The couple left the reception ground and headed to their new home. Hailey knew nothing about the house. It was only Jeremy who knew about the house because his dad had bought the house in his name and he automatically owned the house!

Hailey gasped on seeing the huge mansion before her. ”This mansion is so big! ”,she exclaimed. ”Do you have anyone who wants to stay with us or are we the only ones living in this mansion? ”,she asked him. ”Calm down Hailey, you ask too many questions. Lets go inside! ”,he replied and led her into the apartment.

The inside was another beautiful sight to behold. The living room was well furnished with a lovely looking fireplace which was already lit. Hailey could smell the attractive aroma coming from the kitchen. She followed the aroma and ended up in the kitchen. She met a chef, three maids and a butler. ”Good evening maam ”,they all greeted in unison. Hailey was embarrassed by her own behavior. She was drooling over the food. ”Im sorry, please excuse me! ”

She left the kitchen and met Jeremy who was already seated at the dining room. ”I see you have a burning appetite for food ”, he said sipping the glass of wine in his hand. ”Not that I have, Im just hungry thats why ”. ”Sigh! Whatever you say. Come sit down, Butler Jace and the maids will set the table ”. Hailey took her seat.

Just as he said, the butler and two maids came to set the table. When they were done, Jeremy ordered them to leave. Hailey wondered what he wanted to do but to her surprise, he picked up a plate and served her meal. ”Here, eat! I don want someones child to die in my house due to hunger! ”,he said placing the food in front of her. ”I won die Jeremy! ”. She picked up her spoon and began to eat.Jeremy watched her as she ate. He didn attempt to eat anything.

”Aren you eating? ”. ”I will eat. I just want to make sure you get stuffed up ”. ”Then stop staring at me! ”. ”Why? ”. Hailey said nothing to him. ”You aren answering me. Well I guess maybe you like it ”,he concluded. He continued watching her eat until nothing was left on her plate.

Hailey used the wet towel to clean herself and waited for the maids to clean up the table. ”Come follow me! ”. Hailey got up and followed him. He led her up the stairs to the second floor. There were 3 bedrooms on the second floor. Jeremy led her into one.

The bedroom was a large one with a king size bed in it. Hailey went into the closet and was surprised to see her clothes were already neatly arranged in the wardrobe. Who would have thought that her things were already arranged in the house before her arrival. ”Must be the work of the maids! ”,she said to herself. By the time she came out of the closet, Jeremy had left the room. Hailey went to the bathroom to have her bath.

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