Guardian of Etter

GoE 3 A meeting

What was in Elles mind right now couldn be described in words. Because its impossible. There were too many words of why and why hovering in her brain. What Elle is now experiencing is more like a nightmare than the worst possible scenario.

Even if Elle was able to maintain her composure, But that was all that seemed from the outside. Elle panicked at the end of the horns.

For whatever reason, Elle could only do what the man told her to do.

In front of him, there was a man in all black who pointed a gun at him mercilessly. And among them was the body of Elliot, her husband, who was lying in a terrible state. Elles entire chest hunted chaotically.

”Do you remember where you kept the box? ” said the man in the split to surprise Elle, swept away thinking of finding a way out.

Hearing the black-robed mans words in front of her, Elle suddenly remembered something.

”Right, I remember. The box was in the room, ”cried Elle, half-screaming.

Elles right hand shook violently. It will only happen if he is lying. And, of course, the man didn realize it because of the dark lights.

”Then take it so quickly. Before the others come, and youll die if you don hand me the box, ”explained the man, following Elle from behind.

Slowly, Elle walked in the direction of the room. Right next to the bed to the left, Elle crouched down and stuck her right hand to the bottom of her back. Look around for her wedding ring box.

It only takes three seconds to find the ring box. However, Elle deliberately buys time by pretending to rumble through an empty bed.

Because Elle remembers she once put a baseball bat under their bed. Thats the thing Elles looking for. At least he will use it to defend himself and escape.

For Ellisas sake, Elle is sure of herself.

After successfully holding the ball-bat that Elle was looking for, She immediately got up, and within seconds hit the ball hitter to the man in front of him with all his might.

Surprisingly, the man was startled and staggered backward as his head clashed with a wooden stick. Quick. Elle, without long, immediately ran out the open window of the room.

Elle jumped towards the backyard of the villa. Run as hard as you could towards the artificial forest that was right behind the villa.

”You bitch! ” shouted the man in anger.

Even more so, find Elle, who has escaped to the forest. After 100% awareness, the man runs again.

Chasing Elle. And catch her alive or dead.

More than a hundred meters into the dark forest, Elle entered the dark forest. However, Elle continued to run at the same speed after hearing the gunmans screams, cursing her. And, likely, the man was also chasing him.

Elle only accelerated her pace of running.

Unfortunately, the artificial forest behind the villa is not quite as wide as a real forest. The area is not less than 3000 square meters. Then theres the small river that leads to the artificial lake, Lubert. The largest lake in the capital of District Three belongs to the Solar Galactic Empire.

The Solar Galactic Empire system itself consists of several main planets inhabited by members of the Imperial family and then follows civilians serving the Main Palace on each of these planets.

Elle was born and lived on the planet Maresh for most of her life.

Therefore, her knowledge of the environment around the villa, where she lives, can be Elle remember outside her head.

However, the position of Elle is currently not good. He was desperate and trapped by complicated circumstances that were difficult to understand.

”Ellisa… Elliot… ” said Elle along the way.

In the end, Elle was at an impasse. The escape route ends at the end of a cliff whose bottom is a river with a very heavy and rocky water flow.

Elle stopped abruptly just in the run. If not, then with only a difference of five centimeters. She fell into the cold river. And maybe hell die right then and there.

The look in Elles eyes stared at the rushing stream beeping from where she stood. Her chest rumbled, and Elles mind went awry again.

”Do I have to end up here too, tonight? ” sighed Elle frustratedly.

The sound of the big, tall mans footsteps was vaguely becoming more and more audible. Even the killing aura Elle could feel from where she stood.

Its not a mystical or supernatural story like that. But still, just hearing the sound of the footsteps of the man chasing her endlessly, managed to make Elles hair stand up.

The terrified, Elle could only look alternating between the riverbank behind her. And the dark forest in front of her. Every nanosecond threatens Elles lost spirit.

If he had to jump into the river, inevitably he would be injured, and it might be quite severe and likely to be found to be higher. However, if Elle gives herself up so easily, It is the same as surrendering herself to a merciless life-saving angel.

So, whatever Elle chooses won be easy.

Elle wants to stay alive. properly buried Ellisa and her husband, and if time still gave her a chance. She would seek the truth about the death of her husband, Elliot.

And, it seemed like fate said otherwise. Now, Elle is just facing a generous miracle coming to her.

Even though the man was already in front of her. With a triumphant grin typical of the evil angel of death.

”Madam, you won be able to run anymore now. My offer is no longer valid. And there is only one choice for you: death. ” said the black-robed man impatiently.

Calm but certain, the gun in his hand was pointed at Elles head. which was visible in the half-perfect reflection of the moonlight and enveloped by fear.

Unknowingly, the expression Elle showed sparked a wild laugh from the robed man. And Elle was getting more and more panicked.

”Please, sir, ” cried Elle, losing control.

The fear of an unwary death slowly envelopes all the sanity that Elle has and maintains. It turns out, as this feels like the end of death, Elles mind is crazy.

”Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… ” The robed man just laughed triumphantly.

”You think after evasion and hitting me, I will survive? ” snapped the robed man angrily.

From here, the tone was clear. That she was unhappy with Elles previous treatment of her.

”I know where the box is right. Right. ”cried Elle, trying to convince the robed man once more.

”Don expect me to be fooled this time. Now, accept your death peacefully, maam, ”replied the robed man in a calm-changing tone.

The next second, the robed man released the trigger and pointed the gun right at the center of Elles head.

Unknowingly, Elle closed her eyes and everything turned white.


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