It has been a week since Yuna returned to Tazuna ’s house and, like every day, everyone except for Naruto and Sakura were guarding Tazuna and his workers while the bridge was being built. Yuna expected this to be another boring day, but to her surprise, three chakra signatures were approaching them.

”Three people are coming! Get ready for combat! ”

Everyone immediately jumped up to intercept the attackers. Moments later Zabuza, Haku, and Kenta appeared before them, while quite a few additional clones of Zabuza appeared as well.

”Seems like we meet each other again, Kakashi. And there are even two new people with you. ”

”Indeed, it seems like it is the same for you. Well, I have already met the supposed hunter-nin, but the other one is a new face. Kenta Kuse, I assume? ”

”Gahaha, as expected of me. My name is already spreading through the land. That is right, my name is Kenta Kuse and I will have a lot of fun carving you up. ”

After he said that he pulled out two swords and got ready for combat.

”Kakashi-sensei, can I do it? ”

Kakashi thought for a moment and then nodded his head.

”Go for it, Sasuke. ”

Following that, Sasuke vanished from where he stood and a few moments later he reappeared, resulting in all the water clones around them dissipating.

”Hoo? Seems like the brat had grown up a little. Haku, how about you take him on, he should be a good rival to match your speed. Kenta, you don ’t mind taking on two people right? ”

”Of course not! The more people I can cut the better. That is only natural! ”

Realizing that Sasuke would probably be the one to fight Haku, Kakashi and Yuna glanced at each other for a moment and then nodded their head. Sasuke has powered up quite a bit in the last week, so Kakashi didn ’t mind having him fight Haku.

”Yo Anko, how about you g… ”

”Nope, he is mine. ”

”But… ”

”No. ”

”… ”

”… ”

Without any warning, Yuna held her head like she had a huge headache.

”Urgh, I just had an epiphany how to remove your seal, but it seems to be slowly slipping away from my mind. If only there was an exciting event I could tie it to. That would certainly prevent me from forgetting it. ”

” ” ” ” ”… ” ” ” ” ”

”Fine, but you better not be lying about this or you will regret it. ”

”Haha, of course, of course. Well then Kenta, how about we have some fun. ”

”I have no interest in a little brat li… ”

Before he could finish his sentence, Yuna appeared in front of him with a sword in her hand and slashed down. Kenta widened his eyes in surprise but still managed to lift his two swords and managed to block the attack. He could feel the force of the attack almost pushing him to his knees, but he endured it and stood firm. A vicious smile appeared on Yuna ’s face.

”You better not underestimate me, big boy. ”

A second sword appeared in her other hand which she slashed out horizontally. Kenta was yet again surprised but managed to jump back just in time to prevent being cut in two halves.

Zabuza saw Yuna ’s speed and strength and couldn ’t stop his almost nonexistent eyebrows from twitching.

’Where in the world does Konoha get all these monsters from? The blond one from last time was already quite abnormal, but another brat somehow appeared that seems to be similarly ridiculous. ’

Kakashi saw Zabuza ’s face and couldn ’t help but chuckle a little.

’At least I am not the only one that is baffled by their strength. When Anko reacted completely nonchalantly to it, I thought I was the weird one. ’

”Hehe, are you surprised, Zabuza? That is the older twin sister of the blond kid you met previously. ”

”So both of the siblings are monsters, huh? Konoha sure is lucky with their talents. ”

Yet again, Kakashi couldn ’t help but chuckle a little.

”Although I agree that both of them are monsters, Yuna is a little bit… different… than her brother. ”

Zabuza gave the fight between Yuna and Kenta another glance and couldn ’t help but be shocked by what he saw. Kenta was actually pushed back by technique alone. Kenta was very close to actually becoming the wielder of Kiba and yet, here he was, being overwhelmed by a young girl.

”To think Konoha would get a genius in two-sword style. How particular. ”

Kakashi almost laughed out loud when he heard that. He usually wasn ’t the type to tease his opponent but he couldn ’t help it in this situation. He could finally share the suffering he went through in the past few days with someone, after all.

”Actually, this is the first time I see her wield two swords. I always thought of her as a taijutsu expert. ”

Kakashi was in utter bliss when he saw the bewilderment in Zabuza ’s face.

’That ’s right. That is how a person normally should react to what Yuna does. I knew it. The weird ones are Anko and Naruto and not me. ’

Kakashi felt like a huge burden was lifted from his soul as he happily lifted his headband to reveal his Sharingan.

”Well, Zabuza, enough small talk. Let ’s get started, shall we? ”

Zabuza was rather annoyed at how easily Kakashi could reveal his Sharingan. After all, he planned to interrupt Kakashi from pulling up his headband, but now that plan failed.

’Did he tell me all that nonsense to distract me? Damnit I should have been more careful. ’

”Fine. now that you have no support from that blond brat, it is time to finish you. Being the one who killed ”Sharingan Kakashi ” will give me quite the reputation. ”

Meanwhile, those that were tasked to kidnap Tazuna ’s family were experiencing the worst day of their lives. Most of them have gone through quite a few battles, but none of them have ever experienced a battle like the current one. Rather than defeating them, their opponent, whom they haven ’t even gotten a glimpse of, seemed to be hellbent on humiliating them in as many ways as possible.

Cakes appeared out of nowhere and hit their bodies. Glue would be tossed at them just to be followed by a healthy dose of feathers. Unknown contraptions would pop up and give them wedgies. Without them even noticing, their clothes would be changed into humiliating outfits which resulted in a bunch of hairy men in skimpy outfits being the ones to assault Tazuna ’s home.

They had no idea who they were fighting against, but none of them had any doubt that their opponent was actually a demon that pretended to be human.

Author note:

Since the chapter is rather short, I thought I might as well say a few additional things now before any confusion pops up:

*HEAVY SPOILER FOR CANON AHEAD* Do you remember how Naruto became friends with Kurama in canon and he suddenly had almost infinite amounts of chakra and stamina and could give the same buff pretty much to a whole army? F* that! I won ’t deny that Yuna is rather overpowered, but I would like it to be at least to a reasonable degree. I have hinted at this a few times now, but I will say it directly now. Yuna and Naruto are currently NOT capable of using Kurama ’s full power even though they became friends. This isn ’t how it works in canon, but this works better for my story, so here we go.

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