The wedding preparation

She couldn believe what she just heard. How could her dad go behind her back and arrange a marriage between her and the only son of Mr Charles Reign,the CEO of Reign Empire.

Haileys dad was a very close friend to Mr Reign and they did things together. Her father was the familys medical doctor. Haileys dad Dr Roberts was a famous doctor in the city. He also had one of the best hospitals in the states.

As the only child and daughter, Hailey knew her fate was never placed in her hands. Her dad had always wanted her to be a medical doctor just like him but she chose a different path and ended up studying Business Administration . Mr Roberts was never in support of his daughters decision. It was her mum who coerced her dad into letting her study the course of her choice. He allowed her make her own decision in education but he didn let the same mistake repeat itself in marriage. Mr Roberts had taken that right away from his daughter six years ago.

Haileys life in the university was not quite an interesting one. She rejected so many dates because she knew the story would not have a happy ending. All she did was focus on her studies and eventually, she graduated successfully with a first class. She was the best in her set. Her dad really didn care because it wasn a first class from the medical line. Her mum was extremely proud of her.

After graduation, Hailey stayed home with her parents waiting for the day she would be introduced to her suitor. She had fun and enjoyed her time at home. Mr Roberts refused his daughter from getting a job and deposited huge amounts of dollars in her account for her upkeep. She never lacked anything.

She had heard stories either real or rumour that Mr Reigns son was a hard nut to crack! He was always secluded and never really cared about other peoples reaction except that of his parents. The young man in question Jeremy Reign was a medical doctor, a graduate from the popular Harvard University. They were complete opposites!

Mr Reign and Haileys dad had agreed that their children should get married so they could run both the business empire and the hospital. Just like Haileys dad Mr Reign had wanted Jeremy to study business administration but he chose the opposite path. Their families being joined together as one was the most thrilling news to both mothers.

”Dad, you shouldn have chosen Jeremy. I really don like his aura! ” Hailey said to her dad.

”My dear, one day, youll get to know Jeremy and love him for who he is. He is a handsome, intelligent young man. You two will get along someday! ” He said to her. He had began his selfish talk.

Her dad would never change. She knew he had planned all this just to ensure his legacy would not be washed down the drain.

”This isn fair. ” She stated and stormed into her room. Her mother was worried about her.

”Are you sure shell be fine with this? ” Her mum asked.

”Trust me dear! Hailey has no other choice. She will get along someday! ” Dr Roberts said to his wife and nonchalantly picked up the newspaper beside him to read.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was having a hard time accepting his fathers agreement with his friend. Even though he knew her from childhood, they never communicated with each other.

”Look at the bright side son, both our legacies will be secured. Youll take over from her dad and shell take over from me. Hailey is a beautiful young lady. You will eventually fall in love with her one day! ” His dad told him.

”Her dad and I have started the marriage plans. You will be getting married to her soon and you should be getting ready to be a married man. Hailey has already accepted to marry you and you my son, have no other choice! ” Mr Reign said to his son. Jeremy said nothing to him. He only flashed a wicked smirk at his dad and walked away.

Jeremy rested his head on the pillow with his palms under his head. He looked at the ceiling. ”Marriage? ” He still heard it all and thought it as nothing but a fantasy.

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