Guardian of Etter

GoE 7 Emperor of the Solar Galaxy

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Hearing what Etter had just told her about going to the Main Palace made Elles heart go back to breaking.

That damned place was the only one that might be the place to cause the calamity that befell him now. Leaving Elle on the verge of being shot in the head. Then, meeting an obscure creature named Etter.

”Palace…? Hows that possible? While Im definitely on the wanted list and its likely to be caught its the only possibility there is. You
e not in your right mind, are you? ” snarled Elle, panicked. Elles eyes almost came out in shock.

Of course, what Elle said was true. However, one thing Elle doesn know is that shes talking to a creature. That isn just any creature is the exception.

Etter is a pure entity that possesses peerless power.

And not much is known about the truth of Etters existence. Except for those who believe in the existence of the myth of the universes life path. And, it can be ascertained the number of those who believe is not much, and the majority of them are elderly.


Only to the extent that it might be necessary to do so, Etter will unleash his potential for strengthening. Other than in the task of carrying out the mission, Etter would not think twice about interfering with what was none of his business.

Another one that Elle slowly learned was that Etter wasn human. Even if Etter copied the form of young Elle does not make Etter automatically incorporated as a group of humans in general.

Etter is not human.

And, Etter nodded in response to Elles doubts to him. Etter doesn need people to believe whatever he says. All Etter needs is for Elle to obey all her orders.

The sake of mission.

Because of the mission he had to complete, Etter returned to the human realm. No more and nothing less. A kind of universe balancing mission.

Like a noble mission through Elles intermediary. Then instead, Etter will reward Elle with the option of a new life to one of the two people Elle loves. The option to revive a dead human being.

After all, what right did Elle have to refuse? The answer doesn exist.

Theres Etter always with him. Elle should have been aware of it, so shed be fine as long as she obeyed Etters orders, wouldn she?

”Right. Lets hurry up. Theres no more time to clatter and have your doubts anymore, Elle. ” invited Etter, stepping into one corner of the room.

Then, Elle without speaking followed Etters footsteps.

They continued walking until they arrived at a large painting roughly the size of a two-meter-high door.

Elle looked at the abstract painting. It is not clear. Likes ears. Likes mouths or noses. Because there are too many scribbles of similar shapes along the area on the canvas.

For Elle, who is not a connoisseur of art, such a scene is just like a scrape of a careless brush where the painter is still learning to put the proportions of the image as they are in a general position.

Etter stood tall in front of the painting. Then one of his hands moved to touch the unsullied canvas. Rub it slowly.

”O lonely painting, let us pass you by and take us to the Main Palace of the Solar Galactic Empire. ” Whisper Etter on the white field.

Not until three seconds, the painting crackles until finally making discordant sounds like an old man, who wakes up disturbed by the noisy surrounding environment.

”Etter… ” Miraculously, the painting can speak.

With a hoarse and confused voice. The painting made a loud enough sound to make Elles left hand close one of her ears without Elle noticing.

”Yes, it is me, ” Etter replied lightly. The incredible composure continued Etter, showed.

”How many years have I slept, and how many years have you disappeared? ” the painting grows more hoarse.

”A thousand years. Do you remember the last time I asked you to keep the parcel? ” asked Etter, looking at the painting like a look at an old friend.

”Oh… Turns out, its time. Again and again, Etter. I hope you get back to me as soon as you can. ” Said the painting.

Then, after a long pause with no sign of the painting talking again, Elle was startled by the paintings strange behavior that moved up and down like a giant mouth wanting to vomit.

Thats exactly what Elle thought.

The painting that had been speaking had spewed out a rectangular package wrapped in shiny maroon velvet cloth. Elle looked at him, full of question marks on her mind.

”Whats that? ” Elle wondered, asking Etter, who was standing a meter in front of her.

”Take it and open it. Thats a gift from me to you. Oh yes, welcome to the world. ” Etter said.

As fast as lightning, Etter turned around faced Elle, who was still confused. Surprisingly, Etter smiled sweetly at Elle. Inevitably, Elle smiled to avenge Etters behavior.

”For me? But I feel like somethings wrong here. ” Grumbled Elle, she didn want to be fooled or anything like the usual occurrence on April Fools Day. A ruse.

”Right. Somethings not right. And its on your forehead, Elle. My question is, are you sure youll be okay with a bullet still stuck in the current one? ” asked Etter, still with the same smile.

Etters answer made Elle seem to realize again that she was still in a pretty miserable body condition if there was a mirror available to show her appearance.

Unfortunately, there was only Etter nearby.

Elles face paled in shame and confusion as to how she was supposed to behave. Does he have to cry or laugh? Elle couldn choose one of them.

”Ouch, of course, I didn realize how much this was like me being ridiculous. ” maki Elle to herself.

Elles right hand grabbed her forehead again. The next second, he could feel a slight pain around where the bullet was stuck.

”Come here, Ill fix it. So you can feel better, ” Etter said.

Etters two steps forward right in front of Elle stood up. In slow motion, Etters right hand moved towards Elles forehead.

That thing or the bullet was still on her head.

Then, as if there was a force in Etter, pushed the bullet deeper into Elles head. Unfortunately, there was no pain that Elle received. More like a subtle urge to stroking the surface of his skin.

Despite not seeing, Elle felt very confident that the bullet, was still lodged in her head. In his skull and without disturbing the working system of the brain in the slightest.

”What are you doing? ” cried Elle demanding an explanation.


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