Guardian of Etter

GoE 4 Etter Agreement

Maybe Elles dead.

Maybe this is nature after death.

With what is as far as the eye can see only, and there is only a blinding white. Its surrounding that Elle interprets that she is now in nature after death.

The afterlife?

Yes, that was the only conclusion Elle could conclude after the black-robed man fired the contents of the gun towards her. Elle had felt the pain of the skin being impregnated by that **ing hot lead.

And now Elle has passed away. Yes, thats the only possible certainty.

”You haven passed away yet, Elleta Ido, ” said a voice in a very soft voice.

A voice that doesn come from anywhere. However, the voice sounded so familiar and so friendly. Its like a voice that Elle knows.

”What are you talking about? ” cried Elle loudly. More from surprise than fear. After all, Elle was dead, so what else should she fear.

Afraid to go to hell?

Without her noticing, Elle was circling looking for the origin of the voice like a fool. And with zero results. There was no one in this room full of white light. Only Elle is alone.

”Calm down, Elle. I have no intention of hurting you at all. Instead, I came to help. ” said the soft voice.

When the voice summoned Ellita by the name of Elle, slowly and naturally Elles vigilance faded and then disappeared. Because not many people call her by her little name, Elle. Not even with Elliot, her husband.

Since childhood, young Elle has always been with her father spending the day. Tanashi Ido. Play with dozens of collections of multi-linguist books from all over the region of the Solar Galaxy Empire, accompanying his scientist father.

The Solar Galaxy Empire itself is one of the three superpower empires in the entire universe, which in terms of technology is number one of the rest.

The Solar Galaxy Empires interstellar warfare fleet numbered at least 100,000 of the most advanced space shuttles in its class.

And Tanashi Ido is one of a million scientists who the Solar Galactic Empire believes in designing a war fleet defense system.

One thing Elle always remembers about her father is that when she started interrupting his fathers work. In the reading room by scrambling the entire table, then his father would gently carry little Elle, and invite him to play outside the house.

Then they would play, running around the garden behind their tiny house. Chase until her father feels tired then lets Elle play alone in the park by returning to the reading room alone.

Her tone, the meekness of the voice calling Elle by her little name made Elliata Ido remains to remember her father, who had died many years ago.

”No. What do you want? Why bring me here? Where is this really? ” exclaimed Elle frantically.

Elle continued to circle in search of the source of the familiar sound. In the end, Elle fell. Fatigue itself.

”This is another dimension, far from where you fell. Or, to make it easier for you to understand, this place is the dimension where your subconscious is fully realized. Of course, with the full version, your physical body is also carried away. ” explained the voice slowly.

Little Elle understood what she meant. Then, unknowingly Elles left hand groped her forehead and felt traces of blood and bullet holes pierce the skull. Its just possible that the bullet didn quite make it to Elles brain, as there was still a bullet casing bulge in Elles forehead.

”So really am I dead? ” said Elle trembled.

There was fresh blood that kept flowing from his head. The fishy smell slowly spread to Elles sense of smell.

”Not yet. But if you want to die, Ill make your request. Its just that the opportunity. For you to come back, to life will be lost in vain, ” said the voice, again.

”What do you mean? I can still live again? ” cried Elle in confusion.

”Of course, Elle. Thats the reason why you
e here. ”

The crunchy laughter without belittling Elles stupid question further confused Elle. Whats going on?

What is he experiencing right now is a kind of reality show that is rife lately where players are framed, in a situation that does not even make the players cry?

But, no matter how hard Elle thinks about it is impossible. Do you have to be threatened and shot with a real gun? The answer must be no.

Elle has never seen such a show.

And whats more impossible? Is what hes going through right now? Impossible and absurd is the same unity. So what is this?

”Okay. All right, lets say I believe in you. Then whats your purpose, to take me to this place? ” urged Elle began impatiently and overwhelmed by the growing curiosity.

”Purpose? Of course, to save yourself from the pursuit of bandits under the guise of the Main Palace police. ” replied the voice briefly.

”What does Elliot have to do with the policeman? My husband is not a bad person. Who deserves to be killed in that way? ” said Elle.

”Really? Then you can ask your husband directly. ” This time it sounded a real dismissive tone.

”He… She was already dead by the robed man who also deteriorated, ” whispered Elle, who suddenly shuddered in fear, recalling the terrifying gaze of the robed man as he was about to execute her.

”Thats right. I forgot, you can ask the dead, can you? ” the voice after stopping laughing.

”Of course. I am not a charity-taking angel who can speak to the spirits of the dead. ”

”Right, right. So, whats your decision after coming back to life? ” asked the voice again seriously.

Elle could only be silent. More accurately, she doesn know.

Elle is grateful that she is not dead yet. However, he no longer had a destination to go home. His family tragically died without knowing what caused it.

His home may now have been lined up by police lines and heavily guarded by at least a dozen police guards.

Without another family, Elle is no more. All died of illness a few years ago. Also, with Elliots family.

Elle is completely orphaned at the moment. Plus, she became a widow and lost her only child, Ellisa.

Elle could only look down. His mind is empty without any alternatives that will usually always arise if he runs out of ideas.

Now, Elle is completely alone.

Then, suddenly the atmosphere became serious and relaxed.

”So, do you think if theres an opportunity to be able to bring one of your husbands or children to a life that you love… Are you willing and willing to listen to my commands? ” asked the voice firmly and deeply.


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