Fantasy becomes reality

t mere words. They didn mean any of it. ”How can I ever grow to love you? ”. She asked herself while looking at Jeremy. The procession was over and the priest pronounced them man and wife. There was cheering in every corner of the building.

The couples left the podium with Jeremy leading his new wife down the aisle. They both entered a Limousine which was to take them to the reception ground. Their parents had arranged the event in a big event centre. The wedding was the talk of the town as it was viral on on newspapers, blogs and the likes.

On their way to the reception ground, the duo said nothing to each other. There was total silence in the Limo. Hailey noticed that Jeremy was staring at her from the opposite direction. She felt irritated by it but she couldn rebuff him. Their journey to the reception remained silent till they got there.

The guests were already seated awaiting their arrival. Jeremy stretched his hands towards her. ”Lets go, the guests are waiting! ”. Those were his first words to her. She gave him her hand and they both approached the hall. They were welcomed by sounds of music and a cheering crowd.

The event started and the couple had their first dance. It was a silent one but their dance steps were perfect! Everyone especially their parents were impressed. One would think that they had practised before that day. Jeremy was quite impressed by Haileys acting, she cooperated really well!

The couple were presented with so many gifts. As their parents held high standard in the city, people of high class attended the wedding and brought good gifts for the couple. The wedding was an unforgettable one for people who attended it.

It was time for Hailey and Jeremy to start up a life and family of their own. She hugged her parents and said goodbye to them.

She was officially entering the lions den. On entering the car, silent tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn know what was in store for her. She stared at her family through the window till they disappeared out of sight.

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