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Elle remained silent where she stood for a few minutes. Just making sure what he saw was a fact without engineering.

Elle could only confirm what she believed.

However, for the next minutes, Elle was still standing in her place like a shipwreck. Unmoved.

Elles eyes emitted doubts. Somehow Elle remembered her late husband, who worked as a doctor.

How is it possible that so many great doctors in all fields of medical science modern, or practical science, can not help the Youngest Prince, Ellder?

The disbelief that only Elle voiced in her mind was not without evidence. Quite the opposite.

As far as Elle is concerned, Elliot, her late husband, is one of the best doctors Elle has ever known in her field. And as far as Elle can remember, her late husband was the one who was always the only man who would move forward first if she saw a sick person. He believes he will be able to help.

Even Elliot couldn , then without a second thought, her husband would immediately take the sick person to the nearest hospital. With guarantees in his profession as well as his position as a doctor in the Main Palace.

But what did Elle see?

A Prince of the Solar Galactic Empire and he is one of the children of the Solar Galactic Emperor himself, His Majesty Emperor Paddu.

”Etter, do you know anything about this? ” whispered Elle.

In response, Etter simply shook her head resignedly. Even if only Elle could see and talk with Etter, as much as possible, with the two of them previously promising to avoid direct talks in front of others.

The only thing, Etter worries about is the reaction of others. If some people see Elle speak for herself, they will automatically assume Elle is crazy or something.

Its free.

Elle walked around looking for the other servant. Of course, her goal is very clear. Is to find out the real condition of the prospective new employer, that she must care for 24 hours without leave.

On her way, Elle sighed more from being tired. Only Elle realized that her body needed adequate rest. After a day, or maybe its been a few days, Elle doesn know for sure. Shes struggling with a fate that nearly wiped out her life.

”Whats wrong with waitress number 99? ” asked a waitress with the identity number 80, staring at Elle in wonder.

”Umph, just wanted to ask, and if its allowed about Prince Ellder, how could it be like that? ” said Elle hesitantly.

”Why do you want to know? ” the waiter, number 80, said.

”Im completely new here. And I was sent from a distant planet without knowing anything. So wouldn it be natural for me to want to know the Princes circumstances so that I could take care of him without anything wrong? ” admits Elle. A lie is not Ellas skill, but for the sake of Etters missions, what can she do again?

”Thats right. I just realized that you
e not from this planet. If its not wrong, are you came from the Planet of Titan? ” said waiter number 80 with a smile of friendship.

Working in the Main Palace with slave-like treatment and without freedom in matters of humanity certainly made the servants depressed, suspicious and apathetic in carrying out their duties.

It became perfectly natural for those servants to treat Elle indifferently at first. They need to be greeted first before being kind in response.

Elle just nodded in return for the servants question number 80. Because in real life, Elle didn even know there was another planet, and it was named Titan.

”I don remember anything. When I was down, there I was already in this place. ” Elle told her story to add to her lies.

”Sure. We were all like that in the beginning. Just woke up and realized already in this palace without knowing our old past. ” added servant number 80 told about himself and his fellow servants.

Of course, Elles heart was shocked.

At first, she was trying to lie to cover up her real purpose of coming to the palace as a servant. However, at the end of her false story, it was another reality.

”So, why would the young prince be like that? ” urged Elle, still feeling curious.

”I don know, number 99. We don know about you as well. All we know is to work according to the instructions. ” replied servant number 80 as he pointed to the error of one table near them standing.

Without waiting long, Elle walked over to the table that the number 80 waiter meant.

Above on table, lay a thick guidebook. Which Elle then opened containing a complete blend of the work for servants, from the morning until the next day and many more. Everything is neat and very detailed.

”We have to do all this in turns every day? ” demanded Elle after reading a few instructions in the waiters manual.

”Right, ” replied waiter number 80 without hesitation.

After giving Elle an answer, the number 80 waitress walked away, shaking her head as if what Elle was telling her was a childish joke.

In fact, to waitress number 80, the little boy joke looks more reasonable than Elles behavior that looks less sane.

And without anyone looking, waitress number 80 flashed a smile that somehow she had forgotten to do in the past.

Elle sighed again. He feels like a child now. A status that Elle had not once thought of before. Even in dreams, it is not.

There was a long silence for Elle to accept the reality that befell now.

”So… Have you thought of a plan to be able to obtain the Black Pearl? ” asked Etter, who suddenly appeared in front of Elle.

”Plan you said? Even to breathe might be difficult then how can I find the black pearl you mean, whereas my position is nothing more than a slave? ” grumbled Elle annoyedly.

If he could touch Etter, he would have ruffled Etters beautiful golden hair.


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