to provoke me so I spill the information? Or does she want me to gloat about my connections and make me spill it that way? Guess she will adapt to how I react. Fine, let ’s play a round. ’

An annoyed look appeared on Yuna ’s face.

”What do you mean by that? ”

Anko ’s eyes sparkled with glee when she realized that Yuna took her bait.

”Hehe, nothing much. I just heard that you were really bad at the academy. Pretty much no passing marks at all. How could someone this stupid pass? Obviously, someone helped you, right? ”


Strong killing intent crashed into Anko making her flinch. She widened her eyes in shock when she saw Yuna grow a tail of red chakra and two fox ears.

’Not easy to provoke my ass. She explodes almost instantly when provoked. ’

Anko quickly jumped up from her chair and got ready for combat. However, as soon as she shot up, Yuna ’s chakra cloak and her killing intent vanished. She casually grabbed another Dango stick and started to munch on it happily, making for a rather weird picture for those few that were currently in the restaurant. All of them were currently looking at Yuna ’s table because the sound of Anko ’s chair hitting the floor attracted their attention. They saw Anko with two Kunai in her hand looking at a calmly eating girl they couldn ’t see properly due to Anko standing in their field of view. Anko didn ’t exactly have a good reputation with the civilians either, so they immediately started whispering to each other.

”No way, has that snake traitor finally snapped? ”

”She actually dares to attack a young girl in broad daylight. ”

”I heard she has been attacking people at night for quite a while now, but to think she would even dare to do so in the middle of the day. ”

”Shouldn ’t someone get the ANBU here? ”

The more she heard, the more annoyed Anko became. She threw a vicious look at everyone present to make them shut up and then sat back down in front of Yuna.

”You shitty brat tricked me. ”

”Yup! But you tried to trick me first, so we are even now. ”

”*Tsk* fine. This round was my loss. So, tell me where you got this seal from? ”

”I found it in a garbage bin. ”

”… ”

”I met an ancient-looking man that gave it to me. ”

”… ”

”I seduced Daimyo ’s daughter and she gave it to me as a gift to reward my prowess. ”

”… ”

”Fine, I ’ll tell you the real source. I ’m actually a Goddess that is stuck inside a mortal body and I made it myself. ”

”… Fine, whatever, since you said it will be available on the market soon, I will find out soon enough, anyway. ”

”Indeed~ ”

”Your genin test will be tomorrow at 8 in the morning on training field 15. If you ’re late, I will fail you directly. I ’m leaving first. ”

”Yeah, yeah. See you tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. ”

[What are your plans for her?]

’We will see. She should be pretty fun to be around after she opened up to me a bit more. She earned herself a lot of bonus points when she easily admitted her defeat as well. I should probably work on getting rid of that ugly cursed seal as well. ’

[I agree. I would rather not spend too much time hanging around something that gives off such a disgusting presence.]

’Indeed, and after that, it is straight into the harem with her. ’

[So that was your real goal, huh?]

’Haha, I ’m just kidding. I still need some time to see if her personality is likable. And if she is even interested, after all. Let ’s go home for now and see how Naruto ’s and Hinata ’s day went. ’

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