1 – Hollow Demon

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Leijiang City, Dragon Mountain Botanical Garden, a group of youngsters ended their BBQ.

“Shu Feng, tidy up the rest!”

Xu Gang, a youngster dressed in brand clothes, with a sunny expression, pointed to a pile of junk left from the BBQ and said thusly to a somewhat handsome youngster with two patches on his clothes.
The somewhat handsome youngster has short hair, a medium build, and regular facial features.

The smile on Shu Feng’s face froze.
He looked at a beautiful girl standing in the crowd.
The beautiful girl is wearing a white dress and black leather boots and has pretty, shoulder-length hair, milky skin, an oval face, slim eyebrows, and exquisite facial features.

The beautiful girl is Zhong Jietong.
Shu Feng has been secretly in love with for a long time.

Zhong Jietong tilted her head slightly, and then turned around and walked away.

Shu Feng’s eyes darkened, and he squeezed out a smile and said, “Okay!”

Xu Gang uttered with a candid smile, “Let’s go to KTV [1] next! It’s my treat!”


“With brother Gang’s voice, he could be a professional singer.
We can’t miss it!”

“Is that true? You’re talking big!”


Along with bursts of laughter, the group of youngsters left, as if they have no companion called Shu Feng.

“She and I are people from different worlds after all.
Even though we are in the same class, but our worlds can never meet.
I tried hard! It’s time to give up!”

As Shu Feng looked at the beautiful girl’s back, his nose felt slightly sour, his eyes reddened, and two tears slid down his face.
When he met Zhong Jietong in grade 1 of middle school, Shu Feng fell in love with this smart and beautiful girl, who is ranked in the top five in the class in terms of academics.
He pursued her for two years.
In the end, however, all it brought him was a heartbreak.

“Jietong, wasn’t that a little excessive?”

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Zhong Jietong’s best friend, Wang Lu, a girl with a pair of slender legs and a model-like figure, who is only slightly inferior to Zhong Jietong, whispered thusly.

Zhong Jietong answered faintly, “The high school entrance examination is coming.
I am destined to be admitted to Leijiang No.
1 High School.
Me and him will never happen.
It’s best for him that I sever all his hopes now.
Moreover, I really have no feelings for him.”

Wang Lu nodded and left with Zhong Jietong.

As he was putting away a BBQ fork absentmindedly, Shu Feng accidentally stabbed himself, and drops of blood fell on a piece of charcoal.

A black gas gushed out from the charcoal and entered Shu Feng’s forehead.

“Found host.
Carrying out soul binding.”

“Begin scanning!”

“Central Analyzer, intact!”

“Eternal Power Furnace, damaged!”


Numerous strange, mysterious messages entered Shu Feng’s mind, nearly leading to his brain to burst.

Outside Dragon Mountain Botanical Garden, the nose of an ordinary-looking black dog suddenly crinkled, it’s eyes glimmered with a scarlet shade, and it’s figure flashed, and it rushed towards the botanical garden.

At the entrance of the botanical garden, the ticket seller glanced lazily at the entrance.

A very strange scene took place.
The black dog ran into the botanical garden right under the ticket seller’s nose.

“Hmm, what’s with that black dog? Why is there a dog here? How come it’s emitting black gas? Am I seeing things?”

Shu Feng’s headache alleviated a little.
As if attracted by something, he suddenly looked in the direction of the black dog.
The strange black dog has black gas gushing out from it.
It is staring at him with bloodshot eyes.

“Its targeting me!”

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Shu Feng was surprised.
He quickly grabbed two BBQ forks with both hands respectively and looked at the black dog with vigilance.
He instinctively felt that he is being targeted by the black dog.

The black dog the size of a wolfdog, eyes shot with blood, emanating a terrible pressure, walked towards Shu Feng.

“I can’t run! In an open space, I can’t outrun a wild dog.
If I run, it’ll only see me as pray and attack me!”

With BBQ forks in his hands, Shu Feng trembled and broke out in a cold sweat from his back.

When the black dog was 5 meters away from him, it accelerated abruptly and rushed towards Shu Feng like a cheetah.


Shu Feng stabbed at the strange black dog with a BBQ fork.

“It’s really hard!”

The BBQ fork stabbed the back of the strange black dog.
As if it had stabbed a steel plate, it barely pierced the skin of the black dog, and drops of black blood fell to the ground.

The strange black dog opened its maw and bit on Shu Feng’s right leg.


The strange black dog’s biting force was horrifying.
Shu Feng screamed and fell to the ground.
His right leg was directly bitten off by the strange black dog.

“What kind of monster is this? Am I going to die?”

Shu Feng’s eyes shimmered with fear.
While enduring the pain, he stabbed at the strange black dog with the BBQ fork in his left hand.

A black sword ray flashed and chopped off the head of the strange black dog, and a large amount of black blood fell on the ground.

A strange aura gushed out of the black dog’s body and poured into Shun Feng’s body.

“Ding Xiaoxue?”


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