It was finally time for Yuna to get born and as she had previously planned, she was indeed the first one to be born. As for the birth itself…

’This was probably one of the most disgusting things I ever went through in my life. Giving birth to a child is something I have experienced multiple times, but actually being the child during the birth is a whole other level of disgusting. Although I can hardly see with these crappy newborn eyes it seems like my little brother is also born successfully.

Mhh? What is that? Someone has just yanked me away rather roughly. Careful there retard I ’m just a baby. Wait, people are screaming? Damn these shitty ears I can ’t hear anything properly either. Oi, oi, did you just f*ing throw me into the air? Are you insane? You better not let me find out who you are or I ’m going to seriously f* you up when I ’m older. Ok nice, someone caught me rather softly. Considering I can see some blurry blonde hair this is probably my father. Good jo…oi don ’t f*ing teleport around with a toddler! What ’s wrong with you?

Ok, can someone explain the situation to me? Things seem to have calmed down for now. Both my mother and my little brother are here. Was the intruder repelled? I have no clue. Oh! Father is back, guess everything went we…DIDN ’T I JUST TELL YOU NOT TO F*ING TELEPORT AROUND WITH A TODDLER! Isn ’t that Kurama? Why is he still here? No, more importantly, it seems like he is actively fighting? Why? Didn ’t he want to run away? Although I ’m not entirely sure what ’s going on, I ’m pretty sure both my parents just got Shish Kebabbed by Kurama.

And now Kurama suddenly vanished? Seriously what is going o… Ohhhh! No way! Did Kurama just got sealed inside me? Hahaha, what the hell. Guess I ’m going to start this new journey with at least one person by my side. Urg, so sleepy. This body is seriously crap. Going to sleep for now and then figure out the next step. ’

After sleeping for a few hours Yuna finally managed to get her body up and running. The first thing she does is obviously visiting Kurama, however, things seem to be slightly different than the last time they met, because…


Yuna was currently on the floor laughing like a maniac and holding her belly in an attempt not to die of ”laughing too hard ”.

[Yeah, yeah, very funny. Laugh at my misery, will you? I will let you know that I really couldn ’t do anything in the situation, I found myself in.]

This managed to sober up Yuna quite a bit, after all, she pretty much had no idea what was going on and wanted to understand the situation.

”Hahaha phew. I apologize. That was very unprofessional. Anyway, what exactly happened? The last thing I remember of you was when you told me: [We will probably see each other again someday. I also wish you good luck out there.] ..… PFFF HAHAHAHAHAHA! ”

Yet again Yuna collapsed on her knees in laughter. It went so far, that even her soul felt some pain from laughing too hard. Kurama meanwhile decided to pretend the insane little girl that was currently dying of laughter wasn ’t there and he was just hallucinating.

”Ok, ok, sorry I got it under control now. *chuckle* *chough* *phew* Please tell me what exactly was going on there. Due to my crippled senses, I could barely understand anything that happened. ”

And so Kurama started explaining what happened. Yuna ’s rather uneventful birth. The intruder with the weird mask. Kurama being enslaved by something called the Sharingan. However, the moment Kurama mentioned being manipulated by the Sharingan the atmosphere around Yuna immediately changed. The leisure smile was gone, instead, it was replaced by a smile that oozes anger and killing intent. In fact, Yuna ’s whole mindscape was overflowing with killing intent. The slowly flowing stream of water was turned crimson red as every single drop of water was corrupted by killing intent. The pipes bent under the overwhelming pressure and the ground under Yuna ’s feet caved in forming a huge crater. Just as quickly as the pressure came it vanished, as if nothing happened.

”I ’m sorry about that. I just really don ’t like it when someone forces their will on someone else due to some kind of brainwashing. I lost control over my emotion there for a moment. ”

Kurama however didn ’t answer. No, he couldn ’t answer. That single moment when Yuna unleashed her true feelings was enough for him to understand one thing: He was utterly outclassed by her. Considering what he has experienced so far Kurama thought that he was at least on the same level as Yuna, however now that he has experienced what her killi…

”GAHAHAHAHA as expected! You finally realize how awesome I am! ”

After finishing that sentence Yuna started to go through all kinds of different bodybuilder poses, showing off how awesome she was. Considering Yuna ’s soul was only three years old, every single one of them looked absolutely ridiculous. Most people would probably laugh at her antics, Kurama however understood what she was doing.

[ ’ I see, she is alone in this world, so rather than pretending to be some kind of invincible deity, she would rather pretend to be a flawed human with a superiority complex. Like this she can at least build some connections. ’]

Upon seeing that Kurama seemingly understood her, Yuna naturally became elated and answered her immediately.

”As expected of you Kurama, you immediately understand my true goal. There is no need to deny it. I can understand what you are thinking just by taking a single glance at you. You truly understand me. My goal has always been obvious to you. It is as you have expected. I WANT TO BUILD A NEW HAREM!!! ”

[… WHAT!!!!???]

”HUH!!!???… ”

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