My World

Hailey returned from the bathroom and met Jeremy sitting on the edge of the bed. ”I see you went to have your bath. Ive been waiting for you to come out! ”, he said to her and got up to have his turn. Hailey went to dress up. She wore a light lacy nightwear.

Hailey knew this was her wedding night. Even though she never wished to share it with someone like Jeremy, she had no choice. He was officially her husband. She wanted to make this night a memorable one. It was her duty to please him especially on the night of their wedding. After dressing up, Hailey went to the bed and sat on it waiting for Jeremy.

Few minutes later, he came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and another which he used to dry his hair. Hailey was mesmerized by his body structure. He was indeed sculpted perfectly. From head to toes, he was perfectly sculpted. It seems his creation took a lot of time to bring out perfection. Hailey didn know why but she became attracted to this body of his.

”Stop staring at me young lady! ”. Hailey was jolted back to reality by his words. ”Im not! ”, she lied turning her face away. ”Oh Hailey you
e such a bad liar. I saw you staring at me. Don even think about it! ”. He left the room and went to dress up. Just like lightning, he returned dressed in a black pyjamas. He sat on the other edge of the bed while Hailey was lying down.

She was waiting for his next move but unfortunately, he wasn attempting anything. He just stared at the dark night sky through the large window. ”Uhm Jeremy.. ”. ”Yes Hailey do you need anything? ”. Hailey somehow lost her choice of words. ”Nothing, nevermind! ”, she said and and laid down. Jeremy laid next to her, face up with his right palm under his head. Hailey moved closer to him but he got up immediately.

He sat upright on the bed with his head bowed as he looked at the floor. She attempted to make a move. ”Stop it Hailey! ”. His voice sounded serious. Hailey ignored his words and came closer but before she could reach him, he got up from the bed and left the room. ”F**k! Why is he doing this? ”, she exclaimed out of frustration.

She wanted him. Her body had taken full control of her. She didn like how he was repelling her desire. She got up from the bed and followed him out. Jeremy was surprised when he heard the bedroom door open and closed back. ”What the hell is wrong with this lady? What does she want? ”,he asked himself frustrated with her stubbornness. He pretended not to be aware of her presence.

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