Hailey walked closer to him. She wanted to wrap her arms him. Before her arms could reach him, Jeremy turned and caught them. He moved her to the wall gently and still not letting go of her arms. He pinned her arms to the wall with one of his hand and raised her chin with the other.

”What do you want Hailey? Don expect me to give you what you ask for. Its impossible! ”

e my husband Jeremy! You have to give it what I want! ”. Jeremy smirked.

”So you
e willingly walking into my world? ”.

”Im already in your world Jeremy. I can leave! Let me go, you
e straining my arms ”.

He ignored her plea and made her face him with their eyes fixed on each other. ”Tell me, you know nothing about my world, you don deserve it. Innocent lambs like you shouldn be in it. Its quite dangerous you know! ”.

”I never signed for it but now Im in it. I don care how dangerous it is! ”.

Jeremy was quite impressed by her guts. It seems this lady was not as fragile as he thought. From the look in her eyes she was really ready for it. Hailey was gradually getting weak. Jeremy had drained her strength by hanging her arms on the wall.

”Jeremy please let go of my arms! ”, she said softly.

”My dear, you haven entered my world yet. You aren even close. Turn back now while it is safe. I don want to endanger you! ”. He let go of her arms.

”Thank goodness! ”. She said as Jeremy let her hand go. He had already turned to leave. She rushed towards him and blocked his path.

”Hailey I don have time for this! ”, he nonchalantly said. Hailey wrapped her arms around his neck.

”What the f**k! She doesn seem to listen. What a stubborn girl! ”, he said within himself.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Hailey thought he had finally given in but to her dismay, he placed her on the nearby sofa, trapping her between his arms.

e such a stubborn girl. Don you listen to someone when they are not interested. Don do it! I can believe I married such a stubborn young lady! ”.

He moved his face closer to hers till their noses touched. Hailey could feel his breathe. Eventually, he moved his lips to her left ear. His warm breathe were giving Hailey quite a shock. Every single breathe that touched her sent electric impulses to her brain. He finally he opened his mouth to speak.

”You don force me to do what I want. You
e wasting your time Hailey. No matter what you do I won be aroused. So if I were you, Id give up and go to bed. Its already late this night ”.

He said to her and withdrew himself from her. His words seemed to have quenched the fire within her. He turned his back on her to avoid eye contact.

”Go to bed Hailey! You had a very long day. Your body needs to rest. Go to sleep! ”.

He headed downstairs. Hailey knowing his words had crushed her, accepted defeat. She went into the bedroom and laid on the bed. The wedding night was worse than she thought. She closed her eyes and dozed off.

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