The wedding preparation II

uld be a husband and a future father would probably bring him out of his shell. So they all thought, but he didn really care.

After having his bath, the young man picked up the suit and headed to the dressing room to get dressed. He knew that as the groom, he wasn expected to arrive late to the wedding at the church. Meanwhile, Bernard had left the room to get himself ready.

Few minutes later, he came out dressed in the suit. He looked gorgeous. Jeremy left the room. Bernard came to join him from behind. ”Looking good bro! ”. Jeremy smirked at him. They headed downstairs to join everyone.

They were welcomed by their family members. ”You look really good my boy! ” Mr Reign commented on his sons appearance. ”Thanks Dad ” he replied with a courtesy. Everyone tried to read his mood but as usual, no one could read anything.

The Reign family were finally ready and they all headed to the cars parked outside the house. They all boarded the cars. Jeremy and his parents followed a Limousine. It was so amazing that these people were not rulers in the state but their power and affluence spoke!

The fleet of cars left the compound as they all headed to the church location. ”How do you feel son? ” Mrs Reign asked her son. He smiled at her and replied ”Fine mum ”. ”Im so happy for you my dear ”. Jeremy smiled at his mum and hugged her.

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