An oppressive silence descended onto the battlefield, while everyone was waiting for Zabuza ’s attack. Suddenly, Zabuza ’s voice seemed to echo over the battlefield from everywhere at the same time.

”8 choices. Liver, lungs, spine, cervical vein, neck vein, brain, kidneys, and heart. Which one should I go for? ”

Dense killing intent flooded the whole battlefield. Kakashi put his hands together in front of him and unleashed his own presence, causing it to violently clash with Zabuza ’s.

Felling two very powerful wills clash against each other, Naruto quickly took a look at his two teammates and almost clicked his tongue in annoyance. Sakura was completely frozen up, which, truth be told, wasn ’t much of a surprise for Naruto. This kind of battle is not something a normal genin should experience, after all. Seeing that Sasuke was almost hyperventilating at the pressure, however, left Naruto quite disappointed.

’Is that really all he amounts to? Nee-san told me about the tragedy of the Uchiha clan, so I am not really surprised at the way he acts in front of other people, but why is he so weak? Shouldn ’t he push himself with everything he ’s got? Take every opportunity he gets to improve his strength? Have an ironlike will that keeps pushing him forward? Why does his will crumble this easily? ’

What Naruto didn ’t understand was that he was the abnormal one. Or rather, the people around him were abnormal. Now that he has grown older, he understood just how ridiculous it was for Yuna to basically become his guardian at the age of three. He understood, just how miserable his life would have been without his sister who shouldered everything for him without a single complaint and allowed him to have a pretty normal childhood.

The second abnormal person he met was, naturally, Hinata. Instead of having her whole family killed like Sasuke, she was thrown away by her family instead. Left to die on the streets of Konoha. Naruto could still remember how Hinata was when she first arrived at their home. She was completely broken and pretty much incapable of speaking a full sentence. Despite that, she kept pushing herself and with the help of the twins, she managed to build herself up again. Every day she grew more and more confident and after a few months, she had reached a level where she basically didn ’t care about her previous family anymore.

Due to constantly being together with these two people, Naruto actually got a rather weird image of people that went through some hardships in their life.

While Naruto was contemplating Sasuke ’s reactions, the fight continued. Zabuza was still hidden, while Kakashi was still awaiting his surprise attack. Naruto, however, could easily track Zabuza ’s position inside the mist, and as soon as he noticed his intentions, his eyes widened.


He quickly informed Kakashi about the situation and then got into a position to defend himself. Moments later, Zabuza appeared in front of Team Seven and swung his cleaver in an attempt to behead Tazuna.

Naruto appeared between the two and lifted two kunai to stop Zabuza ’s blow. As soon as Zabuza ’s sword hit Naruto ’s kunai, Naruto ’s feet dug into the ground as a groan escaped his lips. He was just about to activate Kurama ’s chakra when Kakashi appeared and attempted to stab Zabuza through the heart which Zabuza, unfortunately, managed to avoid.

”Are you alright, Naruto? ”

Naruto slightly shook his hands to get the numbness out of them before he answered.

”Yeah, I am fine, but this guy hits really hard. If I wanted to fight him, I would probably need two or maybe even three tails. ”

Although the other two members of Team Seven were rather confused by that statement, Kakashi, actually, knew what Naruto meant. Naruto had given Kakashi some information about his capabilities to make it easier to assign the appropriate roles to them in case of an emergency. That also meant that Kakashi was aware that ”three tails ” were currently still out of the question.

”Hehe, I am surprised, Kakashi. One of those brats actually seems to be pretty decent. Not only did he not freeze up after feeling my killing intent he even managed to stop one of my strikes. ”

”As one of the ”Demon Twins ”, it is only natural for him to be capable of at least this much, but all of that doesn ’t really matter, since you will die today. ”

As soon as Kakashi finished that sentence, he pumped a massive amount of chakra into his left eye, which caused the Sharingan to spin like crazy.

”Let ’s finish this, Zabuza. ”

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