Guardian of Etter

GoE 2 On the run

Elleta Ido doesn know what to do.

The woman of the early thirty years could only stand still to find two lifeless figures in front of her. A teary-eyed man whose own glasses were no longer in the position they should have been. Lay facing a broken window towards the back garden.

Meanwhile, the figure of the other little girl was not too far from the door of her room. The girls eyes were still widening in surprise. Her death was never expected to come so soon. She was only five years old.

”Elliot, whats going on? ” cried Elle quietly. Then she walked quickly to her husbands lying body.

Elles question received no answer from her husband. You might say hes an ex-husband. The man was no longer alive. His breathing disappeared over ten minutes ago.

Even his body began to pale and stiffen.

There was a gunshot mark on the left chest of Elliots body. Right about the heart. That was the source of death for the poor man.

Elle is growing frustrated and continues to shake Elliots body, hoping the man who seven years ago took the oath of allegiance as his life partner will open his eyes. Back to life.

Elle still hopes Elliot will regain consciousness, and all this is just a joke they made. Because 35 minutes ago, they fought over trivial things, then she just left after Ellisa asked to buy some cans of soda at a nearby convenience store.

Elle clearly remembers what made her and Elliot argue. All of it is none other than and not just because of Elliots work problems alone. Elliots work as a Master Palace doctor in the Solar Galactic Empire is very time-consuming for his small family.

During this time, Elle never objected to the busyness of Elliot, who only came home once a month. Its just that today is Ellisas fifth birthday.

The day they were supposed to spend together for the sake of their beloved baby was interrupted by a sudden call from the Main Palace.

From there, he and Elliot bickered, debating Elliots intentions to leave them for the Main Palace. The journey must be made within two and a half hours and through a foggy night.

Keep in mind, the nights of February in most areas of the Solar Galaxy Empire are foggy and very inhospitable for long trips.

In the end, Elle stopped shaking Elliots body because it was just a useless act. The man now wouldn be able to get up to explain what happened.

”Ellisa… ” Elles screech then moved to run towards her daughter, lying lifeless.

In front of the pale white body and stiff child, Elle could no longer hold back tears. His tears were like a flash flood. Again and again.

Her beautiful daughter has now died in a way that Elle doesn know how and why. And that only adds to Elles torrent of tears.

Likewise, with Elliot the father, even with Ellisa, there is a trace of bullets in his left chest. Right about the heart.

Within seconds, Elle roared bitterly.

The night he faced was too cruel for him to accept with his common sense. Not at all. Elle can take this for granted.

Elle tried to rub her cheeks with one hand, while her eyes were closed throughout the room. The living room of his tiny villa has now become very messy. It was like something that smelled of fights and gunfire had happened.

Glass from the windows and back doors leading to the broken garden filled the entire living room. Sofas and pillows were filled with bullet holes from a distance.

It doesn make sense, Elle thought…

In breaking down the tears and trying to stop crying, Elle lifted her daughters tiny body out. She intended to take her to the hospital. The same with Elliot.

After putting Ellisas body in the back seat, Elle returned home to carry her husbands body. However, something unexpected happened.

”Don move, maam, ” whispered a man from the direction of the kitchen in a cruel voice.

The state of the house was not too dark and dim. Elle could see the man pointing a gun at her. Stand firmly within a distance of no less than five meters at the corner of the kitchen door.

”What do you want? ” cried Elle, trying not to panic.

It would be a lie if he could act as calm as an eagle. Elle was just trying to bully a man who, even though she knew very well, was pointless. Samar could Elle see if the man smirked sarcastically at her.

Give me the box, maam. If you want your life, I forgive you. Now! ”hissed the man slowly walking over.

His footsteps could be heard echoing throughout the silent room. The sound resulting from the friction of the mans iron boot on the marble floor snatched up Elles heart.

The man wasn an indiscriminate person who could be scared by Elles little shake.

”The box? ” Elle couldn think if what the man meant was the wedding ring box that Elliot threw under the bed earlier when they got into a fight.

”Don pretend you don know, maam. Your husband, before his death, said it was on you. ” The distance between them was now only three meters.

If the man was meant, then it was just an empty black gold ring box with no contents. There was nothing in it other than a cloth that wrapped around a box made of glass plastic.

”I don understand what you mean. What box is that? There are too many boxes in the world and I rarely deal with boxed objects. What do you mean… Or something like that? ”cried Elle hysterically.

He was upset, very upset with Elliot.

How can Elle not be upset with her husband, who she should have cried about dying suddenly?

Why was it at the end of his death? The selfish man was still carrying his name to save himself.

What exactly is the box that the madman is looking for?

”Right? ” the man grinned wildly.

”Really? If you could tell me in more detail what the damn box is, of course, Ill gladly look for it. ” Tears fell on both cheeks.

”Take care of your speech, maam, ” said the man, unhappy. The look on his face is now clearly visible.

That guy is scary.

Suddenly, Elle remembers Ellisa being alone in the car.

If Elle doesn quickly settle her business with the mysterious man, Who is a **ing box enthusiast who somehow hides her late husband, then Ellisas body will turn blue and even poison the entire car with its smell?

At the very least, Elle had to properly bury her daughter first. However, it seems that Elle can do what she wants to do to her daughters body.

Elle had to save herself.


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