Hailey woke up that morning and met Jeremy standing by the wall watching her. ”Good morning Hailey! How was your night? ”.

”It was fine. Good morning Jeremy. Don tell me youve been standing there waiting for me to awake? ”

”What do you think? I came to check on you because youve slept for so long. I thought you wouldn wake up again! ”.

”F**k! How could he be talking about death so casually ”, she thought to herself.

”Well as you can see Im not dead as you can see! ”. He smirked.

”Are you even aware of what time it is? ”.

”No! ”. She picked up her phone and was surprised to see the time.

”Oh my God! Its past eight! ”. Jeremy let out an offensive laugh and Hailey was irritated.

”I guess you were so tired and slept very deep ”.

”Okay thats enough joke for the morning Jeremy. By the way, you shouldn have wasted your time standing over there just waiting for me to wake up! ”

”Hailey you
e forgetting something. Im your husband and you
e my wife ”.

”It doesn explain anything! ”. He moved to the window to raise the curtains up. She was expecting an answer to her question but he didn say anything.

”As my wife, you
e my duty and my duty is to take care of you. Your parents placed you under my care. I wouldn want someones daughter to lay dead in my house you know! ”

She was shocked by his statement. Did he really care about her? Did he think before making those statements. She just couldn understand him. He acted like he didn care and the next moment, he acted like he did.

”I don need a babysitter Jeremy! ”. He scoffed immediately she said that.

”And who says you don need one? ”. She got up to meet him.

”Says who? Says me! Im not a kid and I definitely need you to be checking up on me like a babysitter ”. He turned to face her.

”Really? ”

”Yes Jeremy, Im not a kid! ”.

Lifting up her chin to face him, he asked, ”What makes you think you
e not a kid? ”.

Oh my God! Was he seriously asking that question. Hailey choked on hearing it. Even though he was older than her, she still wasn a kid! She was above 20!

”Jeremy you ask absurd questions! Im not a kid and you know that ”. He let go of her chin.

”I don care. You
e my wife and Im your babysitter and that automatically makes you a kid ”.

This guy was really unyielding. She couldn believe he had reduced her to the point of being a kid.

”I wouldn want things to go wrong with you. But don worry I ain monitoring your every move. Please hurry up! Breakfast is ready. Hurry up, so your food wouldn get cold ”.

”Mmm. Thank you Jeremy ”. He walked out of the room. Hailey let out a sigh and went into the bathroom.

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