Guardian of Etter

GoE 4 Etter Agreement

hat the intentions of all those vows were.

”I, Elleta Ido, promised to obey Etters orders, ” Elle exclaimed, then sat tired for no apparent reason.

”Good. Fourth, say you will pledge allegiance forever to me, Etter. ”

Suddenly Elle looked up.

Hearing when a voice named Etter asks him to pledge allegiance forever, sounds like a slaves promise.

Of course, in the era of the Solar Galactic Empire, there was no longer such a thing as slavery either literally or figuratively. The modern era, many hundreds of years after the intergalactic peace treaty.

So, even if slavery no longer exists. But, deep in the inner palace environment in the territory of the Solar Galaxy Empire, there is a level of unwritten social strata that are very visible.

So, in conclusion, isn that the same as a new type of model. One of the terms for the slavery of the second volume?

If so, Elle doesn and has absolutely no value to bid for, does she?

”I, Elleta Ido, pledged to be faithful forever to Etter, ” Elle said half-heartedly but in a loud voice.

”Good, Elle. Although I can see your doubts about many things, they will be meaningless when it comes time for you to make that choice. So lets move on. Promise me, Elle, that you won take revenge. ” The voice, Etter.

Shocked at Etter, who easily detected her insecurity. Make Elle shudder in horror. What creature is Etter?

”Me, Elleta Ido promised not to take revenge. ” Elles loud. It was as if his voice challenged Etter, whose existence was somewhere.

Just after Elle finished saying all five of her promises, suddenly miraculously, her right hand was enveloped by a bunch of golden white light dots. Then, the seven seconds, the set of points of light suddenly disappeared and in Elles right hand appeared a bracelet with an array of crystal stones.

A very beautiful bracelet with an arrangement of 101 golden clear crystal stones, which is certainly very rare. Even in the Solar Galaxy Empire itself.

The bracelet of 101 crystal stones was an object that did not come from the ordinary world. The bracelet is magical and will only obey the orders of its master, Elleta Ido.

Elle looked at the beautiful bracelet that was just attached to her right hand in amazement. In her entire life, Elle never once got a gift in the form of a bracelet as jewelry. Elliot always gave her a necklace or ring.

Therefore, with Elles innocence of the beauty of her crystal bracelet, she smiled broadly. There was a little happiness emanating from that smile. A smile of amazement mixed with emotions that were difficult to explain with words.

”Whats this, Etter? ” whispered Elle asking the voice that was already out of Elles head, memorizing her name as Etter.

”Its an energy bracelet. Take a good look, only five out of one hundred crystals filled with energy light coming from the five vows you had said. Your job is to gather other energy from the rest of the crystal stones. My advice is that the next mission won be as easy as you say the five promises. ”

Elle was stunned again.

Think about the ninety-six missions for the sake of fulfilling all the energy within his crystal stone bracelet. Its certainly not easy. Elle unconsciously nodded in agreement.

Then, another surprise appeared before Elle with a sighting that made Elles heart almost dislodged.


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