Guardian of Etter

GoE 8 Youngest Prince

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Etter responded to Elles question with a long sigh. Its a very heavy burden if she says the answer to that question. As if like, Etter give Elle a bitter pill. Not for medicine, but would only add to the wound.

Instead, Etter stared gently at Elle, who looked at him full of confusion. Then Elle shook her head in annoyance at not getting any answers.

”Elle, lets just say… The bullet is a reminder to yourself of the robed man who hunts you mercilessly. As a reminder for the reason why you have to stay alive to give justice to the robed man, ” Etter said after a few minutes had passed as he looked fixedly at Elle.

Its a lie that Etter doesn feel sorry for Elle.

Etter does not have complex emotions like ordinary humans. Even if it was a truth about her, it was still a sense of justice that was automatically ingrained in Etters soul rebelling at what had befallen Elle.

”So, do you think? ” Elles voice trembled. Smooth yet obvious.

After all, the memory of Elle screams. How scared Elle was back then. The moment she was held up by a gun by the robed man. That was still vividly embedded in poor Elles memory. The accident spared Elles lifes fate.

”If not, what do you expect? Revenge? With you now is one impossible thing. Whats more, I would strictly forbid you from taking revenge. For whatever reason. You have to remember the five vows you said a while ago, so don remind you of them again. ” Etter replied firmly.

”Of course I remember. The fifth chapter of the oath I say is that I must not take revenge. So whats my next task? ” snarled Elle, annoyed.

The longer I talked to Etter only, and more it made Elle feel upset for no reason. Maybe its because Etter took his young form. Maybe with something else that Elle couldn say openly, even to herself.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Etter knows it.

Etter is not a creature that can read minds. However, based on her experience of thousands of years facing an unfortunate human-like Elle, more or less Etter came to understand.

That there is a sense of devotion to the God of the Universe. Think about it, why fate or even the destiny of his life is so bad and full of steep roads like no one else?

Because of that, Etter nodded his head down then smiled at himself. Humans are strange, she thinks.

In mans cycle of creation, God created man to fill the life that God Himself had created. How those people will worship Him full of gratitude or even turn against him is another matter.

Etter, an entity from the universe, only acts as a pawn to maintain the balance of the universe. That only God created. Etters main task is the ultimate and the reason why he should be in the world.

As another understanding, Etter is not the only one. However, Etter was the only pawn who bore this heavy task. While the creatures Etter, and his countrymen will not be able to do anything to help Elle.

Or rather, they haven a real right to help Elle.

”Good. Your next task is to retrieve the Black Pearl hidden in the Solar Galaxy Empires Main Palace. To be able to do your duty, open the package. ” Etters command pointed to a package under the painting. That, its been spewed out.

Elles eyes fell on the package. There are a lot of questions in Elles mind. However, Elle was too afraid to voice it. He was even more afraid to hear the answer. Its a strange contradiction, isn it?

”Where exactly is that thing, I mean the black pearl, you mean? ” Elle didn answer and couldn help but feel curious.

As far as, Elle remembers the name Black Pearl is a classic legend of the ancestors of the founders of the Solar Galaxy Empire. One of the seven powerful immortals of pearls that can realize the wishes of its owner.

If the existence of the Black Pearl is indeed the existence, then it will not be easy to find the object. Whats more? According to Etters instructions that it was in the Main Palace. Which was the residence of the Solar Galactic Emperor, His Excellency Paddu.

”In that matter, its your job to find out. Elle quickly unwraps it. We don have much time here. ” Etter said softly.

While Elle was enveloped with various questions about the Black Pearl, Elles hands swiftly picked up the parcel that Etter was referring to and opened it.

There are only three sheets of different colors, yellow, violet, and black.

Elle looked up to look at Etter, asking if she showed the magical creature whose tranquility exceeded the robustness of the solar galaxys highest iceberg, Mount Riddum.

”Whats this cloth? ” demanded Elle, finally voice her thoughts after not getting the answer she was waiting for from Etter.

”The yellow cloth you can wear to disguise whatever profession is in the universe and wherever you are. Violet fabric will help you teleport as far as between planets in the three imperial empires. And the last black cloth will help you in self-protection. That cloth can do all the protective, defensive, and resistance moves when you
e in danger. ”

Hearing Etters explanation that for her was amazing, and so extraordinary beyond Elles reason, he again mused that there were many things that he did not know all this time.

It turns out that there is the existence of a supernatural creature like Etter, who can do anything like a god. Or maybe God?

But wait, a moment ago, even Etter mentioned a little bit about God and the creation of the universe. Or perhaps, Etter was an accomplice of God who had mercy on him and came to help?

”Okay, I understand. Its just that, for a fabric size that is not less than two meters, wide it will be difficult to carry it everywhere, right? ” asked Elle realizing how impractical the three fabrics were.

”Take it easy. Thats my business. All you have to do is lay the three cloths on yourself. ” replied Etter with the usual tinge.

Even if what Etter explained to her sounded like nonsense, Elle still followed Etters instructions. And with some practical movement, Elle enveloped herself with three sheets of different fabrics of that color.


Even Elle looking at it directly, can not describe the phenomenon. Of what happens to the fabrics that envelop themselves then change color and shape by themselves.

”How is it possible..? ” cried Elle, again attacked by shock.


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